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The 7 Best Wedding Photographers in Colorado Springs, CO

Few cities in these United States have the beautiful vistas we have here in Colorado Springs. If you’re one of the many lucky Colorado Springs couples tying the knot this year, let us be one of the first to congratulate you. We know you’ve found someone who shares your values, and whom you love exploring the world with, and that’s a priceless find. Let’s make your wedding planning process a little bit easier — check out our favorite Colorado Springs wedding photographers. The following shutterbugs are all eminently talented and consummate professionals — you couldn’t go wrong working with any of them.

1. Rachel Havel

Award-winning local photographer Rachel Havel boasts an uncanny ability to capture images that brim with story and character. Her photos are so much more than the sum of their parts. She’s a photographer’s photographer, and we’re supremely inspired by her work. In addition, with work featured in renowned publications like Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and Harper’s BAZAAR, she’s regarded not only as one of the top wedding photographers in Colorado Springs, but one of the best in the country. So we’re not the only ones vouching for her talents. Check her work out.

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2. Mandie McElroy of Thistle & Pine Photography

Mandie McElroy has built an impressive reputation for herself as one of the best wedding photographers in Colorado. In only a few years, she’s become known for her serious attention to detail, her classic yet fashion-forward approach to wedding photography, and her kind, generous personality. All of which helps her build relationships with clients and deliver impeccable work that jives well with her client’s personalities and values. Her portfolio genuinely speaks for itself: full of intense, sweet, dynamic photography. She’s got a bright future ahead of her, and you’d be lucky to be a part of it.

3. Tina Joiner Photography

Tina Joiner is an innovative photographer with a huge heart for people. Prior to being a professional wedding photographer, she worked as an activist fighting human trafficking. Today, she’s one of the most gifted, caring, and sought-after wedding photographers in Colorado Springs. Her photos are thoughtful with just a slight retro touch, as well as imbued with a hard-to-account-for magic that we believe comes from her love of the people she works with and the natural backdrops of the state. Her work will take your breath away.

4. Tricia and Sean of Lens and Palette Photography

Tricia and Sean are two super-skilled photojournalistic photographers with a fine art bent. If you like adventurous natural light photography, take a look at Tricia and Sean’s wedding photography portfolio — you’ll see that these are two of the most sincere and authentic shutterbugs around. One thing we really appreciate about their work is that it’s unpretentious. In fact, its depth sneaks up on you with repeat viewings. Lens and Palette Photography’s images all have a strong sense of narrative, as well as an understanding of how emotions and humor in a frame can be used to create a deep connection between the work and the viewer.

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5. Mandy Penn Photography

Mandy Penn is a local photographer with thriving trades in wedding and boudoir photography. She’s an energetic, kind, and supremely talented photographer. One look at her portfolio allows you to see that she’s got a one-of-a-kind style and a great sense of humor. And, indeed, her clients say she’s a personable, organized, and thoughtful photographer, as well as an absolute joy to work with. Her natural light photographs with clean, authentic colors are sure to impress. We enjoy the work of photographers who employ very limited — if any — post-production filters.

6. Karen from Élan Photographie Studio

Karen from Élan Photographie Studio is among the most talented Colorado Springs wedding photographers. It’s no wonder seeing as she’s been in the business since 2008. Karen’s a widely published photographer with work appearing in Dwell Magazine, Rocky Mountain Bride, Colorado Collective, and many other publications. Karen’s love for the craft clearly comes through in her photos. She takes natural, moody, classical photographs with a sweet, romantic air. Check out her work if you want to be wowed.

7. Katie Corinne Photography

A gifted photographer with an impeccable sense of framing and composition, Katie Corinne is the real deal. She brings such a strong sense of adventure to every shoot that it’s almost impossible to take her out of her comfort zone. Her portfolio contains breathtakingly romantic and humorous photos, making her without a doubt one of the most creative and versatile of the top Colorado wedding photographers. Plus, she boasts a knack for distilling deep emotions of excitement, love, and contentment into simple, colorful, and evocative images with a timeless quality.

As you continue to plan your big day, let us just reiterate how happy we are for you. Finding love is truly one of the most world-changing things any of us will ever experience. So cling to your partner. The wait will seem like it lasts forever, then before you know it, it will be your wedding day, and the rest of your life will be ready to unfold before you. We hope that we’ve been able to help in our small way by serving up the best Colorado Springs wedding photographers. And we can’t wait to see your wedding photos.

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