The 8 Best Product Photographers in Houston

The sheer diversity of Houston’s product photography scene is delightful, but its size may make it hard to find just the right talent to work with. Are you a heavy industry business looking for exposure or perhaps a local food truck with an eye for artistry? Regardless of the story you need told, any one of the top Houston product photographers—listed in no particular order—are ready and eager to collaborate!

1. Houston Product Photographers

E-commerce images, photo retouching, catalog design, and high-end campaign photography are just a few of the services provided by Houston Product Photographers. As the go-to studio for Houston businesses, they have several in-house photographers and supporting staff to take on your project as well as a creative director with 23 years of experience. From minimalist white backdrop images to retouched hero images featuring your product in all its glory, Houston Product Photographers can bring any brand’s story to life!

2. Macon of Leiper Photography

Macon Leiper is a Houston product photographer with a focus on the industrial scene. Given the amount of industry in the city, ranging from oil to healthcare, he’s found a niche that’s perfect for his region! In particular, Macon works with products of any size, often ones that would be too challenging for traditional product photographers.

Heavy machinery, industrial components, and other products that require specialized lighting due to their chrome finishes and complex forms are effortlessly captured by him. However, Macon also works with traditional products in a studio environment, cleanly isolating them for study by potential customers.

3. Laci Villarreal

Laci Villarreal weds natural talent to formal education thanks to her BFA in photography and her decade-plus experience working as a corporate product photographer. Her focus is on Houston small businesses and helping them find their voice in an increasingly competitive social media and advertising landscape. She’s worked with both small and household name brands, including Frito Lay, Naked Be, and Lindt, crafting images that have an immediate impact and lasting appeal.

4. Brianne of B. Creative Company

Source: Brianne Thomas, B. Creative Co.

Former wedding photographer turned product and brand photographer, Brianne started B. Creative Company in 2017 because design and visual communications were what spoke most strongly to her. Brianne understands that evoking feelings in the viewer is how successful brands get their messages out there.

Small wonder her photography has a way of immediately suggesting mood, texture, lifestyle elements, and other ways to generate a mindset or place a viewer in the scene. And despite the diversity of products and messages Brianne cultivates, she does so using her own signature style and color palette that gives her work consistency and polish.

5. Becki of Smith House Photo

Becki Smith not only has a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography and communications, but a background in small business marketing as well. Taken together, she offers a perspective that helps Houston brands tell product stories ranging from lifestyle to celebratory in character. Becki can feature any product in a way that plays to its strengths, be it luscious overhead food spreads to more focused single product portraits.

Her images also have a soft, often pastel, color palette that meshes nicely with her family, newborn, and portrait photography as well. In addition, her awareness of her own brand and how a consistent look comes across is refreshing to see in a photography landscape dominated by often haphazard personal styles.

6. Velyush Dima

Velyush Dima caught our attention thanks to his intentional compositions and moody lighting choices that are a natural gift for alcoholic drinks. His images carry expertly woven storytelling elements, sensory notes like salt and condensation, and a subdued, shadow-embracing style that adds his own personal character to the blend.

Yet the bold highlights suggest strong natural light alongside the moody shadows. All of these normally contrasting elements are difficult to balance but Velyush does so masterfully!

7. Hannah Mulik Photo

Hannah Mulik is a Houston product photographer with a special affection for business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who has a dream but craves just the right visual narrative to bring it to life. Hannah’s product subjects range from interior and food to cosmetics and skin care images.

She works both in the studio with backdrops and controlled lighting as well as on outdoor product shoots where natural light and directional shadows add to the narrative. We love the often macro perspective Hannah uses to introduce viewers to fine details, savory textures, minute color changes, and other sensory delights a product has to offer. And for brands looking to bring models into the story, her eye for urban backdrops that weave color and architecture into the tale is second to none!

8. Christa Elyce of Houston Studio

Christa Elyce is a talented, passionate creative who uses her product images to help Houston small businesses find their voice in a crowded market. Editorial and commercial-oriented product shoots are her specialties as well as storytelling through visual media.

The diversity of styles Christa is capable of evoking through her photography really takes our breath away! From punchy pastel notes for sweet desserts to more minimalist, subdued tones for modern fashion and apparel products, she always manages to strike just the right mood through lighting, form, and color. And her attention to both the inclusion and exclusion of background elements add to the story she can bring to life in just a single frame.

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