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The 6 Best Portrait Photographers in Albuquerque

New Mexico’s largest and most populous city, Albuquerque is home to breathtaking scenery, including desert landscapes and part of the Rio Grande rift. It’s no surprise that dozens upon dozens of incredibly talented photographers come to this city to take advantage of the picturesque environs. In terms of portraiture — whether high school senior portraits or fine-art-inspired shots — the art form requires the keen eye and composition chops of an expert shutterbug. Check out the most talented Albuquerque portrait photographers — you’ll be glad you did!

1. Kim Jew

Operating in New Mexico since 1976, Kim Jew Portrait Art is the oldest continually practicing studio in the state. Kim specializes in producing family heirlooms, including museum-worthy fine art portraiture that gets passed down through generations. His work is of the highest caliber, having photographed not just artists like Louise Nevelson and Robert De Niro, Sr., but every US President since Bill Clinton. Kim’s work ranges from monochrome to color, often with a tasteful vignette to highlight the subject. When you work with Kim, you’re collaborating with one of the best portrait photographers in Albuquerque.

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2. Kevin’s Photography

Photographers Kevin Dooley, April Sebesta, and Mary Wilson are the artists in charge of Kevin’s Photography, a studio in Albuquerque with over 30 years of experience in the wedding and portraiture business. The founder, Kevin, shoots not only weddings and portraits but wildlife and cultural images for indigenous peoples around the world.

His enthusiasm for the art led him to move on from working with a single camera on weekend weddings to partnering with talented photographers across the Southwest. Kevin’s work is up close and intimate, placing us right into the scene with the glowing couple. He also uses several color styles, including punchy modern, desaturated, and classic monochrome — whichever best suits not only the mood but your taste as a client.

3. Frank Frost Photography

Albuquerque professional photographer Frank Frost has a very clear idea of what he does, and it’s not just portraiture! In his words, “I don’t consider myself a portrait photographer. Portraits are old and stuffy; an unhappy image stuck in the corner of an attic… I’m a People photographer, and People photography goes beyond just the taking of a picture; it’s more than light and posing and exposures. It’s about the human element and it’s about what we, as a studio, believe.”

Frank’s approach comes across in his images, favoring brightly colored and well-lit environmental portraits that tell the story of his subjects as much as show us a smiling face. Drum sets, ranch houses, beloved pets, and backyard environments all show us what’s most important to his subjects and helps their individuality stand out that much more.

4. Etherdox Photography by Pam Christison

As one of the most talented portrait photographers in Albuquerque, Pam Christison believes it’s talent at uncovering people’s inherent beauty that makes great photographers stand out from the rest. We love her style — punchy and bright, as well as employing great use of natural light to halo her subjects in warm tones. Looking at her subjects in play and in motion, it’s clear that Pam loves photo sessions featuring whimsy and freedom. By encouraging her clients to be themselves and explore, she captures moments both posed and candid to create a complete picture of her subjects.

5. Lauren & Chris of Lauren Cherie Photography

After starting with her first DSLR to capture the moments of her new daughter’s life, Lauren discovered a love for photography that has since only grown. Partnering with her husband Chris, Lauren creates high-quality portraits, wedding images, and videography for clients across New Mexico. Among their many awards are The Knot‘s 2019 Pick for Best of Weddings and the Couple’s Choice 2019 Award from WeddingWire.

While all of their work is striking, we found their outdoor maternity photography some of the best we’ve seen! By using a variety of outfit choices, natural poses, outdoor settings, and natural lighting environments, expectant mothers are treated to images that celebrate motherhood and the generation of new life within.

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6. Leslie Cersovski of Lavish Boudoir

Leslie Cersovski of Lavish Boudoir has taken up the challenging art of boudoir portraiture to inspire body positivity for her Albuquerque clients. She understands that our self-image can be negatively affected by poorly lit dressing rooms and wearing improperly tailored clothes. Consequently, through a custom boudoir session, moments of insecurity can fade away, especially with Leslie’s masterful use of composition and lighting.

Leslie’s inspiring work is truly transformational, and her client feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Just take it from one of her many glowing testimonials: “Leslie has a true talent for making her clients feel like they just became a professional supermodel! It wasn’t awkward at all, and was even a lot of fun! Also, the pictures turned out amazing. My husband loved them, but I think I loved them even more!” 

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