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The 9 Best Sports Photographers in Boston

Boston is a city of incredible sports. With great teams in all of the major professional sports leagues, which have collectively won more than 30 championships, there is tons of athletic accomplishment to photograph here. And these accomplishments have made the careers of some of the strongest sports photographers working today. Across the spectrum of coverage — from straight action to branding and lifestyle campaigns for athletic brands — you’ll find incredible photography in Boston. The best Boston sports photographers know exactly how to capture the perfect moment — they never miss a great shot.

1. Paul Rutherford

Paul Rutherford is a Boston-area freelance photographer experienced in a variety of fields, but he has a strong background in sports work. His enthusiasm for photography is matched only by the caliber of his work. His well-developed eye for action serves him well, and his sports photography often freezes incredible moments and athletes’ expressions during games. But his work isn’t limited to action sports — Paul is also a gifted portrait photographer. His portraits of athletes combine movement with personality, and they’re always detail-oriented and thoughtfully composed. He’s easily one of the best Boston sports photographers working in the city today.

2. Tim Bradbury

Tim Bradbury is a highly experienced sports photographer working primarily with Getty, and his work appears in a variety of high-profile publications, such as The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, ESPN. His action shots re-create the intensity of a given game, making the viewer feels as though they’re on the sidelines experiencing it all for themselves. He captures great moments with ease and always frames them perfectly. Tim is also an accomplished feature shooter, capturing incredible moments worthy of any magazine cover or centerfold.

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3. Josh Campbell

When it comes to sports and fitness photography, few creatives are as versatile as Josh Campbell. Josh’s work is action-oriented while maintaining a strong sense of authenticity. Deeply passionate about making incredible images, Josh goes above and beyond to get the shot, no matter who his client is — and he’s worked with some big names: Nike, Reebok, Red Bull, Spartan Race, to name a few. Whether it’s preparing a portrait session with Tom Brady or shooting action shots of a race for Nike, Josh deftly combines an eye for athleticism with an understanding of how images can work as lifestyle shots, as well as documentation, all at once.

4. David Salafia

David Salafia is a passionate photographer, completely in love with what he does. An avid sports fan himself, he knows how to make athletes look great on camera. Plenty of clients agree, as David has shot for companies like Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, and ESPN. His lifestyle work is dynamic, with sharp lighting and balanced color palettes that keep the viewer focused on the action in the frame. Depending on the tone of the shoot and client needs, branding may be prominent, subtle, or completely absent — David is capable of maintaining his signature style of intense images no matter what you’re looking for. He’s made a big name for himself among Boston sports photographers — and for good reason.

5. Brian Babineau

Brian Babineau shot his first NHL game in 1993 when he was 15 years old, and he even published an image from that shoot. He’s been a sports photographer ever since. His career has come a long way since that day in ’93 — Brian may well be the most accomplished sports photographer in Boston. He’s worked with all the big names: Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Puma, Reebok, New Balance, USA Today, and more. He’s the official team photographer for the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics, a staff photographer with the Boston Red Sox, and the house photographer for the TD Garden in Boston. As you’d expect, his work is top-notch, and his practiced eye ensures he gets the ideal shot every time.

6. John Huet

Many sports photographers focus on a single area of coverage, but John Huet has mastered the trifecta of sports journalism, athlete portraits, and athletic advertising and lifestyle campaigns. This versatility makes him one of the most noteworthy sports photographers in Boston. His award-winning work, numerous publications, and exhibitions defy genre and convention. Always bringing a personal touch to each of his shoots, John’s work is creatively framed and uniquely lit, resulting in images that stand out in a crowd.

7. Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans brings plenty of experience to the table as a photographer. Presently, he’s on staff at The Boston Herald, where he regularly covers sports. He’s shot NBA finals, Stanley Cup finals, Super Bowls, and the World Series. These accomplishments and years of work have sharpened his photojournalistic eye. His editorial style makes him well-suited to capturing big moments during the game that both convey the excitement of a great play while also serving as a record for the events he is witnessing. Combining his ability to capture these moments of intensity with a focus on the emotional experience of playing the game, his coverage is well-rounded and comprehensive.

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8. Young Kim

Young Kim is a sophomore at Boston College, but don’t let that make you doubt his ability to produce amazing sports photography. He’s got a natural gift when it comes to capturing important moments, and his technical skill stands on its own against seasoned professionals. At Boston College, Young is entirely responsible for creating social content for the college’s athletic communication department, and he works closely with their basketball and football teams. Stylistically, he uses high-contrast lighting and muted colors to emphasize the action on the court or field, keeping focus on the players and their athletic accomplishments. He’s got a keen sense of energy and captures incredible moments in the games he photographs.

9. Amy O’Brien of Sterling Rose Photography

Amy O’Brien of Sterling Rose Photography has years of experience behind the camera, but she first struck out on her own in 2016. Since then, Amy has carved out a unique niche for herself in the world of sports photography, building an impressive portfolio of boxing coverage. Her bold style is well-suited for a sport as intense as boxing, and she conveys that intensity in each of her images. She freezes incredible moments, capturing the pain and the triumph associated with the sport in striking ways. Her sports images aren’t limited to boxing, though, as her portfolio showcases a number of impressive shots from a variety of athletic endeavors, from yoga to hockey — she’s certainly a versatile photographer.

Sporting legacies are part of the lifeblood of Boston, with epic victories and defeats wrapped up in its long, long history. It’s one of the oldest cities in the country, after all. Couple this with a rich community of creative professionals, and you’ve got a recipe for world-class sports photography.

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