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The 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Fresno, CA

If you’re lucky enough to have found your love in Fresno and are now preparing for marriage and a long life together, we want to send you our sincerest congratulations. This is, in all likelihood, a great turning point in your life, one you will look back on fondly. Despite the joy we know you’re feeling, we’d also understand if you are a little nervous, as planning a wedding is one of the most time-intensive tasks at this stage in our lives. We’re here today to help make it just a little easier. If you’ve got to find a photographer, check out our list of the best Fresno wedding photographers. Find the ideal artist to help capture every moment of your wedding day. 

1. Sara and Scott of DC Photography Studios

Sara and Scott of DC Photography Studios are consummate creatives. They approach their wedding photography shoots with an open mind, as well as a willingness to explore and experiment. As a result, their photos consistently rank as some of the most ingenious, dynamic, and stunning wedding photos around. They boast a meticulous attention to detail, in addition to a fabulous sense of humor and adventure. Take a look at their portfolio if you’re ready to be blown away by timeless wedding photography.

2. Krizel Photography

Krizel is a preternaturally talented wedding photographer whose cinematic gift seems inborn. Her photographs are remarkable for their sense of scale and her ability to capture things just slightly off their axis, so that they seem totally new, even when you’ve probably seen them a million times before. Her clients all rave about her warmth, her attention to detail, and her highly professional demeanor. You can trust that she will get things done the right way, and in a manner that will surely impress.

3. Derek J. Lapsley

Derek Lapsley boasts a cinematic style with a highly sensitive and receptive eye to the little romantic details that sincerely tell a couple’s love story. He’s constantly experimenting with light and shadow, as well as with frame and symmetry to create distinctive photographs that have both a timeless feel and a sort of ultra-modern, digital-forward aesthetic you may be looking for. No scene is too big or too small for him, and he thrives on the unpredictable. We absolutely love his work.

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4. Ellie Koleen Photography

Ellie Koleen is a highly stylish wedding photographer with a stripped-down yet couture aesthetic. Her photographs lean into bright light and clean colors to create a sense of timelessness and otherness, which is very akin to the feeling of being in love in the first place. She is truly artful, no matter her subject matter, whether that’s food, interiors, landscapes, or loving couples. She’s the perfect artist to capture all the minute details that make up your wedding day. If you are a couple that lives for adventure, style, and taste, Ellie might just be your ideal photographer.

5. John Reynolds Photography

John Reynolds takes deceptively simple yet profound photos where your love and each individual partner’s personality is really given space to take center stage. He is an artist with light and shadow, offering a tremendous affinity for capturing luscious, sunbathed imagery. In addition, he is able to capture couples sharing authentically loving moments with each other in ways that don’t seem posed, which is pretty rare among photographers, as it takes personal warmth and patience to be able to pull off. Take a look at his portfolio — it speaks for itself.

6. Monique of Quin Photography

Monique takes rich photographs with deep, natural colors; gorgeous golden sunlight; and a strong attention to mood. She captures the stories that follow us through life, our friendships with our wedding guests and the members of our wedding parties, relationships with our family, and the chemistry that carries our love through its ups and downs. She is a sensitive and perceptive photographer, and her photos are absolutely awash in romance. If you hire Monique, you are getting, without a doubt, one of the very best Fresno wedding photographers.

7. Honey and Hive Photography

Honey and Hive Photography produces glossy, magazine-worthy wedding photos. They’ve got extremely classic sensibilities and are able to do a lot with a little. We love that their photos lean into capturing the dynamics and emotion of your wedding day. They’re truly skilled at both composing artful portraits and capturing photojournalistic shots. They have everything you’re looking for in a trustworthy photography outfit.

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8. Marsha Walker of The Photegé

Marsha Walker takes some of the most elegant and striking wedding photography that we’ve come across. Her style is impeccable. She’s skilled at capturing a gentle caress or a loving look, and she knows how to compose photos around the human form. In addition, she is exceptionally adept at highlighting natural landscapes in her photography. All in all, working with Marsha means collaborating with a thoughtful artist who will make the most of every little detail of your wedding day.

9. Megan Helm Photography

Megan Helm loves love, and this guides her photography in many hard-to-articulate ways. One thing we really appreciate about her style is her ability to encapsulate in a single image that ephemeral quality of when two peoples’ love illuminates them, making them seem younger, more vibrant and alive. We would recommend Megan to any of our friends for her warmth, prodigious skill, and second-to-none portfolio. Her reputation precedes her, which is why we can say, without reservation, that she is one of the most talented Fresno wedding photographers.

10. Julianna & Benjamin Weddings

Julianna and Benjamin — AKA Kailyn Julianna and Eric Benjamin — are not only two of the most well-respected wedding photography teams in Fresno, they are all also perhaps the premier wedding videography outfit in the county. Their photos and videos have a strong cinematic aspect, paying great attention to nature and the little details that go into building the mood and feel of a scene. With Kailyn’s photographic gifts and Eric’s directorial skills, there’s no way you’re going to forget a single moment of your amazing wedding day, as they will turn it into art.

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