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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Tampa Bay

The best Tampa Bay wedding photographers know how to do more than flick a shutter at golden hour on the sand — they are aware of how to distill a couple’s essence and personal style into the perfect shot. In addition, they’re familiar with how to capture all those beautiful little moments that make up a wedding day. Tampa Bay has a truly excellent crop of professional wedding photographers, and we’re excited to spotlight several of them here.

1. Carrie Wildes

Carrie Wildes is a well-rounded artist who brings a certain versatility to her shoots. She mixes capturing authentic candid moments in a documentary style with traditional romantic posed shots, never pigeonholing herself into one style. That also means she’s adept at crafting her day’s shooting around the personal style and tastes of her clients, which is always an enormous strength in a wedding photographer. You’ll love her sharp, colorful, natural photos.

2. Ashlee Hamon

Sometimes people get so caught up in the gravity of marriage and the sincerity of their desire for everything to go perfectly that they forget that weddings can be really, really fun. Ashlee Hamon’s work captures that crackling joyful energy with sophistication and creativity, and we can’t get enough of it. Couples that want to get a little goofy will find a perfect partner in crime in Hamon, but no matter what kind of material she’s shooting, expect it to be bold and vibrant. 

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3. Limelight Photography

Michael and Rebecca Zoumberos helm Limelight Photography, but they’ve got a full team of shooters. They bill themselves as a couture high-fashion wedding studio, and their work reflects this. There’s luxuriousness to it, a glossy, glamorous quality to their photos. They’re bright, well-saturated, and tend towards being posed in a stylish manner more often than purely documentary. The team has worked over 1,200 weddings in the last 12 years and is endorsed by over 100 venues in the Tampa Bay area, so their reputation precedes them.

4. Caroline & Evan

Caroline and Evan have a great eye for color, and their work manages to be both vibrant and natural, as opposed to imposing trendy color palettes on their shots in editing. They approach each wedding looking for the fun and the joy in it, to amplify and capture those little moments of pure bliss that flash by so quickly on the actual wedding day. They’ve been featured over 120 times by wedding publications and blogs around the world, so the word’s out: they’re great at what they do, and they’re routinely listed among the best Tampa Bay wedding photographers.

5. Rodrigo Mendez of Love Luxe Studio

Rodrigo Mendez has been at it for 25 years. Over the course of his career, he has worked as a photographer in numerous capacities, from photojournalist to fashion photographer. That versatility serves him well as a wedding photographer, and it also means he’s extremely comfortable behind the lens and more technically adept than the average bear. His work is stylish and glamorous, dramatic and even edgy in its presentation, at least when Mendez is allowed to explore these ideas and creatively collaborate with his clients. No matter who you are, Love Luxe Studio can help make your vision for your wedding photos a reality, but you’ll get the best results if you let Mendez flex some creative muscles. 

6. Jon Montis

Jon Montis is one of the best photographers in town when it comes to mixing in close shots along with all the medium and wide shots. These are intimate, making the viewer feel like they’re there in the midst of the romance and celebration. Overall, he’s a well-rounded talent with a strength in sharp, photojournalistic-style work. However, he describes his true specialty as fine-art photography, so savvy clients will make a plan with Montis to leave plenty of time for posed shots on the day of the ceremony.

7. Booray Perry

Booray Perry’s work tends towards fine art or illustrative styles, leveraging traditional compositions and poses to create timeless, romantic images. He’s a master at getting those sweeping, majestic images on the beach that many Tampa Bay couples are looking for. What’s more, he’s intensely committed to conducting himself professionally and delivering a consistent, top-notch product, from the images themselves down to the physical products he offers that use them (Save the Dates, invitations, you name it.) He returns calls. He answers e-mails. This stuff matters, and Perry knows it.

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8. Head Over Heels Photo

Davis & Janice Lauderdale make wedding photography a family affair, and as a married couple in the business, they have a sincere appreciation for the significance and elation of their clients’ wedding days. They strike a balance between traditional, classic wedding photography and more modern and candid shots, getting those fun, playful moments right alongside the serious romantic poses. They’ve cemented their reputation among the best Tampa Bay wedding photographers one happy couple at a time for well over a decade now. We’re sure they’ll be beloved fixtures in the industry for many years to come.

9. Lili Lu

Cassie Peech and her Lilu Lu team shoot with an authentic, airy, natural light style that’s well-suited to the beautiful scenery and sunlight in Tampa Bay. Their color palettes are bold but tasteful, always elegant, and their work is never overwrought in editing. All in all, they’re totally worthy of the awards and accolades they routinely receive.

10. Corner House Photography

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Samantha Eckhaus and her Corner House team are great examples of the modern trend in what’s sometimes called “illustrative” wedding photography. It’s essentially photojournalistic and curated, unobtrusive throughout the day, but with occasional gentle direction as well to ensure you’re getting all of those standard shots that you need — the ones with the parents, the bridesmaid group shots, etc. They make sure to capture a good mix of close-, wide-, and medium-angle shots to give viewers a full sense of the wedding as it happened. Plus, they don’t skimp on the detail shots (like place settings and cake shots) that capture a real sense of place. They’re simply great at shooting weddings, and anyone would be lucky to have them on their wedding team.

11. Christina Barrett of Luxe Light Images

Christina Barrett — owner and operator of Luxe Light Images — describes her style as elegant, warm, and velvety. She’s a natural light wedding photographer with a very distinctive editing style rooted in a warm color palette. She tends towards a pinkish or orange tint across the whole image, creating a very specific visual mood. If that connects with you, you’re going to adore Barrett.

12. Ashley Roper of Grind and Press

Ashley Roper of Grind and Press is one of our favorite Tampa Bay wedding photographers because her work is stylish and balanced, hitting the right mix of natural documentation and a little creative direction. And she doesn’t just do weddings, which helps view her work through a bit of a broader lens — so to speak. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that her clients see themselves rendered faithfully in her work, a goal that requires not only technical skill but empathy, creativity, and insight.  

We’re pleased to report that Tampa’s photographers are particularly resistant to following silly fads in the photography world — and yes, those totally exist. The professionals around here are putting out consistent, top-notch work that will age well. And, if you’re getting married in the area, you’ve got a long list of awesome options. In addition to just checking out their work, look into the details, too. How many hours of coverage do they provide? Will they shoot alone or with a second shooter? How will your photos be delivered? The little things certainly affect your overall experience with your photographer, and a great one will help enhance your wedding day, helping it to run smoothly.

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