Go Behind the Scenes of Colton Underwood’s Podcast

Ever wonder what it’s like to launch your own podcast? Colton Underwood takes fans behind the scenes of his new show, “Daddyhood”, to explore how Peerspace helped bring his latest episodes to life. 

“Daddyhood” is a deeply personal exploration of Colton’s path to fatherhood, from navigating fertility challenges to the anticipation of holding his newborn for the first time. By opening up about his own experiences, Colton hopes to foster a sense of community around the joys and challenges of parenthood. Peerspace understands the importance of bringing people together, and was thrilled to provide Colton with the perfect New York City recording space to share his stories and engage with guests.

Colton’s goal was to find a bright, warm space to cultivate a comfortable and open environment for his interviews. He found the perfect option on Peerspace with this chic, old school studio loft., which is conveniently located on Canal Street in the heart of SoHo and Tribeca. This stunning loft is flooded with daylight and complete with 12′ ceilings, wood floors, and brick walls, making it  perfect for photo and video shoots, content creation, and events. Host Áwet has curated a beautiful space that boasts 5-star reviews from over 100 guests. 

Check out the video below to see how this space helped bring Colton’s podcasting vision to life. From setting up the equipment to capturing candid moments of reflection, Colton offers a sneak peek into the making of “Daddyhood” and how a space can help bring people together.

Looking for the perfect space to launch your own podcast? Check out Peerspace to find a recording studio near you, and check out Daddyhood on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Youtube.