The 10 Best Portrait Photographers in San Antonio

On the search for the best San Antonio portrait photographers? We at Peerspace understand completely! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, including portrait studios, we know how crucial it is to have the right creative in your corner. And we put this list together to help make your search a whole lot easier.

San Antonio has a rich cultural scene, as well as one of the most overlooked communities of talented photographers working today. Naturally, there are some incredible portrait photographers making stunning work every day in this city. The most talented of those photographers have several qualities in common: they have mastered their genre of portraiture, their knowledge of photography is second to none, and their creative vision is as expansive as the Texan landscape they call home. Whether you’re looking for senior, corporate, or creative photos, the top San Antonio portrait photographers have you covered.

1. Danny Batista

Danny’s work is absolutely incredible. His talent and professionalism are immediately clear when viewing his portrait work. Also, the technical elements of each of his photos are sublime. So much so that Danny has mastered a variety of lighting techniques and knows exactly how to best tone his images. But more than that, the portraits demonstrate a well-developed sense of aesthetics, and his creative compositions immediately stand out.

We especially love how creative he gets. These are not merely headshots but seem to capture the subject’s personality and Danny’s own artistic vision. Regardless of the kind of portraiture you need, Danny’s work is eye-catching and evocative, and you’ll love working with him.

2. Marvin Anthony Photography

Marvin is a passionate photographer with a great eye for portraiture. Working with both artificial and natural light, Marvin has a keen sense of style that is evident in all of his work. Taking cues from both commercial and documentary-style photography, Marvin combines these techniques to create engaging, narrative-driven portraiture.

His images are expressive, with settings that always compliment the subject. He creates aesthetically pleasing images and often uses bold color palettes. Check him out when you want a photographer who can capture who you are in the most engaging way possible.

3. Josh Huskin

Josh’s editorial portraits are unique and eye-catching. A Texas native, and with an impressive list of clients, Josh boasts images that have both technical precision and emotional weight. His lighting technique is perfect, and each portrait flatters its subject. While Josh’s color toning is often slightly subdued, it’s just enough to emphasize the subject without being a distraction.

But more importantly, Josh’s subjects are expressive, completely comfortable revealing a part of themselves to the camera. In fact, Josh’s ability to capture this, along with his attention to detail, make him one of the best San Antonio portrait photographers you could work with.

4. Richard Rives

Richard Rives specializes in business, corporate, and environmental portraiture. Working in the studio or on location, he captures clean, contemporary portraits that would look great in corporate offices, a magazine profile, or a LinkedIn page. His attention to the technical elements of studio work ensures that each of his images is consistent and flattering. And his environmental portraits demonstrate his ability to work in a variety of conditions while still capturing impressive, narrative-driven images.

5. Melissa Raelynn Photography

Melissa is an Air Force veteran who launched her photography business in 2015. Since then, she’s focused on corporate and personal-branding portraiture, and she especially loves working with down-to-earth clients who value professionalism as much as they value fun.

Her traditional portraits demonstrate a great deal of talent with the camera, lighting, and composition. And her branding portraiture captures both the personalities and tenacity of her clients. We absolutely believe her work is empowering and expressive. Check her out when you want personal branding images that truly represent you and your company.

6. David Teran

David’s comprehensive portfolio demonstrates his mastery of a variety of styles in portrait photography. Whether he’s working in the studio or on location, his work is always sharp and perfectly lit. He has a keen eye for expression, recognizing how to get precisely the right emotion out of his subjects for the style of photoshoot they’re going for.

With an excellent creative vision and experience across a variety of styles, David is easily one of the best San Antonio portrait photographers working today. Be sure to check out his portrait to better understand why he is so in demand with professionals across San Antonio and beyond.

7. Ryan Humphries

Ryan’s portrait work is defined by its minimalist style and moody lighting. His work is elegant and clean, keeping the focus entirely on capturing the subjects’ ambiance while remaining technically precise. His creative compositions and settings on location also make his work stand out. In fact, his studio work would look equally at home in both a magazine profile and a corporate headquarters.

Ryan’s versatility as a portrait photographer is clear in his work, and he can handle any job you throw at him. Book him for your headshots, personal portraits, or commercial work today.

8. Christina Ramirez

Christina is a narrative-driven portrait photographer. For her, portraiture is about telling an individual’s story. Working primarily with high school seniors, Christina knows exactly how to convey an individual’s personality and identity in each image, all while creating detail-oriented portraits that are sharp and stunning. It’s also little surprise to us that she has received several awards for her work and is continually published.

She takes the time to get to know each of her clients, and this limits the volume of clients she can take on. This means that each client gets a personalized experience that is guaranteed to result in amazing work.

9. Staci Gahm

Staci sees portraiture as a means of discovery, as she gets to find interesting clients while the audience discovers the subject’s personality. She often works with high school or college seniors — both pivotal times of transition in a person’s life.

Staci also understands how meaningful these moments are. In fact, she uses her portraiture to explore both the history and the future that lies ahead of each of her clients. We love how her work is beautifully lit and always flatters her clients. But most importantly, each portrait captures personality. When you work with her, you can also enjoy a pampering day of full hair and makeup services.

10. Jason Risner

Before Jason started his photography business, he was an art director and designer in the advertising and publishing industries. This experience has given him a great background to ensure his clients get exactly what they need, especially when it comes to portraits.

His work adopts a variety of moods and styles, depending on what the client expects and their needs. But throughout all of his portraits, there is a strong sense of both place and narrative. This attention to composition and technical mastery of photography makes Jason one of the most versatile San Antonio portrait photographers to work with.

Bonus: Veronika Gant

We love Veronika Gant’s fresh take on portrait photography. Her specialties are senior portraits, newborn sessions, and maternity shoots. And frankly, she rocks them all. In fact, take a look at her portfolio and you will see contemporary images filled with natural-looking people.

You will also see a true artist behind the camera. Wardrobe and pros play a huge role in her images, more so than other San Antonio portrait photographers. Contact her for your portraits if you’re looking for someone with a modern sensibility and a timeless artistic style.

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We hope you take advantage by setting up a portrait session. Having a professional-grade portrait comes in handy over and over again. Plus, it’s also a worthwhile experience having a creative professional photograph you at your very best.

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