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The 9 Best Wedding Photographers in Louisville, KY

The birthplace of Muhammad Ali, as well as home to the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the Cardinals, Louisville is a thriving epicenter of life and love. What better place to consider for your wedding photography? Locals know that Bourbon City has some of the most exciting and innovative food and entertainment culture happening in the South. The creative professionals on our list of Louisville wedding photographers are producing top-notch work, and we’re happy to shout them out. Enjoy!

1. Chloe Grubbs of Era 26 Photography

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Me right now since it’s currently 60 and raining.

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Marriage is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean weddings have to be. Talented Louisville wedding photographer Chloe Grubbs knows how to pack your wedding shoot with fun. Her cream-and-brown rich tones and documentarian’s eye capture the light as well as the laughter for these special occasions. We particularly love her attention to detail, making every considered aspect of a wedding — from the flowers and invitations to place settings — a powerful and impressive subject in its own right. Love and thought go into planning all of those little details, after all — why shouldn’t they be remembered?

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2. Jessica Bradford Photography

Camera-wielding couple Jessica and Brad is the creative force behind Jessica Bradford Photography. Their cinematic photographs truly emphasize the beauty of fall colors; oranges and sepia-tinted tones give a warm drama to traditional shots. Not only that, but their use of the stunning natural landscapes around them is perfect if you’re hoping for a photoshoot that could only have taken place in Kentucky. We love their hip, modern editing, which doesn’t cling too ferociously to any one style but always hits the nail on the head.

3. Drake & Eliza Photography

Drake and Eliza are a husband-and-wife team of Louisville wedding photographers. Their honey-coated colorings stood out to us in particular due to their ability to catch the infectious joy of a wedding party. From jokes told by the best man to a private joke between husband and wife, there’s a warmth and intimacy to the way this duo takes their photos. If you’re drawn to photographers who specialize in strong photojournalistic wedding coverage, you owe it to yourself to start your search with Drake and Eliza Photography.

4. Karyn Johnson Photography

Not one to shy away from using bold colors, Karyn Lovern Johnson’s wedding photography provides rich saturation at the deeper end of the color spectrum — navies, emeralds, and reds popping with life and love. With an eye for those unplanned moments, her photographs are brimming with light and life, as well as an inviting take on natural tones. There’s a sweetness to her work that shines through as brightly as the Kentucky sunshine. Anyone who likes romantic vibes and bright colors will love Johnson’s portfolio.

5. Ryan Cecil of Alexandra Ryan Photography

Ryan Cecil is a Navy veteran, mother, wife, and impressive Louisville photographer. While we love her natural colors and clever styling of shoots, her black-and-white photography is where she authentically shines. Her shots give a nod to the Golden Era of cinema, with romantic, well-balanced images that use the light as a breath of fresh air. Seriously, check out her work: there’s something there for everyone. She produces photos meant to be framed or shared, and each will stand alone as its own piece of thoughtfully considered artwork for decades to come.

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6. Kenna Marie Photography

California-born but now among the top Louisville wedding photographers, Kenna Marie is proof that it’s possible to produce breathtaking forever moments on your perfect day. Look to her for airy, romantic tones with an effortless elegance. All of her richly saturated photographs are brimming with intimacy and connection, and feel almost like beautiful scenes from a movie. She has a stunning command of the technical aspects of her craft, wielding depth of field, line, and shadow as tools to craft memorable emotional impressions.

7. Laura Callis & Andrea Davis of Still Happiness Photography

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So many favorites from this fabulous wedding!

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Sisters Laura Callis & Andrea Davis of Still Happiness Photography take traditional wedding portraits that are anything but ordinary. Often using the natural beauty of the Kentucky landscape as a backdrop for the love stories they capture, these creatives marry classic groom-and-bride shots with a remarkable amber-lit glow. They’ve cemented themselves a place among the best Louisville wedding photographers through hard work and consistently flawless output. We’re sure you’ll love their work as much as we do.

8. Randy Daniels of Red Dog Creative

Versatile and ultra-talented, Randy Daniels is the mastermind behind Red Dog Creative. His dreamy photography highlights those special moments and details that you never want to forget. With a background in graphic design, he uses his diverse experience to produce stunning wedding shots that are soft-lit and romantic, creating a perfect wedding mood. He shoots a lot of portrait sessions as well, armed with great creative intuition, especially when it comes to capturing all of your guests at their best.

9. Trent & Kendra Photography

Trent and Kendra, a married photographer team, pride themselves on helping couples stay in the moment and feel nothing but laid-back on their wedding days. Balancing candid shots with natural posing, all while making sure to nab those important family portraits, Trent and Kendra understand the importance of letting your big day flow naturally without major distracting, unnatural intrusions. They also edit their photos true-to-color because, at the end of the day, it’s all about giving couples real photos that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

We consider Louisville one of the country’s best-kept secrets, though people are certainly starting to catch on. And that’s probably largely due to the awesome, creative things Kentuckians are doing here that are drawing admirers from all over the globe. If you’re getting married and diving into the big job of searching for wedding vendors, start your search with one of these Louisville wedding photographers — each of them has the skill to elevate your big day.

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