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The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Portland

The Pacific Northwest, PDX in particular, is known as a kind of creative mecca. So it comes as no surprise that when we went looking for talented Portland pet photographers, we were blown away by both the artistry and aptitude on display in this city. We narrowed down the options to the most talented shutterbugs whom you can call the next time you want your full fuzzy family to be documented — and since pets are such an integral part of life, why wouldn’t you want keepsakes of them, too? Whatever your vision for your pet portraits, one of these photographers surely has a style to fit — check them all out and decide for yourself! 

1. Carli Davidson

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I love derps.

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With two New York Times best-selling photography books — Shake and Shake Puppies, Carli Davidson is more than a pet photographer, she is a fine artist, and one who’s firmly on the national radar. Her work is the epitome of slick — high-key backgrounds make the photo all about the subject — but there is the hilarious and unexpected twist of capturing animals in the midst of motion that makes her work irresistible — so many funny faces are made in the middle of a good coat shake, and the array is endlessly entertaining. If you want to work with a nationally recognized animal photographer, you really cannot do better than Carli. After all, her books are best-sellers for a reason! 

2. Teran of Phido Photography

Nationally published, Teran of Phido Photography is a true artist who’s creating beautiful portraits, as well as documenting the personality of your furry friend. Every single subject that sits (or doesn’t, if your pup is a spirited one) in front of his camera becomes a work of art in their own right — with a style that combines fine art landscapes with animal portraiture, you cannot go wrong. We dare you to look at the Angels with Misplaced Wings project and not feel all of the feels for these brave and beautiful creatures. When you want your pet portraits to be fit for magazine covers, give Teran a call. He’s one of our best Portland pet photographers for producing stunningly gorgeous and playful work.

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3. Josh Fenn of Candid Kitten

Josh Fenn is a cat person, and that is an understatement. Sorry, dog owners,  his business name says it all — it’s all about those kitties! His specialization means that he is familiar with the nature of feline friends. As such, when you want photographs that are purrrfect, you would be hard-pressed to find someone more talented! In addition to his pet portraits, he does volunteer work helping homeless cats find forever homes. Not only is he skilled, but he uses his skills to make the world a better place — a winning combo. Add to that his natural candid style, which uses shallow depth of field for richness and a focus on his furry subject, and you have a Portland pet photographer who’s immensely talented. 

4. Mel of PNW Critter Photography

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my sweet birdie friend, Otis.

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Mel is a lifelong animal lover and advocate, and this shines throughout her photographs. She makes dramatically lit and richly colored studio portraits that are worthy of a magazine cover or wall display. Whether your animal is a piglet or a puppy, Mel captures the contours of her subject’s face and the details of its character, and she does it all in polished studio style. She also offers in-home lifestyle portraits of your pets, great for unfocused puppies or older animals that you want captured in comfortable and familiar surroundings. When you want animal art, call Mel — her work is beautiful. 

5. Danyel Rogers of Wag to My Heart Portrait Studio

Danyel Rogers does more than take photographs of your family, with fur babies included, she makes playful and creative portraits of the members of our loved ones that are sometimes left out of traditional family portraits. With various artistic backgrounds and props, she creates fun studio shots of you and your pooch. Her natural light work is equally as adorable — often capturing the carefree joy of a running pup. If you have an idea of how you want to be portrayed with your pet, you can rest assured that Danyel has the skills to bring your ideas to light. She has the skills to creatively show off your fuzzy bundle of joy — she is just that talented! 

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6. Erin K Osten of Erin Kirsten Photography, LLC

With a diverse portfolio full of images beautifully portraying humans as well as their furry companions, Erin Kirsten has won her way onto our list of the best Portland pet photographers. She has the ability to turn every subject in front of her into art — from family portraits, including the fur babies, to graduating high school seniors who can’t resist documenting the love they feel for their childhood best friend. Her work is often almost painterly and always highly detailed — in true fine art style. If you want a modern and stylish twist on your family portraiture, as well as include your animal companions, Erin K Osten is a great choice! 

7. Lindsay Baca of Sit! Stay Pet Photography

Lindsay Baca is both a Portland pet photographer and a family photographer — she knows how to wrangle and beautifully document your kids, whether they are four- or two-legged! Whatever style you have in mind she has you covered. So, if you want in-home lifestyle portraits of your entire family, she has a great documentary style. In addition, if you want outdoors sessions of your dog(s) romping freely around in nature, she has highly developed technical skills and a knack for working with available light. Close-up or environmental portraits, human or animal, Lindsay creates simply stunning photos. 

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