Where To Host A Baby Shower & How To Make It Beyond Special

Welcoming a new baby always deserves a celebration. No matter how you’re related to the mom-to-be, being entrusted with planning a shower is an important responsibility. Not to mention a fun one! You want to shower her growing family with as much love as possible while creating a memorable event that she’ll always treasure. If you’re feeling stumped about how to do it, don’t worry. Peerspace is here to help. Here are some unique ideas on where to host a baby shower and how to make it extra special! 

Where to host a baby shower: how to choose the perfect venue

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While you can make unforgettable memories no matter where you are, changing the scenery is an excellent way to make a baby shower super memorable. Not only do you need enough room to accommodate all your guests, but you also need to set the stage for the baby shower fun to come. The venue sets the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the shower, so you must choose one that captures the vibe you’re going for. 

If you’re feeling stumped about where to find and book a venue, don’t worry. Peerspace makes it easy to find the perfect spot. You can filter listings by budget, guest capacity, style, and amenities in cities all over the globe. Want to host a baby shower with a view? Book a rooftop venue with scenic views of the entire city. Or maybe you’d like a venue that’s quiet and petite? Book an adorable micro venue that’s ideal for a shower with only a handful of guests.

Keep an eye out for venues that create a warm and open atmosphere, helping the mom-to-be feel right at home. You want to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages laughter and fun while she opens her gifts and spends time with her friends and family. Here are some ideas on how to intertwine the venue with the festivities that will make a shower extra special. 

Take the shower outdoors

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If you’re not careful, an indoor baby shower can run the risk of becoming stuffy or cramped. For expectant moms who love natural beauty, hosting at a venue with outdoor access is an excellent way to bring a breath of fresh air into your shower.

Look for venues that offer tons of open spaces and natural light, like this modern farmhouse (pictured above) in Woodlands, Texas. There is plenty of room in its lovely interior to host your guests. The exterior has a spacious deck, abundant outdoor greenery, and even a lakeside dock that’s perfect for snapping pics with a stunning backdrop. 

If you’re looking for something a bit cozier, keep an eye out for venues that offer a more petite greenspace, like this bohemian oasis in Glenwood, California. The expectant mom will get to enjoy some wonderful sunshine and fresh air while surrounded by comfortable and adorable bohemian furniture. It makes an excellent atmosphere for more relaxed baby showers. 

Channel your inner artist at a gallery

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What about baby showers for moms with an artistic side? Offering handmade gifts for the newest family member is always an excellent way to show your love. So why not craft some together at the baby shower?

Wondering where to host a crafting baby shower? Bright meetup spaces like this Portland daylight studio (pictured above) are perfect for hosting baby showers with a DIY slant. An open atmosphere and bright decor provide the ideal place for crafting. You can help the mom-to-be create a scrapbook for when the baby arrives or a unique arts and crafts project to display in the baby’s room. 

It’s an excellent way for everyone to show their excitement for the new baby while making memories on the big day.

Combine a baby shower with a special meal

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Combining your baby shower with a delicious meal is a beautiful way to up the memorability factor. The mom-to-be gets to feel the love with presents and well wishes while enjoying delicious food and satisfying pregnancy cravings. Brunch is an excellent meal to combine with a baby shower since it brings together the best of sweet and savory foods for maximum variety. 

Look for cute and airy venues to set the atmosphere for your memorable baby shower meal, like this adorable retro cafe in Seattle. You can accommodate up to 35 people in a funky dining room that’s straight out of an Edward Hopper painting. You can even add on a waffle bar when you book on Peerspace. Warm waffles and fantastic baby shower fun? Sign us up! 

Make it a coed affair

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While the expectant mom is usually the focus of the baby shower fun, there’s no reason why dad should be an afterthought. Keep him included by inviting his best guy friends and family to the party, making the baby shower a co-ed affair! Co-ed showers are an excellent way to bring the whole family together to celebrate the new baby, and they can bring out a ton of laughs too. 

Keep an eye out for venues with a more coed atmosphere, like this rustic cabin just outside of LA. It provides plenty of whimsical touches and colorful details that set the perfect stage for some hilarious coed baby shower games. Both parents are sure to feel the love!

The bottom line

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While choosing the right venue can help you set the perfect stage for your baby shower, the real fun comes from the memories you make inside it. We hope this has given you some ideas on where to host a baby shower that’s extra special!

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