Here’s How & Where to Rent a Studio for a Day (2024)


Production locations on Peerspace typically cost $50 — $200 per hour.

If you’re looking to rent a studio for a day, you’ve come to the right place! Find out why you might need to rent a studio for a day to fulfill all of your creative projects. We also share where and how to rent a studio near you for day.

Finally, we’ll also highlight a selection studios you can rent by the day. These studios come courtesy of Peerspace, the web’s largest marketplace for hourly rentals. And yes, that includes studios, as well as event venues, meeting spaces, and venues of all kinds. Let’s get to it!

Why rent a studio for a day?

Downtown Natural Light Studio | Yours Durham
Source: Peerspace

So why even rent a studio for a day? Isn’t my home good enough? Well, that depends on why you need a studio in the first place.

You might want to rent a studio for a day so you can use it for photography, assuming it’s a photography studio specifically. There are also studios set up for creative projects, and these might be a good fit for video shoots as well as for other forms of visual art, depending on what your medium of choice might be.

Either way, having access to a dedicated space for creativity is a benefit even for one day, and can help you make significant progress with whatever you’re working on. After all, a dedicated studio will have professional equipment, props, and workspaces that most of us don’t already have in our homes.

If you’re convinced and have decided to rent a studio for a day, keep reading and we’ll explain where and how to do that most effectively.

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Where and how to rent a studio for a day

Bright, Natural Light Studio with Equipment in downtown Los Angeles, California
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace is the number one online destination for locating and renting not only studios but all kinds of spaces for a day or even a period as short as a few hours. There are thousands of listings on the site, including roughly 3,000 studio-type spaces that can be rented in the United States alone.

Finding the right fit among all these options is easier than you might think. The intuitive Peerspace search tool provides a bunch of criteria that you can use to make your search more detailed and specific.

And when you’ve done that, all Peerspace listings have high-quality photos and in-depth descriptions of the space. Many also have reviews from those who’ve rented the space in the past, offering even more insight into how the rental experience is likely to go.

Next, we’ll share a few examples of the incredible studios you can rent for a day using Peerspace.

Studios available to rent by the hour on Peerspace

East Austin creative studio
Source: Peerspace

Before you start searching for a studio to rent for yourself, take a look at these three great examples of studios available for rent by the day. These may help you get an idea of what’s on the market and the types of amenities you need for your creative projects.

1. Spend time in a bright production studio in Philadelphia, PA

Studio Kho, Bright 1750 SQ FT Photo and Content Studio philadelphia rental
Source: Peerspace

Studio Kho is not only an amazing photo and content studio in Philadelphia, it’s also shockingly affordable to rent by the hour. The space has impressive 20-foot ceilings and huge windows that let in tons of natural light.

The host describes Studio Kho as the ideal creative spot for photographers, content creators, and videographers at any stage of their career. They also note that you can comfortably bring your clients here since the space also includes a separate makeup room/changing room. To learn more and get a better feel for what the space looks like (and how it photographs), take a look at their Instagram feed.

This studio boasts hundreds of reviews adding up to a five-star rating, with one photographer describing his experience renting it as: “This space is suited well for a photo shoot, which is how I used it. There is very good natural light and enough props available to create a mood for the shoot. Vera was very responsive, getting back to me almost immediately… She also has studio equipment and backdrops available which came in handy. I would use this space again for a shoot.”

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2. Push your creativity in this 70s blue retro luxury studio in Toronto, ON

70s Blue Retro Luxury + Props Victorian Urban Modern
Source: Peerspace

Your creativity will flourish in this impressive Toronto studio, which has tons of vintage character. It’s a deep blue and moody-themed studio that measures 1,400 square feet and provides you with plenty to shoot in its multi-set space.

The studio has a Victorian appearance to it thanks to its amazing wallpaper and sparkling chandelier. There’s even a vintage teal and pink washroom on the premises! On request, the host can provide lights, stands, projectors, a smoke machine, backdrops, kitchen access, and more.

Among the numerous positive reviews of this studio is this review from a Peerspace user who booked a production here, “Daniel was super easy to work with and made our shooting experience super smooth. The space was super clean and beautiful I would definitely recommend to other people. 10/10 would book again.”

3. Bask in the light of this photo and video studio in Chicago, IL

Photo Video Studio with Skyline View chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

For many creatives, nearly as important as the interior of the studio itself is the view out the windows. The view from this Chicago-based brick-and-wood studio is absolutely stellar, with its three north-facing windows looking out at the skyline.

The hosts notes that the studio’s walls combine white and black paint and tan brick, and that the studio enjoys tons of beautiful natural light. There is also a private walled-off corner nook that you can use as a podcast production space, changing area, or shooting space.”

Some photography gear is included, and additional equipment is available for rent from the hosts of this studio. They’re also very happy to help you out with anything you might need: “Everyone on the Lumber Studios team is a content creator themselves and is more than happy to help your production if you ask.”

“Great space with good lighting and views,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The set-up was easy and seemless. The studio assistant, SJ was very professional and accommodating. The host of the space, Trevor P., was very open and transparent with communication.”

Rent a studio for a day: conclusion

Large Professional Studio
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, it’s easy to rent a studio for a day when you use a resource like Peerspace! Our platform makes it simple to uncover and book all types of unique spaces near you, including incredibly stylish and amenity-packed studio rentals that help you bring together your creative projects with ease.

With more spaces added daily, and amazingly professional and helpful hosts at the helm, it behooves you to keep an eye on our platform to discover all the new spaces popping up in your location!

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