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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Boston

Simply put, Boston is full of creative geniuses. Perhaps it has something to do with the high density of world-class universities, or maybe it’s just all the Dunkin’ coffee. Regardless, it’s good news for engaged couples, because they’ve got a range of incredible options when it comes to wedding photography. Our list of the 12 best Boston wedding photographers offers a list of talent with a range of styles and personalities, but we know one thing: booking any one of them is a surefire win.

1. Lisa Rigby

Lisa Rigby is a two-time Boston Magazine “Best of Boston” winner, and Rangefinder Magazine named her on the world’s top 30 rising talents in wedding photography. Those accolades are just the beginning, though. Rigby’s background is unique: she studied printmaking and Art History, then went back to school for a Master’s in Professional Writing. She worked in communications for a decade before finally transitioning into professional photography. That professional journey means that she’s particularly adept at considering the story of a couple and their wedding, and this is well-reflected in her documentary style.

2. Elizabeth LaDuca

Elizabeth LaDuca is 2018’s Boston Magazine “Best of Boston” winner, and she describes her own style as timeless, evocative, and natural. She’s wonderful at capturing scenes of the venue, a criminally underrated skill. The venue, after all, brings its own character to the day, and in that sense it serves, as more than just a backdrop. LaDuca’s photography defies trends and fads — the simple elegance of her work will never go out of style.

3. Kate McElwee

Another wedding photographer with a photojournalistic style, Kate McElwee wields a fierce eye for color and an effortless sense of timing. Every couple has its quirks, and McElwee loves capturing them, perhaps because the more eccentric and quirky moments shared between couples are among the most vulnerable. Clients love McElwee’s sense of humor and celebratory attitude. 

4. Marina Baklanova

Marina Baklanova’s dramatic and energetic portraits set her apart from the pack. She may even be at her best when she’s working at uncommon distances — either very up close and personal, often with a wide-angle lens or from far away, allowing the couple to exist in the corner of a larger dramatic scene. Her colors are vibrant and joyful, and her clients report that she’s adventurous and tenacious, ready to take on any unusual challenge clients may throw her way.

5. Zev Fisher

Zev Fisher approaches couples and their weddings with an especially large dose of humor. While his documentary photos are as evocative and technically adept as any other top-tier wedding photographer, his most striking images are decidedly off-beat and even outright funny. The creativity he brings to portraits is infectious, and couples who are willing to have fun with him will walk away with unforgettable and amusing photos, the kind that will make them smile every time they look at them.

6. All the Little Stories

When Libby Nelson was a kid, she told a lot of stories. She also visualized them, either drawing elaborate scenes or illustrating little storybooks. It’s no big surprise that she picked up a camera later in life, and her skill with it has taken her all over the world, including to Uganda, Guatemala, and India. Her work blurs boundaries between traditional portraiture and modern documentary styles, and the depth of her talent is evident in every shot. 

7. Metzger Studios

Metzger Studios is the brainchild of 15-year veteran wedding photographer, Scott Metzger. Metzger has a knack for capturing unique documentary images, a testament to the way he sees the world. He’s an unobtrusive presence at the wedding, but he notices things other people don’t — then he captures them perfectly. In formal portrait settings, his ideas are not quite like any other wedding photographer’s, and they always surprise and delight.

8. Erin of Boston

Erin loves to travel, so if you’re on the lookout for a destination wedding photographer who’s still from your hometown (which is helpful for those planning meetings and pre-wedding shoots), drop her a line. Her attitude and energy help to disarm couples in a way most photographers can’t achieve. Couples seem to let their guard down, and what’s left is true passion — often, when viewing her portraits of couples, you almost feel as if you’re seeing something private, something you’re not meant to be seeing. Many talented photographers are great at making couples look good, but Erin makes them look in love

9. Shawn Black

Over the past nine years, Shawn Black has climbed the ranks to become one of Boston’s most well-regarded wedding photographers. With experience comes skill, but Black continues to try to challenge himself. He aspires that his photography feel creative and entirely unique, and couples who enable him to follow his ideas will be happy they did.

10. Lindsay Connors

Lindsay Connors lives by the “chase the light” mantra, often scheduling her sessions for dusk or dawn. She strongly prefers soft natural light and neutral color palettes, lending her images a timeless elegance. There’s something classic and casual about her photos, and you really get the sense that you’re looking at photos of people who live their lives together and are deeply connected. Capturing that kind of everyday intimacy is a beautiful thing, and it’s a wonderful gift to show couples how they look to the world around them — how evident their love is.

11. Lynne Reznick

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Lynne Reznick is a fine art wedding photographer who puts a strong focus on clean, classic, authentic images. She wants couples to enjoy them as much on their 50th anniversary as their 1st, which means avoiding gimmicks, over-processing, or overly-hipster color schemes. What it doesn’t mean is boring photography, because Reznick captures lovers and families as they really are, but in their happiest, most joyful state of being.

12. Lauren Dobish

Lauren Dobish is a prolific dog photographer in addition to shooting weddings, so be prepared for some cuteness overload when you look at her Instagram feed. Her striking natural light photography speaks for itself, but she also has a sterling reputation as a charming and effusive addition to the wedding crew. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the couple’s vision for their wedding materializes, making her a valued creative partner in the planning process.

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