The 8 Best Real Estate Photographers in Ann Arbor, MI

Hoping to work with one the best Ann Arbor real estate photographers, but aren’t sure where to start? As one of the largest cities in Michigan, Ann Arbor is just the right place to be if you want to stay outside the hustle and bustle of Detroit. Yet you still want city amenities. What’s more, the real estate market is one of the hottest in the nation right now.

More and more folk are checking out Tree Town. This means that home listings are in dire need of competitive and engaging photography. That happens to be the specialty of each of the 8 top Ann Arbor real estate photographers we’ve collected today!

1. Real Producers Ann Arbor

Real Producers Ann Arbor is a major real estate brand thanks to the breadth of the services on offer. They help realtors with much more than photography of local homes.

Real Producers Ann Arbor also holds invite-only social events where you can get in touch with other realtors to compare notes. The Real Producers magazine is another comprehensive resource offered to help you understand the needs of the market and find inspiring stories to motivate you further.

2. A² Real Estate Photography

From the initial capture to the final retouching, A² Real Estate Photography is a brand truly in love with this art form! We most enjoyed how attentive to the mood of a room or house A² Real Estate is. Their twilight home images are a classic example. The subdued evening lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere that’s starkly different from their early afternoon photoshoots.

A² Real Estate uses different exposure techniques for different spaces and homes. All aim to shape how you perceive and feel about each subject!

3. Stylish Detroit Photo + Video

No list of the best Ann Arbor real estate photographers would be complete without Stylish Detroit Photo & Video! Founded in 2008, they have risen into the upper ranks of the Michigan visual media market. Andy Schwartz and his partner, Lynn Bernardi, are the lead photographers and founders of the brand. Both they and their team of creatives have highly complementary skills.

Lynn, in particular, worked as a licensed realtor in her 20s. Which gives her a unique angle as a real estate photographer. She understands the needs of both realtors and the people they hope to attract. Heightening Stylish Detroit’s ability to engage people through creative and impactful real estate media!

4. Estate Media

Looking to document the unfolding of a new construction project? Or maybe you’re in need of 3D Matterport virtual tours? Whatever your need, Estate Media is well worth a look. Their portfolio is comprehensive in scope. In fact, they photograph residential homes, commercial properties, construction projects…Everything the world of real estate has to offer.

Estate Media is especially great if you want to get visual angles on hard-to-reach places. Broken roofs, natural views of water towers…Their aerial drone views prove that they have just the right tools for the job!

5. Alex Norris of MI Real Estate Photography

Alex Norris works throughout the state of Michigan on his real estate projects. Detroit, Ann Arbor…No location is beyond his reach. MI Real Estate Photography conveys the most welcoming and beautiful elements of each home. The cheerful and airy qualities of a living room, the artistry of a graceful architectural arch, and even the surrounding neighborhood. All of this gives you a full taste of what’s on offer before you even set foot in the door!

6. Knightwing Media

Whether your next real estate shoot needs to be on the ground or in the air, it’s clear that Knightwing Media has the expertise required for the job. Small wonder they are a favorite partner for Alpine Realty, Re/MAX, and Zillow, just to name a few companies.

Knightwing Media is especially talented at HDR photography. This uses high dynamic range techniques to create a more true-to-life feeling of a room or home. And as FAA 107 Certified drone pilots, Knightwing Media can even capture footage from above!

We most enjoyed their creative use of framing and composition, however. Attention is paid to leading lines, shadow, contrast, and other elements. It’s clear that Knightwing is still fully in love with the art of photography. Capturing beauty however the project demands!

7. Eagle Eye Drone

Eagle Eye Drone is a team of real estate photographers who operate nationwide. Team members live not just in Michigan but also in Florida and the US Virgin Islands. All of these are some of the hottest real estate markets in the nation!

Aerial drone photography offers something very different to prospective home buyers. You can get a sense of the entire property and architectural elements that are normally invisible from the ground.

Eagle Eye Drone also uses their services to capture new angles on golf courses, live events, and even weddings! We all want images that stand apart in a creative manner but there are few better Ann Arbor real estate photographers to work with.

8. Vis-Home Michigan

Century 21, Sotheby’s, and Keller Williams are just a few of the major real estate brands that partner with Vis-Home Michigan! As specialists in this genre, Vis-Home offers a comprehensive range of options to tell the story of your home or commercial space. Interactive floor plans, still images, video tours…No matter the angle you have in mind, the vision you have for your listing can be brought to life.

Vis-Home Michigan is especially good at using wide-angle perspectives of each home. Wide-angle views typically distort around the edges. But by using this effect in a creative way, Vis-Home cultivates an inviting atmosphere for a room. They highlight elements that would first catch your attention in an intentional manner. Such attention to detail makes them a natural fit for our list of the best Ann Arbor real estate photographers!

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