Here’s How & Where To Rent A Coworking Space in Liverpool

In the ever-shifting business world of the 2020s, remote work is becoming a reality for more and more workers. People are craving the versatility of being able to take their work with them to all kinds of workspaces. Peerspace, the world’s largest digital marketplace for hourly venue rentals, is here to help you with your unique needs.

You may need external office space for a few hours or a few days. Whether it’s for an off-site workshop for your team, a client meeting, or just a place to plug in and get some work done, you won’t want to be tied down for any long-term commitments like you will with other companies.

Keep reading and we’ll share with you how easy it can be to find a coworking space near Liverpool. Plus, we’ll share a few examples of the best coworking spaces in Liverpool available on Peerspace. Enjoy!

Finding the right coworking space near Liverpool for you

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To get started, you first need to know what exactly you’ll be needing a space for. A few examples of activities to type into the Peerspace search bar are:

  • As an off-site
  • For a work session
  • For giving a presentation
  • To host a seminar
  • For having interviews
  • And many more!

Once you’ve determined what you need a coworking near Liverpool for, enter that and the location to see a list of what’s available.

Along with a list full of thumbnail pictures of the available spaces, you’ll also see an interactive map tool with little location markers. By moving that around, you can zoom into more specific search areas, or widen your search to the surrounding area by zooming out. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Try another activity to widen your search even further.

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Things to consider while choosing a space

Cozy Artistic Flat with a Beautiful Balcony
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Now that you’ve gotten a full list of what’s available, it’s time to start filtering the results to get your most qualified coworking space near Liverpool.

The first things to consider are size and budget. By starting with those, you can ensure you aren’t wasting any time with unrealistic spaces that can blow your budget or not provide the space you need. A good rule of thumb when planning for multiple people is to have roughly 200 square feet of space per single-person desk.

Need to book a space as quickly as possible? Keep an eye out for the lightning bolt symbol. If you see it, that means that Peerspace is available for instant booking! Don’t worry if you don’t, most hosts respond to booking requests within one to two days.

Important information on every listing

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Once you’ve filtered your search results and gotten down to just the ones that fit your schedule and budget, you should begin to visit individual listings and get to know them better. You’ll find valuable information in the host’s description, as well as a wide array of high-quality images – a requirement of all Peerspace listings.

Included in all listings is a handy list of all available amenities. What do we mean by amenities? Things that you’d expect to see in your average office like access to a printer, a kitchen, or conference phone. This is an important thing to check because if you’re planning a presentation for a client or a training seminar, you’ll want to be sure that the space has a projector or TV that you can hook up to your Powerpoint or Prezi.

While scrolling through listings you may also see a star rating. When you’re on the actual page, scroll down to the bottom to see helpful user reviews from Peerspace users that include valuable information and their rating. We want to make sure that you know everything you need to know before ever stepping into one of these coworking spaces.

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Three examples of a coworking space near Liverpool

Coworking Space in Liverpool
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Don’t know where to begin? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite coworking spaces in Liverpool available on Peerspace.

Equipped studio on the North Wales border

First off, we have a fully-equipped and very affordable studio on the North Wales border that’s perfect for a production meeting or recording session. With hip, loud decorations, it’s a perfect place to spark some creativity while working. With super convenient transport links to Liverpool, this is one of the best options for someone looking to get out of the city for a day.

Included in your rental are important office amenities like access to a printer and an onsite cafe area! For someone looking to put on a presentation or training seminar, there is a monitor, screen, tables, and chairs available as well.

Stylish five-seater meeting room

Planning an off-site for an interview with a prospective new hire? Or getting the team together for an in-person brainstorming session? You may do better in a smaller, more traditional office environment–try something like this stylish meeting room in nearby Manchester for up to five people. Included in your rental is a TV and whiteboard for presentations and the most important thing, complimentary coffee and tea!

Here’s what one Peerspace user who booked an off-site for three had to say about his experience: “Very welcoming people, great meeting room, would use it again. All the facilities were clean and tidy.”

Mindfully designed townhouse in Chester

Last up is a home that encourages you to “enjoy the pause.” If you’re looking for a relaxing environment and a change of pace, you’ve found it! This is a wonderfully quiet, eco-friendly home with a Sandi aesthetic that inspires creative thought and productivity. Included with your rental are yoga mats, a smart TV, Sonos speakers, and a beautiful living area illuminated by large double-glazed sash windows.

Step outside to the lovely zen garden with outdoor plugs for working while enjoying the lush surroundings. Take a virtual tour of this home by checking out some of the amazing pictures that the host, Paula, has posted. They provide a clear look at some of the key features that make this home such a treat – don’t miss this rare opportunity for some work-from-home, away from home!

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