The 13 Best Wedding Photographers in Austin

The heart of Texas is filled with stately architecture, rustic scenery, and quirky traditions. When it comes to creating unique and memorable wedding pictures, Austin wedding photographers know how to use the city’s vast resources in their own distinct way. Each of these photographers has developed a style that speaks to their passion for photography while documenting the love and joy of the couples they work with.

1. Nikk Nguyen

Nikk Nguyen’s breathtaking photography is a mix of desaturated skies, warm overlays, and Texan charm. His vintage inspired images use strong shadows and washed-out effects to achieve the look of real film that has faded over time. With wind-swept dresses and hair, and genuine smiles and expressions –– Nguyen creates stunning images that showcase the pioneer spirit of this southern city. When he’s not shooting, Nikk enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his loved ones.

2. Kelly and Ryan Costello

Kelly and Ryan Costello’s remarkable teamwork has led to the creation of some truly outstanding images. Their bright and sophisticated work has been featured in People, Modern Weddings, Country Living, and The Knot. Silvery highlights, soft natural light, and a strong appreciation for small details all characterize the team’s unique style — while faded vignettes and wide apertures draw attention to the love between each happy couple they work with.

3. Mitchell Bahr

As a 17 year veteran of the photography industry, Mitchell Bahr knows how to put his vast experience to use. His passionate and high-end wedding photography features deeply saturated skies, high contrast, and visually full compositions with naturally patterned backgrounds. Barr’s exceptional work has been published in Texas Wedding Guide. He’s even had the opportunity to direct and shoot videos for Kenneth Cole –– a definite win for fashion forward brides.

4. Amy and Nathan Russell of You Are My True

The masterminds behind You Are My True, Amy and Nathan Russell are committed to telling the stories of their clients. This passion shines through in their portfolio of authentic moments and dramatic portraits. Their heartfelt work captures the intimate smiles between partners and the often overlooked details that make weddings personal. Their use of wide open Texas scenery and inventive compositions gives their images a rustic, cinematic quality that is on par with frame-worthy fine art.

5. Jerrell Trulove

Jerrell Trulove’s inventive framing and compositions highlight the joyous nature of his personal style. His passion and dedication behind the lens is reflected in his rich portfolio of expressive, eye-catching images. Trulove’s work combines soft backgrounds, playful poses, and bright colors –– all accentuating the candid smiles and moments he works tirelessly to capture. His passion for making his subjects comfortable and happy continues to shine through every image he creates.

6. Kelsey and Talon of Feather & Twine Photography

Kelsey and Talon are a husband-and-wife team who know the meaning of romance. They’re desire to capture the magic and emotion of a couple’s special day makes them keenly aware of everything that goes into crafting such an important event. The team’s nostalgic and thoughtful imagery makes use of both film and digital photography techniques. With bright highlights and an excellent use of golden hour backlighting, Kelsey and Talon are able to make beautiful photos that honor the love and joy felt between couples and their families.

7. Carina Walker

Originally from Argentina, Carina Walker brings her international perspective to her work as one of the most memorable Austin wedding photographers. With bright, saturated pops of color, high contrast, and smooth skin tones, Walker is able to create eye-catching, treasured memories. Her heartfelt approach makes couples feel comfortable and at ease –– giving them the freedom to be themselves in front of the camera.

7. Thomas Meredith of Rojo Pictures

With quirky portraits, golden sun flare, and a hint of photojournalism –– Thomas Meredith is able make a couple’s dreams come true. Even in low light situations, Meredith’s expertise shines through –– with dramatic side lighting, soft fill light, and impactful silhouettes.  His exceptional work is based on a belief that the best images stem from a “deep level of trust between the photographer and their subject.”

8. Andy + Carrie

Deeply saturated colors, complementary foregrounds, and smooth bokeh add to Andy and Carrie’s unique style of wedding photography. Their colorful and non-traditional work gives the viewer a glimpse into the passion and friendship of couples who are head-over-heels in love. These highly creative Austin wedding photographers are perfect for adventurous couples who are willing to “go the extra mile for that one special shot.”

9. Matt Montalvo

As one of the most prolific Austin wedding photographers, Matt Montalvo’s distinct style of photography is a mix of candid, documentary style shots and incredible, scenic portraits, and extensive experience. This award winning photographer has handled nearly 500 weddings –– each with the goal of documenting the story of a couple’s most anticipated day. With passion and experience as a husband and father, Montalvo creates magnificently dreamy images that stand the test of time.

10. John M. Winters

With vibrant colors, rich blacks, and high contrast, John M. Winters composes captivating images that showcase raw human emotions. His artfully crafted portraits blend brilliant points of intersection with playful silhouettes, dramatic leading lines, and plenty of relaxed movement. Winters’ ability to capture candid moments –– in addition to his cinematic portraits –– has caught the attention of top wedding magazines. The Austin photographer was even named one of the best wedding photographers in 2019 by The Knot (and his many grateful clients).

11. Tim Waters

As a husband of 20 years, and a father of three –– Tim Waters pours his experience into making gorgeous, fairytale-like images for his clients. With rich vignettes, deep blacks, and warm tones, Waters creates intimate portraits that feel like scenes from a movie. His energetic images might be the result of his unbridled enthusiasm for coffee, but we’d like to think it’s his unique talent and years of experience that gives Waters the ability to help couples mark the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong journey.

12. Amber Vickery

Take one look at Amber Vickery’s portfolio and you’ll understand her photographic philosophy: “Capturing vibrantly soulful moments.” Her exceptional images do just that. With high contrast, warm earth tones, and smooth skin gradients, Vickery is able to create beautiful photographs that are both personal and pleasing to the eye. Even as a child, Vickery displayed a deep appreciation for the power of photography –– something her clients and fans can clearly see when they are presented with their expertly crafted photographs.

13. Rob August

Austin wedding photographer Rob August prides himself primarily on his laid-back approach, making his couples feel comfortable throughout their entire wedding processes. His style is funky and creative, transforming each intimate moment into something that is not only special but fun too. Time after time, he captures gorgeous, candid shots that stand the test of time and capture couples’ true personalities, telling their stories in the rawest form.

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