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The 9 Best Wedding Videographers in Boston

Boston is full of hidden gems and venues for all kinds of weddings and shoots, as well as brimming with creative talent to take advantage of it all. The town’s much more than its historic architecture, distinctive accents, and undeniable devotion to Dunkin — it’s people who make it, including its lovers. It only goes without saying that talented cinematographers flock here. Because there are so many, we’ve done the scouting for you, so you don’t have to. Here are some of our favorite Boston wedding videographers who’ll make your day even more special.

1. Mark and Valery of Veiled In Motion Wedding Films

Mark DerHovanessian and his partner in crime, Valery, are the people behind Veiled in Motion. A wedding videography team in love with New England, they boast their own unique story. Both filmmakers before starting the company, they met while editing wedding films together. It’s easy to see how much they love Boston and beyond — their films contain some of the most stunning New England landscapes we’ve seen. Vineyards, capes, long winding roads, and historic ports — everything that’s special about the northeast coast. Valery and Mark use the land to their advantage in ways that few other videographers can.

2. Jess Nadolski and Hannah Gunnell of Echo in Dreams Films

Hannah Gunnell and Jess Nadolski make up Echo in Dreams Films, a production company with its finger on the pulse of modern video trends. Creating films that are contemporary and breathtaking, Hannah and Jess bring a much-desired millennial eye to the table. Cutting away to action-packed sequences amid quiet, solitary moments between couples, they brilliantly employ scores that build alongside the story. Indeed, every film we’ve watched of theirs turns a love story into a masterpiece. They hustle tirelessly to demonstrate their firm understanding of how color and shadow works together.

3. Jamie Podworski of JPod Films

In the wedding cinematography business for over 15 years, Jamie Podworski and his team are never short of ideas. Rated as one of the Top 5 wedding cinematographers in the US, they are the real deal. Alongside cinematographers Mia Major and Chris Morgan, Jamie produces unforgettable films. We’re obsessed with the way vows are included in the footage so even strangers know pieces of their story. JPod films is all about human connections. Plus, their films make weddings look fun — like wonderful little time capsules of a day you’ll never want to forget.

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4. Jemima Richards

Picking the right music is as important an aspect of wedding cinematography as the visuals. Jemima Richards has both hands firmly on it when it comes to both. Her videos are artful and inspired with impassioned framing that shows a keen understanding of photography. Unsurprisingly, she and husband Dylan are Boston wedding photographers first, and videographers second. However, not every photographer is skilled in the cinematography department, whether they offer the service or not. That’s why Jem, Dylan, and their unique lens into the lives of their couples stand out from the rest.

5. Greg Fisher of Willow Tree Films

Greg Fisher’s awe-inspiring wedding films give us the kind of feelings fairy tales do. You know the first time you saw Cinderella and hoped the slipper fit? Like that, but real. Our favorite part of what he does is how he tends to stray from the regular centerpoint. He shoots with plenty of white space that never feels overbearing. On the contrary, it only adds to each moment and shows the world around every wedding. Guess that means Greg is our fairy god-videographer.

6. Rachel Globe of Olive Ewe Productions

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Compromise is a necessity in any successful relationship, and Alexandra and Krzysztof had already demonstrated their ability to compromise for the sake of love within their first year together. A year after they began dating Krzysztof was moving to Albany for work, and without hesitation Alex said, "Well, I guess I'm moving to Albany." She left behind her friends and family in Boston and started over with Krzysztof. But he recognized what a challenge it was for her to make such a huge life transition. So he decided they would get a dog, even though he was never super in to having a dog. We are all happy to report he is now obsessed with Dexter their precious fur-baby ❤ One beautiful beach-side engagement and many months of planning later and they were married in Danvers, MA! They had a lovely traditional Catholic ceremony, presided over by Krzysztof's mentor Father Dennis, and with music performances by his uncle and cousin. But the ceremony was just a warm up to the real show, a memorable evening rocking out with Bearfight!! Alexandra and Krzysztof showed off their meticulous Viennese Waltz first dance to "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. After a few more formalities the dance floor was open for 4 hours!! We may have joined in on the dancing just a little bit ourselves 😝 It's hard not to when Bearfight has the floor and is crankin those 90's and early 2000's tunes. So much love for these two and their bright future together! . . . The Team Video @oliveeweproductions Venue @danversport Band @bearfightlive Photo @laurenkirkhamphoto . . . #oliveeweproductions #oliveewe #weddingvideographer #northshorewedding #danvesportwedding #bostonweddingvideographer #bostonbride #bostonweddingvideo #postthepeople #belovedstories #loveandwildhearts #lovestoriestv

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Many wedding filmmakers stick to one style, be it documentary or cinematic. Rachel Globe — the lens behind Olive Ewe Productions — doesn’t share that problem. Her movies are an epic mixture of both: dreamy, floating colors that create forever sunsets, and panning shots that single the couple out. We’re obsessed. It takes talent to have a trademark aesthetic without appearing samey. Each of her works is stunningly New England, edited by the hand of a passionate artist who cares.

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7. Mary Winn of Winn Visuals

Boston wedding videographer Mary Winn has been making films for more than five years now. A well of imagination and creativity, her videos show the promise of youth. Deliberately hand-held, Mary’s candid films pull you into the moment so you’re there with the couple. No second seems to be missed, yet no single shot is wasted, either. Every second tells a story, and the biggest story of all is the bright future of Winn Visuals. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

8. Phillip and Brittany of Beabout Exposure

When a cinematographer can capture falling tears as well as the wind catching the bride’s veil, you’re in good hands. Phillip and Brittany excel when it comes to editing. This duo understands the power music has to tell a story, and they use it so well. Hollywood cinematographers could learn a thing or two from these Boston wedding videographers. What’s better than their epic music selection that fits the couples and footage honoring the day? Their ability to visually tell a tightly edited and overwhelmingly heartfelt story. It’s no wonder they’re among the top Boston wedding videographers.

9. Rachel Epperly Film and Photo

Spliced footage isn’t used nearly enough in wedding cinematography, if you ask us. One of the things that pulled our attention toward Rachel Epperly was her use of just that in many of her videos. We’re not sure what effects she uses in post-production to capture the dreamy colors, but whatever they are, they work amazingly. Based between Maine, MA, and Portland, OR, she’s east enough to work in any Bostonian’s favor. By watching the video above, you’ll see just how fun a shoot with her appears. Not a single person goes unnoticed, but the focus is always on you and your loved one.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or just want to see what’s out there, these Boston wedding photographers have all corners covered. And who knows, maybe you’ll invite us to your big day once you choose. At least tag us in the video when it hits Instagram!

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