The 9 Best Wedding Photographers in Oklahoma City

The day you get married is one of the most important days of your life, no matter if you’re the kind of romantic who yearns for an adventurous elopement or a traditional, elaborate church wedding. For many, a huge part of the wedding planning process is locking in the perfect photographer — after all, it’s their contribution that you’ll be able to look at and relive for decades. Thankfully for those in OKC, there are tons of talented creatives primed and ready to snap your special day. We’ve picked out some of the best Oklahoma City wedding photographers for you to take a peek at. Who knows, you might just find your perfect match!

1. Hannah Nichols Photography

At the time of this writing, Hannah Nichols has only been taking pictures for a handful of years, yet she has already shot more than 100 weddings. Photography is a dynamic career that combines the things she loves most: adventures and family time. Her signature style is both classic and modern, with a vintage, film-like quality. Plus, she’s quite detail-oriented, and every single one of her sessions is packed with intentionality. Using natural light and fine editing skills to lightly desaturate her images, she produces treasures that are instantly recognizable.

2. Tammy Odell Photography

A gifted shutterbug, Tammy Odell shot her first wedding in 2005. She’s been avidly expanding her business and art ever since. With over a decade of experience behind the camera, she’s captured over 250 weddings and is one of Brides of Oklahoma‘s favorite shutterbugs. And now she’s one of our preferred Oklahoma City wedding photographers as well! Tammy describes her style as being soft and romantic, and we agree — it’s light and airy, with an abiding sense of sweetness. For the romantic at heart, Odell is a great match.

3. Rachel Waters

If you’re looking for honest and bold imagery, Rachel Waters has you covered. A full-time, award-winning photographer, Rachel has been shooting professionally for numerous years. It’s a career move she never anticipated being as fulfilling as it is, no matter how much she desired it. On top of her outstanding wedding photography, Rachel is also adept with lifestyle and branding photography. Her photographs play with angles in a clever way, as she captures brides from the side or couples overlaid by flowers. One of the top Oklahoma City wedding photographers, she’s even been featured in dozens of publications from the Huffington Post to Cosmopolitan.

4. Leia Smethurst Photography

For five consecutive years, Leia Smethurst has topped The Knot‘s Best of Weddings lists. That’s not including a spot in the publication’s 2019 Hall of Fame. Leia and second photographer Shane have shot weddings in the pouring rain, in 100+ degree heat, and in less-than-perfect lighting with joy, grace, and skill. On top of her photography, her blog is full of tips for budding wedding photographers of all varieties.

As most photographers know, being able to advise and discuss our work with others is so important. One of her most interesting blog series is from when she ditched her lifelong love of Canon for a mirrorless Fuji. The post’s for sure one for the gearheads! That penchant for storytelling is well demonstrated in her photography, which truly captures the narrative of the wedding day beautifully.

5. Katie Hadley Photography

Based a little ways outside of Oklahoma City, Katie Hadley is more than familiar with fairy tale romances. Having married her high school sweetheart, it was photographing her family that opened her world up to the art form. Being able to capture her own special moments naturally veered towards capturing that of others. Using a mix of styles from contemporary to photojournalistic, Katie’s wedding sessions never strike the same place twice.

As well as serving couples, she also dabbles in senior and newborn portraits. For anyone looking for a forever photographer, she might just be the one for you. She excels at tight shots where couples fill the frame, giving the image a vulnerable and intimate feel. And her color palettes are warm and peachy, a modern style that’s very popular now — you’ll know it when you see it, so check out her work today.

6. Kenzie Elizabeth Photography

There’s no limit to the skills in Kenzie Nesevitch’s artistic arsenal. She might be one of our favorite wedding photographers in the OKC metro, but she never says no to trying something new. Alongside her wedding, engagement, and family shots, she’s always ready to take a risk. Driven by the need to tell people’s stories and conquer the unpredictability and transience of life, Kenzie strives to encapsulate vulnerability and authenticity in images. There are certain moments that make no two weddings days the same, and those are the shots she’s always looking to nail. She always aces it.

7. Lynleigh Mead Photography

Talented photographer Lynleigh Mead is a native Oklahoman. She strives to help her clients feel like they’re her one and only. In addition to providing affordable photography to couples in and around Oklahoma, she’s set on making every session as incredible as the last. Her photographs are minimalistic yet full of heart, and she’s great at including OKC as a character in the story of her weddings. Lynleigh has 5-star reviews across the board on most wedding platforms. Friendly, punctual, down-to-earth, reliable, and fun? What more could you ask for in a photographer? Never underestimate how important people skills are in a good wedding photographer match!

8. Katie of K. Talley Photography

Katie Talley wouldn’t be against you calling her “Crazy Katie.” If anyone is up to take every experience offered with both hands, it’s her. Making people comfortable in front of the camera is an extremely important part of shooting portraits. In not doing so, subjects can appear tense or on edge. Katie guarantees bringing the chill to every shoot, so everyone feels at ease on their biggest of days. In addition to outdoor shoots, she also has her very own natural light studio, just across from the University of Central Oklahoma. Her photos are fun, sharp, and technically excellent. They’re brilliantly saturated, with bright and bold colors, complemented nicely by a pleasing contrast. Her style’s not quite like anyone else on this list, so be sure to give her a look.

9. Loretta Lewis Photography

Loretta Lewis goes above and beyond for her couples. It’s fully evident across her body of work. Loretta mixes interesting compositions with silhouette, focus, autumnal tones, and all Oklahoma has to offer. Where some of her photographs could be torn from the pages of a magazine editorial, others are warmly suited to memory books and photo albums. Finding happiness to be the easiest route to beauty, Loretta is always ready to do whatever it takes to make her couples smile. It’s no surprise she’s among the most talented Oklahoma wedding photographers.

Among the many Oklahoma City wedding photographers out there, there’s a perfect one for all of us, and any of the ones on this list will knock your wedding out of the park. There are even more shutterbugs in OKC — we could’ve just as easily made a Top 20 list — but do what we did: kick back, relax, and take some time perusing these portfolios. See what clicks.

And if you have questions, reach out to photographers and ask them! Many in-demand photographers will begin filling their schedules as far out as a year in advance, and there are only so many wedding dates to choose, so don’t hesitate. When your photos come out amazingly, make sure to tag us with #MadeInPeerspace so we can check ’em out.

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