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The 9 Best Wedding Photographers in Boise

Here in the big city, everything’s bigger, better, and more sophisticated. Our art scene is no exception — so it shouldn’t surprise you that Boise wedding photographers are some of the very best in the country. We’ve got every inspiration an artist could ever hope to surround themselves with here: a thriving community, world-class infrastructure, a thriving intellectual scene, and more natural beauty than you could shake a stick at. And the artists we’re featuring today put all that inspiration to work to create some of the most stunning and romantic wedding photos we’ve come across. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Frannie and Nichole of Ampersand Studios

Frannie and Nichole of Ampersand Studios have long been revered as two of the most talented portrait artists in Idaho. They’re classically inspired, yet extremely stylish and fresh. Both their photojournalistic candids and their more posed work sets out to — and succeeds at — finding the beauty in their photographic subjects. We love their natural yet lux photographs, and we’re positive they’ve got the chops to make any couple happy.

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2. Candice Andrus

Candice Andrus has spent plenty of time both in front of and behind the camera. This has given her a strong understanding of how to handle the technical and artistic sides of being a professional photographer, as well as how to put her photographic subjects at ease. Plus, she excels at building rapport with her clients, allowing her to delve deeper into their personalities compared to the average photographer. We love her natural yet refined style, which ranges from striking and contemporary to muted and classic. In photo after photo, she distinguishes herself among her peers.

3. Emily and Ethan Hensley of E & E Photography

E & E Photography is Emily and Ethan Hensley –– a premier team of destination wedding photographers located right here in Boise. They’re one of the growing number of married wedding photography teams who bring both their photographic skills, as well as their understanding of the joys and stresses of marriage to bear on their wedding work. If you’re looking for a team of Boise wedding photographers to provide complete coverage of your wedding, in a style that’s both natural and timeless, check out the very excellent work that Emily and Ethan produce.

4. Kendra Elise

Boise wedding photographer Kendra Elise was born and raised in the state. She’s a world traveler who pulls her photographic inspirations from a variety of sources. However, she’s also got such a deep love for the landscapes of Idaho, capturing some of the most romantic, subtle, and naturally beautiful wedding photographs around. What’s more, people rave about the experience of working with Kendra, who by all counts is a joyful and organized shutterbug with a calming presence.

5. Annie Garner of Let It Shine Photography

The mastermind behind Let It Shine Photography, Annie Garner has built her name for her ability to craft photographs that go beyond capturing the moment. Her photos will define your memories of your wedding, emphasizing every breathtaking, joyful little thing, rendering the scenes with stunning clarity and grace. Some photographers have a gift for letting their clients relive the best moments in their life again and again through their photographs, and Annie is one of these photographers. Her photos will truly immortalize your special day.

6. Nate Perkes

Nate Perkes is one of the most thoughtful of Boise’s wedding photographers, going above and beyond to produce some of the most creative and insightful wedding photos we’ve seen. He seeks to capture the romance and exciting sense of embarking on a new adventure that makes the union of two lovers such a profound event. Plus, he does all this without ever playing up the sentiment or forgetting to keep an eye on the fun. His portfolio simply exudes joy.

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7. Stephanie Mballo

Stephanie Mballo has established her illustrious career by helping people bring the vision of their perfect wedding day to life. She gets to know you and your partner, sets about understanding your dreams for your life together, and collaborates with you to plan the photography for your special day. People who work with Stephanie are able to feel secure from day one that everything will go off without a hitch on the wedding day. And her clients always end up with the most stylish and genuine photos around.

8. Maija Karin

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I really wish I was more of a planner. As I sit here trying to write a post like I have for the past week, interruptions come around every corner, especially when you are a Mom of two young very energetic boys who seem to think you are a magnet every time you sit down to your desk. ⁠⠀ True story, this morning I have attempted to sit at my desk at least 15 times and now I'm powering through with a child at my feet under my desk rolling around with our five month old puppy who is again chewing on something and making a mess. They are going in and out, closing & opening the door, finding everything they possibly can to dig into things in my office (which any business owner knows, especially photographers that there is really little that can be "played" with in your office). Trying to be patient, trying to keep a smile, but it's one of the biggest battles. ⁠⠀ . ⁠⠀ Again, interrupted, my son Kai is currently asking if I remember that one big bouncy ball that he played with that one time (of course I do! 😂) and the dog just almost ripped the cords out of the wall as I'm typing this. 😣⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ You're welcome for the play by play. Off to try and put together matching outfits for our own family photos tomorrow and prep for my last mini shoot of the season. ⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ Enjoy your day no matter how chaotic, adventurous, or peaceful it may be. Today and right now is all we have!! . ⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ #mountainwedding #sixtychapel #gardenvalleywedding #gardenvalleyweddingphotograpehr #wagonbar #balloondecor #idahowed #boisewedding #boiseweddingphotographer #mccallwedding #boiseengagementphotographer #leavenworthwedding #leavenworthweddingphotographer #boiseweddingphotography #seattleweddingphotographer #pnwweddings #weddingdress #sandiegoweddings #utahwedding #weddingdetails #hawaiiwedding #hawaiiweddingphotographer #italywedding #cabowedding #mexicoweddingphotography #theknotweddings #palmspringswedding #weddingflowers #weddingrentals #laceweddingdress

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Maija Karin has a kind and giving personality, as well as such a strong storyteller’s sense of curiosity. She brings an infectious sense of joy with her to every shoot she undertakes. This shutterbug has a distinctive style that translates to both her candid shots and her posed shots. She’s always after real emotion. And yet, she’s able to render that with a lux editorial bent that looks straight out of a magazine. Her photos manage to capture the sense of magic that is behind any two people truly in love, and we can’t overstate how powerful that really is.

9. Glen Hush and Jenn Morgan of Hush Wedding Photography

Glen Hush and his daughter Jenn Morgan work extremely well together. Both bring a high level of technical expertise and artistry with them to every wedding they photograph. What makes them two of the best Boise wedding photographers is their ability to effortlessly collaborate, so that every little detail of your wedding is captured. We appreciate their optimistic, bright, and true-to-life style — they’d be perfect additions to your wedding team.

You can’t go wrong with any of these Boise wedding photographers. They’ve all got deep roots within the local photography scene here and bring with them the skill, vision, and sense of adventure necessary to take truly timeless photographs. Check out their portfolios, and give your favorite a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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