The 9 Best Portland Boudoir Photographers

Searching for the best Portland boudoir photographers? Then you’ve come to the right place! As the largest online marketplace for hourly creative venue rentals, we at Peerspace work with photographers daily. While we help them secure incredible spaces to bring their visions to fruition, we also see a lot of their incredible work! It is our goal to amplify their voices and help ensure they connect with those who want to work with them.

This is part of the reason we put this list together, as we hope that you’ll find your perfect boudoir match here! After all, a professional boudoir session can also be one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of your life. Ahead, we list our favorite Portland boudoir photographers for 2022. Enjoy!

1. Jessica Hill of Peekaboo Boudoir 

We love Peekaboo Boudoir for many reasons. However, the main one is that it has photographer and business owner Jessica Hill Lovely at the helm. This is a business run by a woman for women, and she makes her clients feel well-taken care of throughout the entire process, from booking to shooting. In fact, Jessica’s all-female team includes a studio assistant and a hair and makeup artist. Together, these powerful women will bring out your own powerful individual before you even step in front of the camera.

We especially love her detail-oriented questionnaire that helps both client and photographers home in on what they want from their experience. After all, this ensures you will get the most out of the experience. Just like the name Peekaboo suggests, every photograph on the business’s Instagram is sensual and stunning.

2. Jamie Peterson Images

Jamie Peterson’s story about coming to accept her own body as beautiful speaks to an attitude of acceptance and appreciation that shines through in her work. The range of moods she captures is truly impressive. In fact, it ranges from sultry and sophisticated to hanging out on the couch in boy shorts on a Saturday morning.

She is truly one of the most talented Portland boudoir photographers for her experience and skills. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that her client reviews are also off-the-charts positively glowing. Client after client expresses walking away from a shoot with Jamie feeling confident and empowered. What’s sexier than that?

3. Sarah and Shannon of The Good Face

The Good Face, owned by sisters Sarah and Shannon, is not only a Portland boudoir photography studio. In fact, this company also offers cosmetic procedures, including microblading, microneedling, and dermaplaning, along with a wide variety of rejuvenating facial treatments.

We love the possibility of making a boudoir photo session a full day of pampering! That way, once it’s photo time, you’ll feel positively glowing and relaxed. In addition, we admire the sisters’ dedication to creating an inclusive space where all bodies are celebrated.

4. Satin Studios Boudoir

If the photos on Satin Studios Boudoir’s Instagram are any indication, the team behind the studio are some of the most playful creatives on the Portland boudoir photography scene. From the reviews we read, they seem to be all about confidentiality and making their clients feel safe and free to express themselves in front of the camera. Their studio includes four different sets, a vintage dressing room to inspire playful posing, and an on-site stylist.

Satin Studios may also be the boudoir photography studio for you if you have a playful theme in mind. Not to mention, they also have lots of experience working with couples, so why not book a fantasy-themed shoot with your significant other?

5. Briana Morrison

We love, love, love Briana Morrison’s attitude toward the boudoir shoot. Her philosophy is that the wonderful shoot not only has a lot to do with preparing oneself, in mind and body, but also in choosing the right location. One piece of the boudoir-shoot puzzle that Briana emphasizes is that these very intimate shoots are all about vulnerability, so the more secure and comfortable we are in a space, the more vulnerable we feel free to be.

She suggests outdoor locations or secluded gardens if you are a nature lover, as well as perusing space rental spots (of which you can find many on Peerspace!) for your cozy dream getaway location. The idea is that you’ll shine in a space that you love being in, so you can come away with intimate shots that make the perfect gift for a special someone, even if (or, perhaps, especially) that special someone is yourself.

6. Marina Green Photography

Providing safe, positive space for everyone, including the BDSM/kink community and LGBTQ+ clients, Marina Green’s personal statement on her website makes it clear she’s all about allowing clients to express their unique sexuality and elevate the boudoir photograph to the level of art.

This artistic eye may be best expressed in her attention to the beauty of body parts that don’t always get the spotlight in boudoir shoots, including backs and necks, which are often fully articulated and in focus in Marina’s work. She says herself that she’s not intimidated by social norms, and her photographs are an expression of her adventurous, super-smart, sex-positive attitude.

7. Dijana Szewczyk Photography

When Dijana Szewczyk characterizes her boudoir photographs as “feminine,” she means it. However, that certainly doesn’t mean her work loses any sultry edge. There is a clear appreciation of the soft curves and beguiling angles unique to the female form. In fact, out of all of the Portland boudoir photographers we looked at for this list, we have to say that there’s also a real come-hither air that she seems to unleash in her clients.

On the company website, one statement stood out to us: “Sexy is a sensation, not an aesthetic”. We couldn’t agree more — it’s the spirit that brings so much life to the work of Dijana Szewczyk Photography.

8. Boudoir by Brittnie Price

Dramatic, cinematic, vintage — Brittnie Price’s work brings fine-art sensibilities to boudoir in a striking fashion. These photos are evocative and emotional in a way that’s immediately noticeable, and we love the moody, dark colors and the soft, mysterious lighting. By all accounts, Brittnie is an excellent coach for her clients, a thoughtful creative partner, and a downright invigorating cheerleader.

We also love how her boudoir photoshoots take place in studio and in more unexpected spaces. Think rooftops, barns, backyards, and more! For all of these reasons, she’s solidified her position as one of the top Portland boudoir photographers working today.

9. Taylor + Madye Photography

Taylor and Madye are an ambitious, talented couple who work in several photographic genres and, clearly, have an eye for striking composition and portraiture. These gifts, combined with what is clearly a loving artistic partnership, help them bring a fresh sensibility to boudoir photography that is relaxed and romantic.

In addition, Taylor and Madye are invested in taking their time to listen and get to know their clients’ preferences. They’re experienced enough to put a client at ease while also guiding them to engage effectively with the camera. The results are fresh and consummately professional in their rendering. 

Bonus: Naked Peach Boudoir

We couldn’t complete our list of the top Portland boudoir photographers without Naked Peach Boudoir! This talented team of ladies is one of the most inventive studios in town. Check out their portfolio, and you will see women of every age, shape, size, and color clearly having a blast and looking gorgeous.

They also offer various styles to make your dream boudoir shoot come true. So whether that’s dark and moody, light and airy, or a specific theme, contact them!

Portland boudoir photographers rely on Peerspace

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Convinced yet? When we peruse these portfolios, it’s hard not to see that Portland’s overflowing creative talent extends to the boudoir photography scene! This can be an enormously positive experience for you. In fact, the photos are something you’ll look back on fondly years down the line. So, reach out to a photographer, check out some Portland photoshoot locations, and take that leap. You won’t regret it.

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