Inside Helen Owen’s First Photo Shoot for Her New App

Helen Owen knows good content. The model and content creator has been building a personal lifestyle brand for years. Now she’s leveraging all her experience and launching her own photo and video editing app – Phlow. Helen knew that having great content for Phlow’s launch was essential and started the hunt for the perfect location.

Enter: Peerspace. While scrolling through Peerspace listings, Helen stumbled upon Chanado Hills, a 5 acre ranch less than an hour outside of Hollywood. Chanando Hills features a rustic aesthetic and multiple sets – including a 1950s gas station decor and telephone booth – that allowed Helen to highlight all the capabilities her app offers when it comes to capturing the perfect moment. 

Using Peerspace, Helen and her partner Zack were able to book the space and shoot all the content to bring their vision to life in one session at this sprawling ranch.  

During just one Peerspace booking, Helen was able to capture and edit a variety of shots using her Phlow app – including indoor and outdoor scenes, daylight-to-dusk lighting, and focus shifts between foreground and mountainous backgrounds. In only a few hours, Helen had enough content to show off her app’s preset filters, self timer functionality, and more.  

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