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The 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Honolulu, HI

Everything you’ve dreamt about Hawaii is true — the “Aloha Spirit” is strong in the 50th state. It should be no surprise, then, that in 2015, Hawaii saw more than 21,000 people getting married there. Its tranquil beaches, crystal-clear waters, and chilled-out music are massively inviting for those in love. If you’re planning on getting hitched in Hawaii, these Honolulu wedding photographers can help you out. Their absolute dedication to their craft, strong technical precision, and wildly creative minds can ensure that your wedding day documentation is a standalone work of art. They’ll surely be an invaluable ally on your all-star wedding support team.

1. Lindsey Roman

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Nate + Kristy eloped just the two of them on Maui last week + I was the lucky duck who they chose to capture it. 🥰🙏🏼⁣ ⁣ Their day was so intimate and sweet. I met up with them at their Airbnb for some getting ready pics. We all drank champagne while they got ready. They had a sweet lil first look in the front yard, and then we headed off to the jungle for some bride + groom photos.⁣ ⁣ Lastly we headed to this beach for their sunset ceremony. As we were walking towards the ceremony spot we saw a TON of people gathered around one spot on the beach. Turns out everyone was waiting for baby turtles to hatch. 😭❤️🐢⁣ ⁣ Nate + Kristy’s wedding was beautiful + intimate (or not so intimate if you count the turtle spectators who accidentally also witnessed a marriage ceremony 🤣) After their ceremony we finished up portraits on the beach, low key waiting for the turtles to hatch so I could get photos of it happening.⁣ ⁣ I mean HOW amazing would it be to have lil baby turts running towards the sea right after you’ve just said, “I do”!? RIGHT!? 🐢💍⁣ ⁣ WELP I’m sorry to disappoint, but the turtles didn’t hatch in time before we had to leave. Those slow suckers… (Did ya think this caption was gonna end with baby turtle magic? ☹️) BUT instead…. as we were walking back to our cars, the sky suddenly lit up in the most impressive purple + pink display EVER. I grabbed my camera out of my bag again and snagged this shot.⁣ ⁣ Sooooo sometimes ya miss baby turtles hatching during your wedding ceremony, but sometimes you get the most spectacular sunset as a consolation prize instead. I’ll take it. 🤣👏🏼😭🥰⁣ ⁣ CONGRATS NATE + KRISTY! 🎉💍🐢💋🌺 #lindseyromanphotography

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For intimate wedding photographer Lindsey Roman, creativity is key. With everything she does in life, she hopes to inspire others to get in touch with their creative side. When it comes to finding a wedding photographer, there are many who’ll market themselves as being your best friend. Lindsey, however, really pulls out all the stops when it comes to her clients. Any assistance, hand-holding, advice, or coffee her couples need, she’ll be on it. Their happiness is tantamount and it’s something she strives for in her photographs, too. Her photos are as romantic as they come, keying into Hawaii’s gorgeous landscapes to create dramatic, timeless images that never go out of style.

2. Sarah and Emilio of Valenciano Visuals

Husband-and-wife Sarah and Emilio Valenciano make up the team behind Valenciano Visuals. Their photography and videography business was born from their love of adventure and visual storytelling, something that also brought the pair together in the first place. The landscape of Honolulu inspires and drive them to mix love and location, taking advantage of the blues of the Pacific, greens of Ko’olau, and white-gold beaches. Indeed, Hawaiian photographers have their own unique color palette to work with, and these two lean into that beautifully. Their work is artistic and almost effortless, letting the couples’ personalities shine through.

3. ARIA Studios

The team over at ARIA Studios might just be the most talented group of people on the island. Comprising award-winning photographers, artists, and filmmakers, ARIA Studios simply loves to create. On a trip to an orphanage on Thailand in 2007, founders Kolby Moser and Jay Kaneshige were inspired by the children to tell their story. From there, ARIA came to be.

Shooting weddings and lifestyle sessions, this creative collective boasts the artistic chops to make the most of every session. In 2013, the team founded ARIA Children’s Fund. Henceforth, a portion of every wedding contract goes toward being a voice for children without one. The work this team produces is light, bright, and airy, the stuff of sunshine-filled afternoons and seaside strolls — expect clean whites, plenty of green, and the kind of classic photography that sets trends.

