Where to Rent a Projector and Screen

So, you’re hosting an event. It could be a corporate meeting, a workshop, or even a wedding reception. You have your tables, your chairs, and your venue. You’ve figured out the microphone and speakers so your attendees can hear your presentations. Chances are, though, you might have forgotten a major component to many an event: a projector and a screen.

While some event spaces come complete with those presentation necessities, it’s definitely not implied. And since so many major events are happening virtually nowadays, like graduations and baby showers, you might need to come up with a projector and screen more often than expected. To simplify your event planning, we’re providing a simple resource for where to rent a projector and screen.

Why would you need a projector and screen?

One major trend at wedding rehearsal dinners is to show childhood pictures of the soon-to-be-married couple. The host might work with both families to gather said photos, then scan or upload them into a slideshow format. When the night of the rehearsal dinner arrives, everything should be ready—except two things: You may still need a projector and screen in order to show off your digital handiwork.

The likelihood is slim that your restaurant or venue already has these items on hand for you—unless you rent a space from Peerspace like this impressive 4,000-square-foot warehouse event space in Silicon Valley, which comes with both a projector and screen.

So many events—like graduation ceremonies, baby showers, and birthdays—are happening virtually that almost any occasion could benefit from a projector and screen in the background. For example, for a class graduation, projecting a photograph of the graduate on a screen will add a level of formality to a virtual event that might not be expected.

Still, it’s more common that you would need a projector and screen for a boardroom or auditorium for a corporate or academic event. If you’re hosting a workshop or meeting at a designated facility, these necessities might already be provided. But what if you happen to be hosting this event at an outside-the-box offsite location, like a flex space or a restaurant courtyard? The latter are less likely to have this equipment readily available.

The logistics of renting a projector and screen

Generally speaking, to rent audio and video equipment like a projector and a screen, you would locate a specialized facility that leases such items to corporations. Some A/V rental shops even rent out giant inflatable movie screens and similar items for larger-scale gatherings. However, this is not an inexpensive endeavor.

A daylong rental of a portable screen can cost well over $200, depending on the market and type of screen you need. Some facilities even charge extra for the tripod upon which the screen stands. And it’s implied that the base price of the rental does not include delivery, setup, or takedown of the equipment.

Renting a projector can cost more than $100 a day—and perhaps even more if the equipment has special features or is of particularly high quality. When you factor in taxes and other fees, it could cost well over $300 a day for the most basic projector and screen rental.

Event spaces and where to rent a projector and screen

One option of where to rent a projector and screen for your event is to use a local A/V shop, but it would be much simpler if these items were already available for you at the site of the occasion.

Peerspace venues, like an upscale event facility in Uptown Charlotte or a modern meeting center near Dallas, provide a projector and screen as amenities included in the cost of the rental price.

Other creative places to hold an event, like this New York warehouse space, have a great area to project your visuals, but the projector and screen would count as an add-on to the base rental price.

Simplify the rental process

Planning and hosting events can be quite stressful, so sometimes it’s best to streamline the process. A surprising number of events facilities do not come with the use of audio-visual gear like projectors and screens. Luckily, Peerspace’s Concierge Service provides all sorts of rentals without hidden costs.

The service works with trusted vendors where you can rent a projector and screen. They deliver your equipment right to your Peerspace event booking. Most will even help with setup if you request it.

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