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9 Cool Places to Find Photoshoot Inspiration in Atlanta

This city is among the country’s fastest-growing, along with being one of the South’s most beloved travel destinations. It’s known for its abundance of green spaces⁠ — particularly, the huge number of trees⁠ — as well as its warm climate, affordability, incredible variety of food, arts and music scenes, and lots more. You guessed it: we’re talking about Atlanta. With all these features, Atlanta has a near-limitless number of beautiful locations, both indoors and out, that are perfect for photoshoots. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur photographer, an Instagram influencer, an absolute pro, or just looking to snap some cool pics, you’ll find an array of opportunities for impressive photography. We’ve selected our top places to find photoshoot inspiration in Atlanta⁠.

1. A museum gallery + event space + production studio

Source: Peerspace

What better to inspire art and creativity than other works of art? Situated in a historic industrial loft, just a mile from the Mercedes Benz Stadium, this venue hosts regularly rotating art exhibits that will make a stunning backdrop for your next photoshoot. That’s why we’d consider this space, with its contrast between outstanding large-scale works of art and minimalist white walls, floors, and ceilings, to be one of the top indoor locations for photoshoot inspiration in Atlanta.

2. A downtown cozy loft with city views

Downtown Cozy Loft with City Views atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

Looking to do something like a cozy Instagram shoot, with cozy vibes like you’re at home (but even better)? This is the place. It’s a condo with a combination of industrial loft features (like exposed ductwork and piping) and warm, inviting furnishings and decor. (That even includes a hanging chair in the bedroom!) The contrast between the two will make for some seriously cool photos.

3. A sleek, minimalist photo studio with natural light

sleek minimalist photo studio atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

You might not immediately consider a minimalist setting as a source of creative inspiration. But in fact, a space that manages to incorporate interesting touches and details while maintaining an overall minimalist feel can be one of the most inspiring, because it provides a huge amount of room for interpretation and adding the details you’re focused on. For instance, it’d make an ideal backdrop for fashion photography that incorporates very elaborate costuming, as the simplicity of the background and its modern interior styling would juxtapose nicely with the intricacy of the subject. Just start brainstorming ⁠— the sky’s the limit!

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4. A beautifully decorated Buckhead carriage house

beautifully decorated Buckhead carriage house atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

You really can’t go wrong with a photoshoot in a classic and tastefully decorated home. Located in the historic Collier Hills neighborhood, this home is “perfect for photo shoots with art in the background for a home setting,” and “for small creative film and photo projects,” as the hosts describe it. The recently remodeled space includes brand new appliances, antiques, local art, modern furnishings, and a neutral white color scheme that will work beautifully in photos. It’ll provide you with endless photoshoot inspiration in Atlanta.

5. A refreshing pool and spa with a pool house

Intown Pool and Spa with Pool House atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

Past renters rave about this location, with glowing comments such as the following: “The space is beautiful, she has everything you could possibly think of,” and “This place is wonderful! I could not ask for a better location.” You’re sure to love it as well⁠ — the rental includes a large backyard with two patios, and a lovely pool and hot tub, an adorable pool house for interior shots, all surrounded by luxurious landscaping. Additionally, if you’d like to incorporate more indoor photography, access to the home that’s also on the property can be arranged individually for an extra fee.

6. An urban downtown warehouse studio with open space

warehouse space rental atlanta
Source: Peerspace

In the historic West End community, this is an absolutely enormous space: a 5,000-square-foot open warehouse that can hold as many as 300 people. But for the purposes of your photoshoot inspiration in Atlanta, all that space is just a huge amount to work with, visually. It includes parking, an outdoor patio, and a lounge area. It incorporates lots of visual interest and a variety of scenery and backdrops, meaning you could spend the whole day ⁠— or even several⁠ — taking all kinds of photos with completely different looks and vibes.

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7. An elegant and historic Kirkwood mansion

Historic Kirkwood Mansion atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

Here’s a fully restored Queen Anne Victorian mansion that’s seated on over an acre of beautiful, well-manicured land. It’s the perfect combination of historic character and updated taste: it was built more than a century ago, in 1896, but renovated as recently as 2015. In addition to the grand interior spaces, there’s a large wrap-around porch as well as sweeping grounds on which to take photos (even including a pecan orchard).

You’ll love the natural light, high ceilings and broad doorways, and luxurious finishes to be found throughout. In addition, there’s a piano, organ, billiard tables, gas grill, landscape paintings in the home, and more. Typically, the upper floor is roped off, but it can be incorporated into the rental for an additional cost. 

8. A historic “castle-like” stone home on a wooded lot

historic stone castle house atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

This century-old, 2,500-square-foot home is located on a hill and surrounded by more than an acre of tasteful landscaping, including a gorgeously colorful tiered flower garden. The home itself is constructed from solid stone; along with its turret, which overlooks the front garden, it gives this venue the feel of a castle. When it comes to photoshoot inspiration in Atlanta, we can’t think of any place better! Even a brief visit to this historic house is sure to spark your visual creativity.

9. A picture-perfect rose garden estate

Rose garden estate in the heart of Atlanta rental
Source: Peerspace

Along with its surrounding two lush acres, this classic brick mansion encompasses more than 8,000 square feet that you’ll love to explore when you do a photoshoot here. It’s great for large-scale shoots, and the hosts have described the property as “very film friendly,” but it’s equally suited to a smaller scale photoshoot if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s less than an hour south of Atlanta, directly off the freeway, making it easily accessible to city residents. And for a property of this size and quality, rental costs are quite affordable. It’ll bring you photoshoot inspiration in Atlanta for days on end.

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