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The 11 Best Portrait Photographers in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is blessed with not only some of the best talent in the nation but photographers who run the gamut from specializing in lifestyle and photojournalistic shots to fine-art portraiture. We’re incredibly impressed by what OKC’s creatives are brewing with camera in hand. Without further ado, here’s our carefully curated list of the most talented portrait photographers in Oklahoma City, listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Andria Lancaster of ADL Photography

As a professional portrait photographer, Andria Lancaster feels real love and warmth every time she gets to show someone how she sees them through her eyes and camera lens. Documenting the life milestones of her daughters is what inspired her to do the same for her clients, eventually growing into ADL Photography to serve Oklahoma City and beyond.

It’s clear that, having earned a degree in portrait photography, Andria has found her calling. And, looking through her portfolio, it’s clear to us as well. We love the variety of styles she employs, from environmental portraits to classic posed work. Desaturated matte color profiles, cheerful, vibrant ones, and monochrome here and there! Regardless of your personal vision, as one of the best portrait photographers in Oklahoma City, Andria can make it come to life.

2. Billy Pham Photography

What captivates us when looking through Billy Pham’s work is the unique character of his style. Instead of relying on traditional approaches, he embraces lens flare, bright highlights, soft focus, and other elements that many photographers shun in favor of what’s popular and trending. His work has a refreshing flavor all its own and, if you appreciate his style as much as we do, Billy’s a top choice for your next family portrait session. He finds moments of authentic connection worth documenting. As he tells it, “I love to photograph weddings and portraits. I aim to capture the natural emotions, relationships, and the beauty of life in people.”

3. Erick Gfeller of Gfellerstudio Photography

Fine art portrait photographer Erick Gfeller is the master photographer behind Gfellerstudio, one of the premier Oklahoma City portrait studios in the area. With over 20 years of experience, Erick produces breathtaking portraits using a mixture of bright, vibrant colors, as well as classic monochrome styles. His attention to backgrounds is as striking as his subjects, with picture-perfect settings color matched to their clothing choices and skin tone. His gorgeous fine-art approach to portraiture is why he’s among one of the best portrait photographers in Oklahoma City.

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4. Lindsey Brooks Photography

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Motherhood is a major focus for Lindsey Brooks. Having worked as a professional photographer since 2006, she’s found her passion in finding ways to display visual connections of intimacy and beauty through documenting relationships. As she explains it, “Photography allows me to merge my love of creating with true meaning and emotion. Itʼs not just art, itʼs a memory, a feeling, a frozen moment in time that serves as a reminder of a time that has already passed.” Lindsey’s work employs a bright, springtime freshness, with earth tones and clean whites dominant, both of which add warmth to skin, making eyes, textures, and form leap out from the photograph.

5. Sara Masters-Blacksten Photography

A gifted newborn portrait photographer, Sara Masters-Blacksten has some of the most challenging subjects to work with: little ones who don’t always take direction very well! Her shift to newborns from children’s photography has taken place relatively recently, but it’s evident Sara has found a real niche for herself in Oklahoma City’s photography scene.

As a mother herself, she knows exactly how fleeting each moment with her kids can be. She originally got into photography to document her own children’s moments and milestones. Her maternal vision and love for newborns really shows in her work; Sara has incredible creative flair and provides outfits, props, lighting, and poses that not only capture but celebrate each newborn entrusted to her care and camera.

6. Elyse & Ryan Fair of Ely Fair Photography

The artistic masterminds behind Ely Fair Photography are Ryan and Elyse Fair. One thing that impresses us about Elyse’s approach to her work is the down-to-earth description she gives. Rather than ethereal descriptions that appeal strictly to emotions, she describes her documentary approach to portrait and wedding photography simply but with impact: “At the end of the day I can’t really nail down exactly how to say it other than I strive for each of my photos to be a work of art and something that you and your family will treasure as a documentation of your life.”

Ely Fair Photography’s work exemplifies this, with subjects only occasionally looking at the camera, favoring a photojournalistic style. Elyse and Ryan’s keen eye and passion puts them among the top Oklahoma City portrait photographers.

7. Heather of Beadles Portraits

As a fourth-generation Oklahoman, Heather Beadles’s appreciation for family legacy runs deep and informs her work as a portrait photographer. Heather employs a mixed-media approach that starts with photographs and ends with hand-painted fine-art portraiture for her clients across Oklahoma and beyond. Like many of the photographers here, she’s also a mother who understands the importance of capturing life’s moments before they’re gone forever. She comprehends the power of portraiture to show your loved ones how much you care for them. 

8. Kristina Gaines Photography

A specialist in boudoir photography, as well as a wife and mother, Kristina Gaines is one of the most talented portrait photographers in Oklahoma City — especially if you’re looking to have someone highlight feminine beauty, empowerment, and sensuality. She loves showing women the beauty both within and out that they may on occasion overlook. By offering professional makeup and hair care services, as well as consultation on session outfits, Kristina warmly helps put her clients at ease.

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9. Ashley Porton Photography

As a supremely skillful wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer, Ashley Porton is a master of capturing her clients at their best. Whether that’s teary-eyed at the altar or nervous yet excited during a boudoir session, Ashley’s love for her clients comes through in the images she produces. She mixes classic portraiture with documentary coverage of weddings and other events to satisfy both the “perfect moment” and “candid coverage” everyone wants from a once-in-a-lifetime event. Her ability to completely capture the story of a special day makes her a force to be reckoned with.

10. Rebecca & Mitch of KRK Studios

Rebecca and Mitch are the photographer couple behind KRK Studios. With over a decade of digital experience and even more shooting on film, Rebecca prefers the classic, timeless simplicity of film photography. The medium encourages her to think deeply about composition and timing, resulting in a considered approach to how she frames and lights her images. Rebecca says it best in her own words, “Anyone can take a good picture. My desire is to take a step beyond that and capture a feeling, a complete story. And to do it in a way that is true to myself.”

11. Kate Luber Photography

Kate Luber’s work carries the spark of an artist seeking to stay true to her personal style beyond what’s currently in vogue. Her work celebrates the interplay of light, subject, and composition in ways we rarely see in portrait photographers. She embraces shadow, environment, and action using methods ranging from a fine art perspective to documentary style. If you’re looking for a photographer who aspires to make art rather than simply document you, Kate should be your go-to portrait photographer.

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