What’s Like An Airbnb For Elopements? (2024)


Event venues on Peerspace typically cost $50 — $350 per hour.

Looking for an Airbnb for elopements? We can’t blame you; typical weddings can seem extremely stuffy and undesirable to many couples. If you’re planning an elopement, then you may already be bucking the traditions. After all, wedding planners, event halls, the band, the cuisine, and flowers all typically add up to the cost of a starter house for one party. So if you don’t want to go the traditional wedding route, perhaps we can answer your question of what’s like an Airbnb for elopements.

Whatever your needs, Peerspace is the best option for planning your elopement event. Peerspace offers you access to venues in thousands of towns and cities across North America and beyond. And Peerspace is the most cost-effective option because venue rentals are by the hour rather than in 24-hour blocks, like with Airbnb.

With Peerspace, you only pay for the time that you use, making it a practical choice. Also, each venue’s listing includes detailed descriptions and lots of pictures. Each venue is managed by a local host who is always available with fast responses to your questions. We’ll get into all the details ahead with our complete guide on what’s like an Airbnb for elopements.

First of all, what’s an elopement?

FiDi Historic Jazz Main Bar Semi-Private sf san francisco rental
Source: Peerspace

So what exactly comprises an elopement? While it varies based on the couple and their desires, an elopement is when a couple marries without all their family and friends witnessing their nuptials in a formal setting.

Some couples invite lots of friends and/or family to celebrate with them. Others prefer the elopement to include just the two of them, the officiant and a witness. What makes an elopement special is that it’s exactly what the betrothed couple wants, minus the common wedding traditions we expect.

If a Justice of the Peace at the County Court is a better option for you, you can also throw a different kind of party to celebrate your union. Luckily, this is Peerspace’s forte, providing creative people with creative spaces!

Book a Peerspace venue to host the perfect elopement party

Spectacular Rooftop Deck w/ Seattle Skyline View
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When you want to host your elopement party in a unique venue that provides a bespoke service, rely on Peerspace. Peerspace is the number one online marketplace for hourly event venue rentals, which makes it like the Airbnb for elopements.

While Airbnb has an active ban against parties and events, Peerspace welcomes them! Local hosts list their special spaces as event venues on our platform. Your host can also help with aspects of your party planning, if needed.

In answer to the question of what’s like an Airbnb for elopements, let’s check out some less traditional Peerspace venues for an elopement party. All of the following venues can be booked by the hour on Peerspace from local hosts who strive to make your experience amazing. Let’s check them out!

You can totally pull off a themed elopement, btw! Check out how to plan an anime-themed wedding, a Medieval-themed wedding, and a rose gold-themed wedding for your elopement!

How about a weekend in the PNW country?

Cedar Bloom River Ranch
Source: Peerspace

How about a weekend for the happy couple and a few friends at the Cedar Bloom River Ranch in Oregon? It is a gorgeous one-of-a-kind 100-acre ranch that comprises a farm and campgrounds in southern Oregon. The ranch includes several architecturally stunning domes, A-frame cabins, and a reclaimed wood stage, perfect for toasts and roasts!

This also seems like a fantastic way to get away from it all. All that’s left is to celebrate the happy couple and the meaning of friendship around a roaring campfire!

Or perhaps the high desert of Santa Fe, NM

Tano Point Compound
Source: Peerspace

Do you and a few friends want to celebrate your elopement in the wide-open spaces of Santa Fe, New Mexico? If so, then check out this stunning Tano Point Compound.

It’s a 1,400-square-foot authentic adobe home set on a five-acre property. While here, your catering team can make use of the kitchen while you and your guests gather cozy living room with a fireplace. The expansive views of the Sangre de Cristos mountains to the east and New Mexico Badlands to the north will make for perfect pictures and lifelong memories.

Surrounded by high desert and wide-open spaces, you can see why Peerspaces are the Airbnb for elopements.

Host your elopement party in a Massachusetts brewery

Funky Taproom in Antique Mill Building
Source: Peerspace

This funky taproom in Amesbury, MA is a cool place to elope with up to 99 close friends. It’s a brewery housed in an out-of-the-way turn-of-the-century brick mill building with casual farmhouse tables, color-coordinated seating for 60+, and a panoramic view into our production facility.

Your elopement party will be enhanced by the rotating local artwork, the vintage arcade games, and the seasonal outdoor beer garden. There’s also a small performance stage, a pool table, cornhole, and board games. It’s a relaxed and friendly place where all ages can get together. And dogs, too!

Book an elopement bash in a vibrant Kentucky church

Converted Church with Spectacular Stained Glass
Source: Peerspace

Maybe you want to flip the tradition? Instead of getting married in a church, you could just have a party in a converted church after you elope. That’ll keep your friends on their toes!

This converted church with spectacular stained glass in Newport, Kentucky is a novel answer to the question of what’s like an Airbnb for elopements. “The main sanctuary space is an 1850 square ft. space with original hardwood floors, dazzling stained glass windows, elevated stage area, grand piano, and state of the art PA and projection system”.

The venue also has club lights and a disco ball, so an elopement dance party will be easy to pull off here, too. People will also be talking about your elopement party in a church for years to come.

Party it up at a Minneapolis event space speakeasy

Source: Peerspace

If you’re in Minneapolis, you need to see this Lowry Hill East event space with a lounge, speakeasy, theater, and game room! It is a 2,000-square-foot event space that comprises the different rooms, making it perfect for exploring and celebrating alongside your guests. The host provides tables, chairs, speakers, a projector, a stage, and of course, plenty of entertainment to thrill you and your partygoers.

Check out this helpful review from a past Peerspace renter: “This space is amazing! We had a big party (100 people) and it was perfect for that. Some people were dancing, and others had the chance to hang out at the bar or chat in the pool/ping pong room. The hosts were also flexible and very helpful.”

Next, check out our fabulous elopement ideas to make your big day special!

Peerspace is your Airbnb for elopements and will help you elope in style

industrial gallery and event space
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By now, you should consider Peerspace your Airbnb for elopements. Just like you and your partner, we also go against the grain to offer you affordable and stunning spaces in every corner of the globe. We offer you access to hidden gem venues in cities across the globe. And with our user-friendly platform, finding your dream elopement venue is easy.

And with the help of our venues and their amazing hosts, you can throw as big or as intimate of an event as you like with ease. It’s time to relax, enjoy yourselves, and say, “I do!”

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