12 Unique Lifestyle Photoshoot Ideas For Your Next Shoot

Keeping an eye out for distinct lifestyle photoshoot ideas? To start, what is lifestyle photography? It’s basically somewhere in the middle between completely candid photos of people living their lives and formal, posed portrait photography. Lifestyle photography involves taking portraits of people doing normal things they might even do on a daily basis but with an artistic bent. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace help artists uncover incredible spaces to make their projects come to life daily.

And if you’re reading this article, you probably already know what lifestyle photography is. Keep reading for 12 of our favorite lifestyle photoshoot ideas and stunning Peerspace venues to match. They’ll provide you with the inspo you need for a truly successful photoshoot!

1. Musical instrument photoshoot

Toronto Garden Studio rental
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If your subject happens to be someone who can play an instrument (or multiple!), this is a great subject for lifestyle photography. Simply have the subject pick up their instrument of choice and take photos of them to your heart’s content. The fact that the subject is focusing on their instrument will mean that they’re less likely to feel uncomfortable posing for the camera, which will make for more relaxed and natural photos.

For the location, this lifestyle photoshoot idea works just about anywhere. But if weather permits, you might take your photos outside in a space like this gorgeous garden studio in Toronto

2. Baby photoshoot

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Phoenix
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If you’re taking photos of a family with their beloved infant, have them doing the things they’d normally be doing together, like going for a walk or feeding their child dinner. This is a more natural option rather than asking them to arrange themselves in formal poses. Lifestyle photography lends itself especially well to photos of babies and small children because it can be so challenging to persuade them to pose for the camera for any length of time!

For the location of this lifestyle photoshoot idea, we’d suggest a comfortable home if not the subjects’ own home. In fact, somewhere like this little charming house in Phoenix, Arizona would be perfect. 

3. Walk/hike photoshoot

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Since lifestyle photography is all about capturing the things people normally do with an added artistic vibe, a great subject for this is people going on a walk or hike. This means you end up taking photos with tons of varied backdrops since your subjects keep moving. It also gives them something to do while being photographed so they don’t feel self-conscious! For added beauty, take the photos near sunset and during the “golden hour” of the day when the light is especially lovely. 

4. Playing with pets

Lifestyle Photoshoot Ideas
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Those of us who own and love pets spend time with them just about every day. So why not capture these interactions for this lifestyle photoshoot idea? Whether that means photos of the pet owner brushing their cat’s hair, playing fetch with their dog, feeding their fish, or cuddling their pet hamster, the photos are guaranteed to benefit from the presence of their adorable, furry subjects. Find a comfortable place to do it. And if not the subjects’ own home, then a home like this pet-friendly one with a pool in Chandler, Arizona.

5. Sports photoshoot

Lifestyle Photoshoot Ideas
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This lifestyle photoshoot idea will vary enormously depending on what sports your subject(s) are into. However, just about any sport will make for awesome photos with plenty of action and excitement! The location will also depend on the sport, but if for example you’re taking photos of a tennis player, you can rent a location like this home with a tennis court and tons of other awesome features in Jacksonville, Florida. 

6. Fixing the car together

Mother and Sons Photoshoot Ideas
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This is a pretty specific lifestyle photoshoot idea, but it’s more of an example to provide more general inspiration for your photoshoot. If you’re taking photos of family members (such as a dad and his child), you can have them doing a practical activity together like working on the family car together. Of course, this idea can always be modified depending on what the activity is! 

7. Baking photoshoot

Lifestyle Photoshoot Ideas
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Whether or not you’re taking photos of someone who regularly bakes, baking makes for great lifestyle photoshoot ideas since just about anyone can do it. You can take photos of the baking process and the person or people doing the baking as well as of the finished product. It works whether they bake a beautiful loaf of bread or a delicious-looking tray of cookies. If you want your photos to look extra fun and exciting, rent a kitchen like this one in all different shades of pink in Atlanta, Georgia!

8. Amusement park photoshoot

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This is a great idea for families, groups of friends, couples, or any subjects you’d like to show having fun together and bonding over a shared activity. A trip to a local amusement park will make for some great lifestyle photos with a dynamic and varied backdrop. Plus, it ensures happy subjects laughing together and having a blast riding all the rides, snacking, and just walking around in the sun together.

9. Picnic photoshoot

Lifestyle Photoshoot Ideas
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This is a great option for just about any group of people or even an individual subject! Have them pack a delicious picnic, find a pretty spot in nature to put down a blanket, and take photos of them hanging out and eating snacks! People are often more relaxed when they’re eating delicious food, so this can translate into more natural-looking photos. You can take photos at a park or, if you’d like to guarantee your subjects more privacy, rent a space like this private garden courtyard in Washington, DC

10. A day in the life

scandinavian boho home in chesapeake
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For just one subject, why not spend the day with them following them around as they go through their daily routine? This is all about the true definition of “lifestyle” — the habits of someone’s daily life. You’ll have a valuable record of who the subject was at a certain time in their life. Plus, you’ll have captured many different activities all in one day so the results of your photoshoot will be interesting and dynamic. 

11. Kids playing photoshoot

bright and modern kids' play space in raleigh
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A group of siblings or a group of kids on a playdate can make a perfect focus for lifestyle photography. If you get lucky, everyone will get along and you’ll get tons of adorable photos of your subjects having a blast together! If you’d like to find a more professional location for these photos, consider a location like this bright modern space with great lighting in Raleigh, North Carolina.

12. Fashion photoshoot

Instagram Location Ideas in NYC
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You can totally incorporate fashion photography with your lifestyle photoshoot ideas. If your subject is someone who’s very into fashion and has a killer wardrobe, have them dress up in one of their favorite outfits and take photos of them doing everyday activities like walking around a city, for example. For a fashion-oriented shoot, be sure to focus on the details of the clothing to emphasize its quality and the thought put into the outfit choices. 

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