The 7 Best Real Estate Photographers in Kansas City

When people think about real estate photography, they usually think of static images of homes with little artistry—just showcasing spaces, one after the other. However, the best Kansas City real estate photographers make it their goal to show the possibilities, beauty, and other emotional elements of a home. Viewers feel better engaged in this way and are far more likely to take a closer look! So when you view the work of these top professionals, see if you can’t tease out the narratives being shared by them.

1. Josiah Carlson of Carlson Home Photos

Josiah Carlson is among the top Kansas City real estate photographers thanks to his prior experience in business marketing and keen eye for details. He knows precisely how to feature a listing in a way that engages viewers on an emotional level and convinces you to come and see for yourself. This is because Josiah has made it his mission to capture listings in a way that is not simply documentary.

Instead, he finds the elements that help a home stand apart from the others being sold. The spacious feel of a dining room, how natural light flows through a window, and the artistic elements of a living room ceiling all affect how we think about a space we intend to eventually view in person. And in case that isn’t possible, Carlson Home Photos offers a complete suite of media options, including videography, 3D tours, virtual staging, and more in order to fully immerse viewers from the comfort of their own homes.

2. Sherpa Media

Josh Mais is the founder of Sherpa Media! An industrial engineer by trade, he started this brand back in 2013 after he identified a lack of compelling imagery in the architectural and real estate space. And being an entrepreneur himself, Josh decided to fill that need by becoming one of the most notable Kansas City real estate photographers we’ve come across.

He has identified his purpose as helping other businesses succeed. And in the world of real estate, compelling images can make or break a sale before it ever enters the mind of a customer. Regardless of the kind of property in question, you can rest assured that Sherpa Media will feature it in the best possible light.

3. Picture KC

Asa and Samantha Ward are the creative photographer duo behind Picture KC! Since its founding in 2018, Picture KC has nurtured relationships with realtors, architects, and other partners across the region that have them coming back time and time again for images with impact.

What’s more, Asa and Samantha have skill sets that are complementary yet distinct from each other. Samantha has a prior background in underwater photography that allows her to view and capture spaces from perspectives no other photographer would consider. And Asa’s time in the world of construction informs how he views and captures homes and spaces in an ideal manner.

4. Bryan Tobiason of KC Home Photo

As an active residential realtor, Bryan Tobiason knows precisely what it takes to help listings move off the market. As he shares, “It’s my experience that there are two main reasons many listings fail to sell. The first is an incorrect price and second is poor photography.”

Since pricing is on the real estate agent’s side, it falls to the photographer to ensure the listing features the finest elements that a space has to offer. We see these possibilities in all of Bryan’s photography—the emotional elements and narratives on display all invite you to wonder and look just a little closer with each frame.

5. Clapp Real Estate Photography

Danny Clapp is the founder of this top real estate brand. He got started over 17 years ago by working for a national company before breaking away in 2010 to start Clapp Real Estate Photography as a freelancer. His brand was founded on engaging and professional level photography. Over the years, Danny has expanded his services to include videography, 3D tours, aerial drone perspectives, and anything else you need to help prospective customers better engage with your space. He even does headshots for real estate agents wanting to look their best for business cards and websites.

Clapp Real Estate Photography also understands the importance of rapid turnaround times. Danny offers early next-day delivery so you can get your listing out there while the market is hot and people are eager to finalize a deal. This combination of quality images, emotional narratives, and artistic compositions has earned him a well-earned place in our collection of top Kansas City real estate photographers!

6. Jordan Wyatt Ashley

Jordan Wyatt Ashley is one of those rare freelance photographers who discovered their passion post-graduation and decided to lean into the discovery. He is a graduate of the KU School of Engineering and MBA program—yet realized that photography and videography were what truly made him tick.

Instead of giving up on his artistic goals, Jordan quit his job and leaned into his newfound expertise. This allowed him to find business and expand his skill set to include not only real estate photography but also commercial work for brands and companies. In addition, Jordan creates travel content that takes him and his viewers all over the world on adventures!

7. The Perfect Spot for You

Few Kansas City real estate photographers are as well established as The Perfect Spot For You! Founded in 2015, they are a favorite of both ours and thanks to their natural images, volume, and professional team. They shoot over 1,000 homes per year now in the Kansas region and have over 350 real estate agents as partners of theirs.

Considering how in demand their services are, The Perfect Spot For You lives up to their name by capturing spaces from every possible angle! Bird’s-eye views via drone? No problem. Virtual staging so you can arrange furniture and get a feel for the possibilities? Already done. From marketing videos to interior images, if it’s real estate-oriented, then The Perfect Spot For You can make it happen with ease.

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