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The 6 Best Wedding Photographers in Lexington, KY

Is it time to start searching for photographers for your next wedding or engagement session? Lexington residents really are spoiled for choice here! With such incredible talent in the area, it was difficult sorting through it all. While anyone can document a day, it takes true talent to tell a story and thread it with intimacy and emotion. Without further ado, check out the most talented wedding photographers in Lexington. Consider hiring one of these shutterbugs for your next life milestone.

1. Photography By Adele

Adele seeks to capture personal stories in ways that highlight the authenticity of a relationship. As a result, she mixes in significant amounts of photojournalism along with her classic portraiture to imbue her work a storytelling element. Fleeting emotional moments that the bride and groom might miss entirely can be appreciated through Adele’s approach to wedding photography. Her environmental portraits also tell engaging narratives through places significant to couples that, combined with personal notes like flags and clothing, showcase their commitment to each other.

2. Becky Flanery of Love & Lenses Photography

Several respected publications have recognized Becky Flanery’s work, including Kentucky Bride Magazine and Bridal Bliss Magazine. While working on her art studio degree in the UK, she shot her first wedding back in 2009, kickstarting a passion that continues into the present. One aspect of Becky’s work we especially enjoy is her creative eye for compositions. As one of the most thoughtful wedding photographers in Lexington, she can use everything from shoes to joyous silhouettes to tell an impactful tale of romance. And her color choices range from vivid and punchy to modern, desaturated yet bright tonalities. It’s clear Becky has a style to suit any client’s taste.

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3. Ariana Jordan Photography

With 10 years and counting in the wedding photography business, Ariana Jordan Maddox employs a personal style that runs the gamut from whimsical and romantic to dramatic and documentary, depending on her vision of the scene. A flexible, creative perspective that’s fitting considering her personal photography philosophy: “I love playing with color, light & anything out of the ordinary. Life is art.”

Ariana has an incredible eye for color, with clients often dressed in outfits that match wonderfully with the environment. Yellow dresses for sunflower meadows, brown and tan for autumn leaves, and so on. Every element of her compositions is carefully considered to create lasting art.

4. Christopher Michael Images

Each of the three photographers behind Christopher Michael Images has something special to offer Lexington clients though their subtly differing visions for the day. Michael Cyrus’s approach to storytelling is particularly noteworthy: “I ask myself after every photo shoot is this shoot not only better than the last, but is this photo worth hanging on the wall of a museum or in your wedding photo album?”

Photographer, artist, and videographer Christopher Marshall brings his LA production experience to the team, while their newest member, Libby Zaheri, offers her love for people and documenting the special moments in their lives. By having three photographers, we’re treated to perspectives from a bird’s-eye view, as well as candid and documentary photography, guest outtakes, and other moments a single photographer would be hard pressed to capture all at once.

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5. Ashley Rainwater Bilbro of Rainwater Photography

Ashley Rainwater Bilbro describes her personal style as dramatic, moody, and candid, and we’re inclined to agree! She loves strong vignettes on the borders of her images, as well as shadows and subdued earth tonalities that lend emphasis to textures, form, and other details within the frame. Color is present but takes a back seat in Ashley’s images. Her personal style is a delightful contrast to the sometimes washed-out look popular in modern wedding photography. Ashley’s photography has also been featured in several publications, including Looks Like Film, Angelic Magazine, and Kentucky Bride.

6. Kevin and Anna Photography

After their mutual affinity for the outdoors united them, husband-and-wife creative duo Kevin and Anna decided to open up their own photography outfit. As two of the top wedding photographers in Lexington, they are immensely talented visual artists dedicated to sharing captivating stories in the world of wedding photography. Using vibrant pops of color, as well as masterful framing and composition, their timeless work combines a sense of playfulness with authentic documentary captures. When they’re not capturing love stories via camera, they’re out adventuring or rock climbing, which brings their love full circle.

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