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The 10 Best Sacramento Portrait Photographers

The best portrait photographers have an eye for the most important human emotions. They’re experts at capturing joy, romance, and the hidden spark that charges the most important moments in our lives. The ten photographers we’ve chosen as the best Sacramento portrait photographers have these skills in spades. We’re sure it will not surprise you that Sacramento has one of the most talented pools of photographers of any city in the country, and these 10 photographers are out there doing your city proud.

1. Sarah Maren

We love romantic, idealistic photographers. Part of the whole purpose of art is to keep that idealistic spark alive—even while dedicating yourself to seeing reality clearly and without sentimentality. And Sarah Maren’s heart for people and their love stories is part of what makes us appreciate her work so much. She’s always after capturing the timeless, the ineffable, the hard to define, and she succeeds in doing so in portrait after portrait. Not only is she one of the best of Sacramento’s portrait photographers, she’s also one of the city’s best wedding photographers and one of the kindest artists around. If you want someone to take natural-feeling photos celebrating you and your family for who you really are, you owe it to yourself to give Sarah’s portfolio a look.

2. Rudy Meyers

So, if you take a look at Rudy Meyers’s portfolio, the first thing you’ll notice is how diverse it is. He’s got thriving trades taking portraits, product photos, editorial shots, interior design and architectural photos, food, gaming, wine photos, and so much more. He’s been working as a professional photographer for over twenty-five years and has been able to sustain his career through the inevitable ups and downs that come with being an artist by always putting his all into each job, never being afraid to experiment, and never being afraid to walk clients through shoots that might seem too complicated or daunting for other photographers to try. As a result, he’s built up one of the most diverse and excellent portfolios of any Sacramento photographer.

3. Rachelle Foster

Rachelle is an optimistic, personable, and devastatingly skilled photographer with over twenty years of experience photographing weddings, families, infants, individuals—as well as doing work for a variety of commercial clients. Photography is her life, not a hobby. And she puts in tons of work honing her craft and developing her style–which is both whimsical and cinematic. She’s the type of photographer you’re looking for, even if you don’t know it yet. She takes photos that are both modern and yet timeless. The types of photo you won’t be able to help yourself from sharing on Instagram—and that will look even better framed and hung above your mantle.

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4. Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith of K. Smith Photography is a college-trained photographer with more than a decade of experience. She’s always hunting for the perfect photograph, the perfect golden sunset, the perfect in-studio lighting setup, all with an eye to capturing you exactly the way you’d love to be seen. We’re all craving to be seen lovingly, as more than just another person among 8 billion—and Kristen, like the best photographers, is naturally gifted at this. This gift comes just as much from her compassion and curiosity as it does from her technical skill with the camera. You don’t get to be one of the best Sacramento portrait photographers purely through learning camera and Photoshop technique—some of it comes from natural talent, and that’s what sets Kristen and the others on this list apart.

5. Leslie Callan

Leslie Callan taps into her skills as an interior designer and fabric and furniture dealer to create portraits with an unsurpassed attention to styling, texture, and composition. It’s not uncommon for artists such as Leslie to have a wide range of skills and to take some time to figure out the best way to put all those skills toward a single pursuit. And once she purchased her first DSLR about a decade ago, everything started to fall into place for her. Beginning with her work photographing weddings, and continuing through her expansion to all types of portraiture, Leslie has built a tremendous portfolio of exquisite works of art.

6. Brenda Bishart

With her passion for capturing the essence of the people she works with—families, high school seniors, children, infants, and expectant mothers—Brenda Bishart has long been considered one of the best Sacramento portrait photographers. She’s been photographing in the area for the past twenty-five years, and has built an enviable portfolio of joyful faces, intimate moments, and growing families. Brenda has the skills and experience you can trust, and a cinematic and artful style you’ll love. She’ll make you look amazing.

7. Kevin Fiscus

Editorial and portrait photographer Kevin Fiscus is available for a variety of individual and commercial portraiture work. He works with digital agencies to help brands build their visual messaging with excellent narrative lifestyle photos, and works with individuals to take some of the most iconic portraits in Sacramento. His photos are perhaps the most cinematic and fashion-forward of any of the photographers on this list—making him the perfect photographer for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind portrait.

8. Dee and Kriss of D&K Studios

Married couple Dee (short for De’Andre) and Kris (short for Kristina), are both two of the best Sacramento portrait photographers. They create evocative, dramatic portraits—both romantic and raw. Clearly, this is a case of iron sharpening iron, as their portfolio continues to get better and better as they collaborate, learn, and grow together. Their team of stylists and designers also add a special something to every portrait. All in all, you won’t find a studio with a superior attention to detail, or a greater mastery of light, color, and capturing authentic emotions.

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9. Monica’s Photo

Sacramento portrait photographer and wedding photographer Monica of Monica’s Photography is a master of sunset photos, an absolute artist with golden light and soft shadow. Her cinematic photographs are romantic without being sentimental, and dramatic while remaining authentic. No subject is below or above her. She consistently gets gorgeous and enviable shots, no matter what she turns her camera on.

10. Mayumi Acosta

Mayumi Acosta is a portrait photographer who sees the natural beauty in everyone, and takes great pride and great joy in teaching people to see themselves the way she sees them—as beautiful, magnetic, and worthy of love and attention. For her, every portrait is an exploration of an individual soul, a celebration of someone’s inner strength and worthiness. Even if you consider yourself an average, everyday person Mayumi sees you for who you are, a rare work of art.

Thanks for tuning in, Sacramento. We hope that you will enjoy looking through these 10 portfolios, and beyond that, we hope that you will not hesitate to reach out to these photographers directly. They are all out there waiting to meet you and to show you the work of art that you truly are. If you have a hard time believing us, just give them a call and let them show you. We promise you that you’ll love seeing yourself in this new light.

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