The Key to Finding the Perfect Venue For Your Offsite

How is anyone supposed to think big in a dingy hotel basement with floral carpet and dim lighting? Traditional hotels or boardrooms might be tempting options, but these spaces are often lackluster and dare we say, soul-crushing.

Think about the main purpose for the offsite and how you want your team to feel after leaving. The answer to these questions should help guide your search for a space. If you want the team leaving energized and inspired, space functionality and aesthetics will be important variables.

To ensure your offsite goes off without a hitch, consider the following factors when choosing the right venue for your team.  

How To Choose a Strategic Planning Offsite Venue

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Location might be the biggest factor when starting your search. First, ask the leader of the meeting if they want a venue close to the office or if they want a space more remote, like a nature retreat venue. Another factor to think about is if the team is planning any activities after the offsite. If they’re headed for dinner or drinks afterwards, make sure there are plenty of restaurants or bars near the venue.


You want the team arriving to the offsite relaxed and ready for the day, not stressed from their morning commute. If the venue is farther from the office, make sure everyone has directions ahead of time. You might even provide valet or give the team rideshare promo codes so they don’t have to worry about expensing later.


Ask for the headcount so you know how large of a venue to book. Then double check that there’s enough seating for each activity. Because break time and bonding during meals are so important, ensure the team has a place to eat together comfortably.


Depending on your budget, you’ll know if you can splurge or if you’ll need to save on the venue. Plan to spend about 70% of your budget on the venue so you’ll still have enough funds for food, transportation, and supplies.


Think back to the purpose of the offsite and what aesthetics are important to the team. Unique venues with lofts, natural light, and even outdoor space will help create an atmosphere conducive for creativity and inspiration.

Creative Offsite Venue

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Look at the scheduled presentations and sessions to determine the layout needs. Will the team want a classroom style setup or something more casual? Then designate breakout areas for any brainstorm or creative sessions.

Food and beverage  

Once you’ve nailed down what catering you want for the offsite, work out the logistics of where they should deliver and set up. Pro tip: Check in with our concierge team to find the catering best suited for your offsite.

AV and other supplies  

Find out about your audio and visual needs making sure the venue is well equipped before booking. Ask the team lead if a projector, television, and other presenting supplies like whiteboards, a flip chart, and/or post-it notes are needed. These little details can make a big impact.

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