The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles

Real estate photography is more than just showcasing a space in a straightforward fashion. As you will come to see, it is also about sharing what is possible about a space, such as how a home can help your family grow or a commercial space elevate your brand. That’s why each of these talented Los Angeles real estate photographers is as much a storyteller as they are a capturer of form. Take a look at their work and see if you can’t tease out the potential of each listing that’s being shared!

1. Cris of Nolasco Studios

Among incredible Los Angeles real estate photographers providing services to the high-end luxury market, we find Cris Nolasco! His journey into the real estate world has taken place over years of working hard to make art a viable source of income. He has thousands of listings to his name now, as well as the professional experience required of a master.

In his time, Cris has worked alongside home builders and developers, architects, retail store owners, and other businesses in need of top-quality media! Many of the locations he’s captured have also been presented in TV, commercials, and movies—all part of documenting the potential of spaces for the thriving Los Angeles market.

2. Cole of Bow Los Angeles

“Capturing every home’s lifestyle” is the maxim by which Cole of Bow Los Angeles works—an approach that we love to see, especially since every home is unique in what it has to offer potential buyers. And by focusing on the lifestyle stories beneath the surface, Cole allows the viewer to instantly encounter that uniqueness in each image.

According to Cole, “I love the details, the design. The way a house flows and feels. What it promotes in productivity or coziness. The feng shui that you can’t even quite put into words.” Cole’s attention to detail also includes the neighborhood, vibrant sunset skies of Los Angeles, interior décor, and other elements that all come together in the lifestyle narrative being shared.

3. Hillary Campbell

Hillary Campbell’s journey into the world of real estate photography actually got its start in another genre entirely. Back in 2006, she was operating her own portrait studio in Silverlake. And when she moved to the West Side of Los Angeles, Hillary decided to shift her focus over to food and editorial work.

At this point, she found that architecture and real estate were also of interest to her. This is why, she began transitioning over into a full-time real estate photographer in 2018. Hillary’s ability to craft narrative-driven real estate images that evoke feelings of nostalgia, beauty, and new beginnings is second to none!

4. J-Arts Real Estate Photography

J-Arts Real Estate Photography is the brand you turn to when looking for creative professionals that serve not only Los Angeles but all of Southern California. J-Arts is a CRMLS and Zillow certified brand, ensuring that you will be receiving quality that matches what major real estate companies are looking for in order to move listings.

What’s more, they offer videography, virtual staging, aerial drone views, 3D virtual walkthroughs, and other remote tour option—which, in these uncertain times, are increasingly expected by a tech-savvy audience. It’s no wonder J-Arts Real Estate Photography is considered one of the most sought-after Los Angeles real estate photographers.

5. Aubrey Antis of Antis Media

Aubrey Antis is the founder and CEO of Antis Media, a real estate photography service located not only in Los Angeles, but also serving Southwest Florida, and metro Detroit, Michigan! Thanks to the supreme quality of her team’s work, Antis Media is affiliated with Zillow, OCR, BNI, and the Naples Area Board of Realtors. Their images are custom fit to tell the story of each unique living or commercial space.

We are especially impressed by their luxury real estate photography, which highlights not only the architecture but also the artistry of it, such as how interior design images reflect the luxury appeal, as well as how the surrounding region reflects the upscale atmosphere, and many other thoughtful elements.

6. Kovhalhomes Photography

Operating throughout Southern California, Kovhalhomes has become a top Los Angeles real estate photographer brand thanks to both the quality and diversity of what they have to offer.

Matterport 3D virtual tours, videography, floor plans, voice-over tours—Kovhalhomes even offers twilight real estate images, which are increasingly popular thanks to the nostalgic tones they evoke in viewers. Small wonder they are the creative partners of choice for major real estate companies like Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX Elite, and Keller Williams Realty!

7. Andre of Light the Lens Media

Andre is the CEO and founder of Light the Lens Media, as well as one of the most compelling Los Angeles real estate photographers that we’ve come across! With over five years of experience building his brand, Andre is active across Los Angeles, San Diego, and Northern Baja, Mexico. Residential and luxury spaces are his specialties, using the bright sun, crisp whites, and clean lines to weave stories of potential and dreams.

8. Ollie Patterson

The best real estate photographers in Los Angeles and beyond tend to be specialists of the genre, as Ollie Patterson is! Though based in San Diego, he’s willing to travel to capture compelling shots of your real estate. Many commercial shooters dabble in portraits, products, and other subgenres. but Ollie’s focus is on properties, spaces, and their possibilities.

And within this world of his, Ollie features interiors, exteriors, aerial drone perspectives, and more, so that potential buyers and renters can fully engage with a space before ever doing so physically. Thanks to his natural perspectives, colors, and exposure, we feel directly transported into the scene, better able to get a feel for what’s on offer thanks to Ollie’s approach!

9. Bobby’s a Weirdo

Few real estate photographers have the dedication that Bobby does—he not only works as a photographer but also a documenter of what goes on behind the scenes when his team of real estate agents gets to work.

His YouTube channel breaks down what goes into the bag of a Los Angeles real estate photographer, how to increase your engagement opportunities, building confidence, and other essential topics. Plus, Bobby backs up all of this with a portfolio full of ideally graded images that present homes in an artistic manner.

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