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The 7 Best Wedding Photographers in Tucson, AZ

The desert landscape of Tucson, AZ, provides ample locations for portrait sessions. Its colors are wholly unique to the state, with sharp blue skies and deep red rock formations, not to mention the splashes of green as cacti abound. It’s an exceptional place for a wedding photoshoot, whether you’re based in the state or not. Fittingly, there is also a considerable number of Tucson wedding photographers not only capable of striking pictures, but ones that provide everlasting memories of the Grand Canyon State.

1. Sabrina Weaver

Taking photographs professionally for over three years, Sabrina Weavers is just getting started. A wife and mother on top of her business, she’s more than used to functioning through chaos. And, really, what’s more chaotic than organizing a wedding? Sabrina likes to be around unfiltered people; those who know who they are, what they want, and aren’t afraid to go after it. She’s drawn to unposed shots, prepared to capture the tiniest of details couples might not even realize. In short, she wants her subjects to be themselves. Through that, she’s able to capture exceptionally stunning portraits.

2. Kaylee Chelsea Photography

The husband and wife duo behind Kaylee Chelsea photography find joy in meeting people. They want to get to know the subjects in their photographs before the sessions take place, ensuring their wedding sessions mirror the unique relationships portrayed. Andy and Kaylee Ogan cemented their own relationship, saying “I do” in 2017. Since then, they’ve grown their Tucson wedding photography business to great heights. Both Andy and Kaylee discovered photography at a young age, but once they met, their natural styles combined to what they produce today. Their work is bright and airy, with color palettes tinged with blush tones muted greens, just waiting to blow up your Instagram feed.

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3. Julia Romano

Julia Romano believes in stories. As a wedding photographer, she realizes she gets to capture each story in tiny snippets of moments. Getting to tell people’s stories is important to her, as it always has been. Since graduating from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s in photography, she’s been fully immersed in her art.

That being said, Julia’s relationship with photography goes back much further. While in high school, she worked in a senior portrait studio, following this up with playing assistant photographer at several weddings. She also shot her very first wedding on her own at 18 years old. Talk about impressive. Her clever and expert use of depth of field, vividly saturated colors, and overriding sense of sweetness and romance make her one of the brightest stars of the Tuscon photography scene working today.

4. Atlas Rose Photography

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As well as being a Tuscon portrait photographer, Megan Boggs wears many different hats: Boss, mother, Humboldt State University grad. But photography is where her professional heart lies. With her business, Atlas Rose Photography, she attracts couples who are beautifully wild and deeply in love. A wedding session experience with Atlas Rose is, as with all the top Tuscon wedding photographers, a mix of creativity and connection.

Megan provides her couples with genuinely candid moments captured when and where they least expect. We’re fans of this way of working — an “illustrative style,” as it’s sometimes called — in which photographers set up the couple and lightly direct in terms of using classic, timeless compositions, but then let the couple interact naturally for a slightly more natural feel. Boggs excels at this, finding a great line between allowing couples to interact authentically and keeping control of the image she wants to create.

5. Twomermaids Photography

Ashley Maura is the lens behind Twomermaids Photography. A professional photographer for more than seven years, shooting snaps is in her veins. Ashley’s passion for photography makes for some stunning shots that capture the magic of the desert and those exchanging their forevers. As soon as she wakes up, every day is about figuring out what pictures she can take in the oncoming hours. Set on capturing connections between humans, her photos lock onto the emotions of each special day. If you’re looking for raw emotions filtered through a deeply romantic lens, look no further.

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6. Kilean Wiles

On top of being a fantastic wedding photographer, Kilean Wiles is a nutrition consultant. Almost as passionate about health and wellness as she is photography, it’s the latter that gets her own blood pumping. With her wedding portraiture, Kilean searches for sweet and candid moments that make each couple unique. Known for her golden, creamy tones and penchant for natural sunlight, she actually loves the feeling of being a third wheel. It’s no surprise she’s among the most talented Tucson wedding photographers.

7. Megan Gadd

Megan Gadd was born and raised in Fort Mohave, AZ. As much as she loves Arizona, however, she also loves to travel. Nowhere is too far for the perfect wedding or engagement shoot. Megan has been taking photographs professionally for 10 years, but has owned some kind of camera since she was 14. Finally able to quit her day job in the last couple of years, she now pursues portrait photography full time. Taking pictures of everything from weddings to newborns, it’s life’s special moments that drive her to do what she does. And will, hopefully for the rest of her career. Her photos are hip and stylish, intimate and epic — the authentic closeness of the couples shine through, but at times there’s also a drama to her work that’s cinematic. She’s an all-around powerhouse of a wedding photographer.

No matter if you love Arizona for its desert or unique architecture, there are plenty of locations for your wedding shoot. Each of the Tucson wedding photographers above are full of location ideas to make your dream a reality. Why wait? The talent in Tucson is world class. Believe us — we’ve perused a lot of portfolios. Find one whose work strikes a chord with you, then put your heads and hearts together to create something truly beautiful.

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