The Art of Asking for Feedback: A Journey to Your First Five-Star Review

Hey host, we’re glad you’re here!

So, your first booking is complete, but the journey to your first five-star review might not be. If this is the case for you, don’t worry! Keep reading to learn the simple art of asking for feedback.

Great reviews boost your credibility as a host. Well-written ones can even serve as an extension of your listing content, addressing common questions from potential guests and encouraging them to choose you for their next event. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that five-star reviews are crucial to your success on Peerspace.

The actions you take immediately after a booking ends are equally important as your initial conversation with a guest. Add your own flare to the following tips and you’ll be one step closer to your first five-star review.

Re-engage your guest with a personalized “thank you” note

  • Explore the Peerspace Message Library: Make a habit of following up with each guest personally and benefit from their insights for months, or even years, to come. If you have photos from the event, sharing them with your guest can be a natural way to follow up. Still struggling to think of an authentic way to re-open the conversation? Take a look through our library to spark some ideas.
  • Host tip: Complete a review of the guest. You’ll be required to anyway, and a timely review one to two days after the event can serve as a simple reminder for the guest to reciprocate.

Uplevel your offering for future guests

  • Edit your listings: Look for learnings in both positive and negative feedback. If you listen carefully, you may find valuable opportunities to improve your space for future guests. Use these opportunities to add photos from past events, update rules to prevent future missed expectations, or tailor your listing content based on what may have been a point of confusion or excitement.
  • Host tip: Consider reviewing guests’ feedback at regular intervals. Structuring time to do this can help you identify trends and prevent you from making significant changes based on a singular comment.  

Tell us how it went in our community forum

  • Ask your peers for feedback: Even if it might not feel like it, trust us —another host has been there! Seek feedback, advice, and support from your peers in our online community forum. Whether you have questions on how to implement some of the tips laid out in this blog post, you’re eager to share a few lessons learned from your first booking, or you simply want to connect with space owners like yourself, this is the place to do so.
  • Host tip: In addition to connecting with other hosts, seek to understand the Peerspace experience from a guest’s perspective. Try renting a Peerspace location for your own event. There’s no better way to learn the pain-points of your customer than to put yourself in their shoes.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, adopting these best practices now will better prepare you for your hosting journey on Peerspace. Trust us, your future self will be glad to did!