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4. Chris K.T. Bright Photography

There are many Honolulu wedding photographers and many on-destination ones who come to the island to shoot. Chris K.T. Bright is another standout. Photographer, filmmaker, musician, and art lover, there’s no limit to his creative flair. Growing up, Chris was inspired by his grandfather, who took photographs of every family vacation.

It wasn’t until he got his first camera at 19, however, that the seed his grandfather planted started to take root. Although he began his photography career in modeling agencies, his passion for romance was too hard to deny. Now, he helps couples tell their unique story. In his own words, Chris aspires for his work to be “sincere, artistic, and timeless,” and we think he pulls it off beautifully. His work begs to be shared; it’s hip and sexy and classic in all the right ways.

5. Karma Hill Photography

The Karma Hill Photography team serves couples in Maui and Oahu. And the best part? Karma is actually the owner’s name. Since moving to Hawaii from Seattle over 10 years ago, she’s started her own photography and wedding package businesses. Karma isn’t shy in admitting Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Having such a breathtaking landscape as the backdrop to any wedding sessions is a dream she’s living well.

With eight photographers and growing, Karma Hill has more options than others for covering available dates (which really matters when you’re getting hitched during peak wedding season). The Hill team describes their work as dreamy but polished, which we’d agree with. They’re experts in working with natural light to produce a product that has a certain magical quality.

6. Nikki and Charles Lat of HNL Studios

Behind the lenses of HNL Studios is married couple Nikki and Charles Lat. Accompanied by their team, HNL not only photographs weddings but has plenty of experience in planning events, too. Nikki and Charles know that planning an event is more than just admin. It takes the same creativity and organization that a photoshoot does. While you might not have to rush around looking for the perfect light, it’s still exercise for those creative muscles.

Being able to rely on one team for more than just one project can really take the stress off a wedding. Not only that, their photos are incredible. These two excel at creative documentary-style shots, telling the story of the day in a way that’s entirely unique to each individual couple and wedding — because no two weddings are the same, just as no two romances are.

7. Jamie Lee Noguchi

Oahu-born and raised, Honolulu wedding photographer Jamie Lee Noguchi is a true reflection of the island. Culture is as important to her as are the relationships and heritages that make Hawaii unlike any other state. With her camera, she’s ready to capture a breathtaking shot, be it of a bride and groom on their wedding day or the sea as it laps against the sand. Jamie is a photographer with vision, but importantly, also one open to suggestions and ideas from her clients. Specializing in shooting intimate weddings and using true-to-life coloring, Jamie’s pictures are stunning representations of the rawness of love.

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8. Coty Walker

After getting his first camera six years ago, there’s been nothing Coty Walker hasn’t wanted to capture. Primarily a landscape photographer, Walker is proudly based in Oahu and constantly down for adventures. His wedding photography is a stunning mix of lovers and Hawaii. Driven by the desire of photographing others, his favorite part of the process is the connection — not just between those he’s shooting, but between them and himself. With that kind of a connection, no lens flare or splash of water can be anything but art. You’ll love the realness and energy of everything he creates.

9. Patrick and Kelsi Nichols of Eternal Tides Photography

Die-hard adventurers and lovers Patrick and Kelsi Nichols are a dream team. Primary photographer Patrick has been producing stunning images for over a decade. A perfectionist, he’s adamant about capturing the smallest of details and using the light as its own prop. As well as being a photographer, he’s a renowned marine biologist whose delight of the natural world really plays into his wedding sessions. Patrick’s photographs are minimally retouched, correcting as little as possible before delivering the final product.

10. Fernanda Kenfield Photography

Fernanda Kenfield was born in Brazil, but has been living in the United States for 10 years and counting. It was this journey that introduced her to her husband and their military life that would eventually land them on Oahu. Traveling and meeting new people are what drew Fernanda to photography. She sees beauty in everything and, to her, a portrait session is as much about capturing a person’s spirit as it is their face. Using natural light as often as possible, Fernanda shoots weddings all over Hawaii and beyond.

When you’re putting together the team of service providers who help make your wedding a reality, don’t skimp on the photographer. True professionals (not to mention true artists) are amazing resources for planning, and they add a dimension to the day that you can’t get any other way. Great Honolulu wedding photographers can be the difference between a wedding lasting a day and memories that last forever. Aloha ‘aina, indeed.

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