The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Destin

Did you know that Destin is full of talented wedding photographers? In fact, the entire Florida Panhandle is a hotbed for creatives who are in love with love and looking to immortalize it through photography! That’s why we’ve cultivated this list of the most talented Destin wedding photographers to collaborate with. Check out their work and prepare to be thoroughly impressed.

1. Kayla Nicole Photography

Although Kayla Law is a Destin wedding photographer based in the Panhandle region, she’s more than willing to travel throughout the USA for clients who love her particular style. Her toned-down colors; mixture of beach and wedding whites; and eye for dramatic natural lighting keep her constantly in demand.

In addition, Kayla’s eye for dramatic backgrounds that frame and accentuate her subjects highlights her attention to detail. They also show us she aims to create wedding images that are as much fine art as they are storytelling!

2. Jennifer G. Photography

Jennifer G. is a well-known Destin wedding photographer who has seen her work featured in noteworthy publications, including Northwest Florida Wedding Magazine and Trends Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine. Her vast amount of time spent behind the lens has molded Jennifer into an amazing resource for wedding and photoshoot locations around the Panhandle. We also love the way she uses dramatic clouds, iconic skylines, and other environmental details to add storytelling elements to her work.

3. Karra Leigh

Karra Leigh is a lover of weddings of all sizes, from massive affairs to intimate elopements. Her love of photography came from parents who documented absolutely everything in their lives. So when her husband gifted her with a camera one day, it was a match made in heaven.

While the moment in time is important to document, Karra is aware the emotions conveyed are what carry the most impact in wedding photography! As a result, she’s always on the lookout for the expressions and postures that can weave an entire romance in a single frame.

4. Madison Linnihan Photography

While Madison Linnihan has been working as a commercial photographer for several years, she realized that connections were what really inspired her. Consequently, she now works as a family, senior portrait, and wedding photographer!

What we love most about Madison’s photography is her commitment to finding documentary storytelling angles from an organic place. We’re left feeling as if we’ve stepped briefly into a living romantic story in the process of unfolding.

5. Emma Savoie

Emma Savoie has been practicing photography since middle school and now runs her own business for local wedding and fine-art customers. She describes her work as “natural, joyful storytelling,” and we can definitely see the influence of both of these terms in her images!

There’s a spontaneity that always comes across in her photography, a love for life and each other in her couples that few photographers manage to tease out of nervous subjects. And if you’re a fan of analog mediums, she’s just as accomplished a “doodleographer” as she is a photographer.

6. Rachel Graham Photography

As a Florida Panhandle native, Rachel Graham knows there’s no place like home! And when photographing her wedding clients, she always manages to leave no doubt that the Sunshine State is their venue of choice.

Sugar-white sands and flowing natural light mix with the explosive colors of bouquets and subdued churches in an intentional, eye-catching fashion. And Rachel’s preference for both soft, pastel tones and low contrast monochrome images gives her work a soft character well-suited to contemporary wedding photography.

7. Amber Yonker Photography

From Pensacola to Panama City, there’s no part of the Florida Panhandle that Amber Yonker won’t cover. Naturally, the beach plays a strong role in her portfolio, and she always manages to find ways to highlight her subjects using the beach landscape.

The simplicity of wind, light, water, and sand manifests in endlessly complex ways. And this place offers a consistently beautiful backdrop for her wedding, elopement, and couples portraits. Amber is also an accomplished landscape photographer whose fine art prints offer an especially diverse collection of seaside perspectives!

8. Jana and Damien of Milestone Studios

Milestone Studios offers both photography and videography services for clients throughout the Emerald Coast region. Jana and Damien want you to be able to relive the emotional heights you felt again and again into the distant future.

High-quality digital media ensures that you’ll never be at a loss to recall the fine details of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Milestone Studios also offers personal and corporate photography and videography services.

9. Erika of Indie Pearl Photo

Since “My Name Photography” felt a bit too cliché, Erika decided to name her studio after her niece, Indie Pearl! This Florida native is a master of helping her couples feel at ease and at their best in front of her lens. And while she operates mostly in the Panhandle region, she’s even shot a few international weddings, including in Spain.

Her images tend to feature the couple framed by stunning scenery, from the church venue to lonely white beaches. And the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that continually comes across in her work will definitely appeal to you!

10. Emily Burns Photography

Emily Burns has a love for understanding how the connections that inform people’s lives have formed. From her own family stories to those of her clients, she’s a lover of love and people celebrating one another.

This celebratory flavor comes across in her photography as well. We especially love how intimate Emily gets when capturing her images, placing us seemingly at arm’s reach of her subjects!

11. Edina Kiss Photography

Natural light plays a strong role in the portfolio of Edina Kiss. From dramatic silhouettes to highlights flowing with golden tones, her way of capturing both light and love is second to none.

Edina prefers gently guided poses that portray wedding finery and her subjects at their very best. Coupled with her sharp eye for composition and background elements, you’re left with images that demand printing and space in your living room.

12. Amanda Albert

Los Angeles native Amanda Albert has moved to the Sunshine State in search of love stories to tell. Connections, including maternities, weddings, and couples, are what calls to her. And her way of including storytelling backgrounds that suggest elopements, road trips, and other adventures adds an editorial character to her images. We love seeing and feeling the story behind the shot as much as the documentation itself!

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