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What people say about improv spaces on Peerspace

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  • Elad S.

    Space: Union Square Harry M. Smith Conference Room

    "...Second time here, and it was great as the first one. The new improvements were awesome - speakers and microphone in addition to the new location/size of the screen made this place event better. A must have for events..." 07/21/2017
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  • Jessica S.

    Space: Anywhere USA Modern Contemporary house

    "...absolutely tremendous. Jacob was so extremely helpful all throughout the day, making our shots move quickly and efficiently. He even had suggestions to help improve the aesthetic of the space and enhance our vision. This space was clean, full of character and gorgeous natural light all day long. Each room..." 03/14/2018
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  • Alison F.

    Space: Medium Conference Room in Manhattan Beach

    "...Very nice space. Easy to access, clean and great value. Amy responded very quickly and was helpful with any questions I had. The only improvement I'd suggest would the ability to pay for parking with card as opposed to cash..." 02/21/2018
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  • Scott C.

    Space: Pop Up Gallery and Photography Studio in SOMA

    "...always enjoy shooting in this space and the improvements to the studio added to the experience..." 03/15/2018
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  • Rowena O.

    Space: Gorgeous Modern Event Venue

    "...dropping off their respective items, even when I was the last one to arrive for setting up. I only have some minor suggestions on improving the experience, but I would not hesitate to book again..." 01/28/2018
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  • Christine O.

    Space: Welcoming Industrial SoMa Space with a Science Twist

    "...areas for seating, eating, and relaxing. There is also a good amount of furniture and outlets. Two bathrooms as well. My only suggestion to improve the experience would be for the working lab in the back to be more of a focus (e.g., placing spotlights on the experiments..." 11/10/2017