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The 8 Best Portrait Photographers in Omaha, NE

Nestled in the Midwest on the Missouri River, Omaha is a hidden gem. Home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, this charming city is full of professionals who will likely be in the market for corporate headshots in the near future. Whether you’re a high school senior wanting an end-of-the-year photo session or a young professional working on brand development, whatever your vision for your photographs, one of these amazing Omaha portrait photographers can help you bring it to life. They run the gamut from those who employ a photojournalistic approach to creatives who prefer a fine-art perspective.

1. Heather and Jameson of Hooton Images

Combining fashion, advertising, and commercial photography, Hooton Images’ Heather and Jameson are our top picks for Omaha portrait photographers if you need model headshots or simply want to look your polished, professional best. Boasting intimate knowledge of both the craft and the art of photography, they are the trusted professionals to turn to for the perfect portrait of yourself. Theirs is a special blend of genuine and magazine-worthy gorgeousness — think neutral to warm tones with lots of natural touches. Focusing on the details while also keeping in mind composition and the overall feel of the moment is a notable talent Hooton Images offers.

2. Shantel of Glam Haven Photography and Artistry

The mastermind behind Glam Haven Photography and Artistry, Shantel is an award-winning Omaha portrait photographer who creates fine art heirlooms. At times, her work is a stylish twist on documentary, putting a fine sheen on each of her shots without taking away from the character of the subject within. Other times, her work is fanciful and playful, styling newborns and children in creative ways to emphasize the wonder of the early years of life. Whatever subject she turns her camera to, the results are simply mesmerizing.

3. Michaela Elena Photography

The desire to capture the beauty in all people, creatures, and fleeting moments is what drives Michaela Elena. She accomplishes her aim using her signature style — slightly warm tones complementing genuine emotion. Her work exudes a youthful, free-spirited vibe that is compelling, yet her images will age like a fine wine and look amazing years from now. If you have a sentimental streak and modern sensibilities, reach out to Michaela for a portrait session — you’ll be glad you did.

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4. Joshua Foo Photography

Blending various genres of photography — including portrait, commercial, and food — as well as graphic design into his work, Joshua Foo is a multi-talented artist, a master of his craft. Whatever you have in mind for your portrait session, he can take your ideas and elevate them to the next level — from a straightforward stare into the camera all the way to a fanciful, layered piece of art starring you as the centerpiece. Take the above featured photo, for instance — it’s an editorial for Omaha’s own Dine Magazine, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it were actually a torn-out page from Bon Appétit.

5. Adrienne Kay Photography

Compassionate and intuitive, Adrienne Kay possesses a keen understanding of how to work with camera-shy clients, boasting the ability to coax out their inner glow. At the end of her photoshoots, her clients come away with beautiful, empowering photographs to treasure for years to come. She’s an all-around gifted photographer, working with couples in love, families, and folks who want to put their best face forward. It’s no surprise she’s among the best and brightest Omaha portrait photographers.

6. Megan Michael Photography

Megan Jones is a portrait artist — notice the emphasis on the word artist. She thoughtfully crafts creative and delightful portraits of newborns, children, and families,capturing the essence of her subjects while also enhancing it with some serious post-production talent. Her robust work is whimsical and fun and, if you are looking for a portrait where the bounds of reality are not applicable, Megan is your gal — she can create entire fantasy worlds in her art! 

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7. Jess and Alex of Reverie Photo & Film

The geniuses behind Reverie Photo & Film, Jess and Alex are the husband-and-wife photo/video team of your dreams — if your dreams are full of emotion, glowing sunlight, and play, that is! Their work is photojournalist in style — documenting the big moments in life and making the small, seemingly inconsequential moments feel like momentous occasions. They have a knack for capturing clients from the most flattering angles while adding a hint of glamour to their shots. Jess and Alex are the very best kind of portrait photographers, making their subjects look stunning while also keeping them true to life. 

8. Scott K Photo

Specializing in headshots and fashion photography, Scott is a true professional portrait artist. His mode of operation is all about making his subjects shine while telling the personal story that they want told — whether its all-out glam or simply casual in tone. Scott will help you project exactly the image you want. Choose him when you need polished portraits for your model portfolio or phenomenal branding shots — his expertise is unmatched in the area.

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