The 8 Best Wedding Photographers in Bakersfield, CA

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life — all the memories to last a lifetime compressed into just 24 hours. It’s a day when you want to look your best, feel your best, and most importantly, have lots of photos to remember every detail of! Since you need to be able to trust the photographer behind the lens, we compiled this list of the best Bakersfield wedding photographers to help you in your search.

1. Marianne Lucas Photography and Cinematography

A self-proclaimed lover of glowy light, Marianne Lucas masterfully wields her camera to capture timeless pictures of love and union on one of the most important days in a couple’s life — their wedding day. Her photos are high key — bright whites and creamy neutrals — perfect for showcasing wedding gowns, as well as making skin look dewy and dreamy. Elegance abounds in her portfolio, so if you have a refined sense of style plus a fairy tale princess streak, Marianne is the ideal Bakersfield wedding photographer for you! 

2. Yadira Miller of Ninety-Nine Photography

Blending lifestyle and editorial photography into her wedding portfolio, Yadira Miller captures the complete story of your big day using the most breathtaking images. Her rich editing style — contrasted, perfectly saturated, and colorful — is perfect for incorporating landscapes into your engagement or wedding shoot. An eye for tender moments makes her work feel intimate and genuine, and her love of color makes it feel dynamic. Yadira is a great choice when you are in the market for a wedding photographer who’s an expert at storytelling

3. Damian Castruita

If you fancy looking like a vintage pin-up on your wedding day — or any other day — Damian Castruita is the real deal. His style has the same cool nostalgic vibe as that era, and it’s an ineffable blend of retro and modern that we just cannot get enough of. His black-and-whites exude the sentimentality of wedding portraits from past generations — with their richness in tones — but everything else about them feels new. If you share his aesthetic, give Damian a call — his work is gorgeous. 

4. Theresa Wooner Photography

Theresa Wooner is one of our favorite Bakersfield wedding photographers for her timeless style. She focuses on the intimate connections of the people she photographs, choosing to highlight sincere emotions. True love stories are always in style, especially when they are told in such a classic and beautiful way. Her work radiates authenticity with lovely captures — nothing overly polished here. Her impressive photographs will endure the test of time and remain gorgeous as each decade passes, making her an ideal choice for a wedding! 

5. Linsey Middleton Photography

Some styles are just perfectly suited for wedding photography, and Linsey Middleton’s sure is! Her bright touch adds an air of romanticism, dreaminess, and chic to every one of her shots. Taking advantage of pure white tones and amazing lighting to make her subjects glow, her approach is indelible in the wedding photography world. When you’re seeking an artist to document your day in their endlessly shareable style, give Linsey a look — chic never goes out of style! 

6. Rubi Z Photo

With a moody and cinematic vibe, like that of an auteur, Rubi has a wedding photography portfolio worthy of serious accolades. Heavy contrast contributes to the film-like aesthetic and lends an air of emotion onto already emotive subjects — couples looking at each other for the first time, playful romps down the street, and a bride seeing herself fully dressed for the biggest day of her life. Rubi will stay true to your story while overlaying it with the sense of immensity and beauty it deserves.

7. Marsha Walker of I Shoot With My Heart

Marsha Walker is the mastermind behind I Shoot With My Heart. And her business is aptly named, as she does shoot with compassion. She feels the emotions of the moment and skillfully documents them so you can revisit your most precious memories again and again. Her work is evocative, touching, and creative. You can tell she genuinely cares about the people she works with — her eye for tenderness is evident in every shot, as is her artistry.

8. Farrah of Brickyard Boys Photography

Farrah is a Bakersfield wedding photographer with a particular aesthetic — dreamlike, with slight desaturation, and all of the beautiful bokeh one can handle. Her style is fashion-forward, with a playful twist — think of a boho clothing catalog, and you will get a sense of her style. When you collab with her, though, you get the bonus of being the photo album’s centerpiece. Her style is contemporary with a dash of nostalgia, making it all the more ideal for wedding photography.

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