Preparing to Impress Guests: A Journey to Your First Five-Star Review

So here’s the secret…

The key to a five-star booking lies in your ability to make your guest feel taken care of and welcome in your space, especially on the day of their event. And nurturing these feelings starts from the moment you press “accept”.

A hospitable host goes the extra mile, even before the guest arrives. Try putting a few of these best practices into action now and you’ll be well on your way to a fabulous first booking.

Coordinate finer details as the event date nears

  • Add “Getting There” instructions — we’ll take care of the rest: This is your chance to detail those logistics that never change, like where to park and what the Wi-Fi password is. We’ll automatically send this information to guests as well, so they have it handy when they need it most. You only have to do this once – take five minutes now!
  • Explore the Peerspace Message Library: Send your guest a few personalized notes leading up to the event. Planning is a stressful task, so your offer to lend a hand will go a long way.
  • Host tip: Nobody likes surprises. If something isn’t working properly, like the Wi-Fi or air conditioning, let the guest know in advance. This will help you both make preparations, if necessary.

Anticipate guests’ needs through a day-of welcome kit

  • Personalize and print an itinerary for your guest: Your guest will likely be juggling a handful of tasks the day of their booking. Having a physical guide on the ins-and-outs of your space will give your guest peace of mind and also reduce their reliance on you to answer (and re-answer) questions when they arise. A good rule of thumb? If it’s worth explaining in person, it’s worth writing down.
  • Host tip: What unexpected “extra moment” will surprise and delight this guest? Whether it’s a few take-out menus from your favorite restaurant around the corner or cold drinks in the fridge, your warm welcome will be sure to make an impression. Stuck on what to do? Return to questions you asked in the beginning, such as “Why did you book our space?”, and work to highlight this element the day-of.

Refresh your memory on key booking policies

  • Be prepared to update your booking: If the size, date, time, or price of your confirmed booking changes, don’t fret — and definitely don’t cancel! Select the “Update Booking” option in your Inbox and enter the changes you would like to make. Once your guest approves them, the changes will be instantly applied.
  • Spotless spaces make a difference: Guests will expect to find your space sparkling when they arrive. Your listing photos set an expectation, so be intentional to meet that expectation by cleaning in advance. Remember, basic cleaning is the host’s responsibility. If you haven’t set a cleaning fee yet, you may want to consider doing so.
  • Learn how to handle overtime and extra charges: Overtime is a frequent inevitability, so be sure you’re well-versed in how this policy works on Peerspace. Include reminders whenever possible, such as in your day-of itinerary, to clarify expectations and potential added costs. Although this can feel awkward, being upfront can help set a respectful tone.
  • Host tip: Document the space before and after the event by conducting a short walkthrough with your guest. Treat the walkthrough as part of your “welcome kit,” taking the time to point out where the restrooms are while gently reminding them of any rules.

At the end of the day, operating with this proactive mindset is a great place to start with your bookings:

“I think the most important thing is to be available. Issues or questions can come up that weren’t anticipated and being able to address them quickly makes for a smoother booking.” Anne F., Power Host

While this list isn’t exhaustive, adopting these best practices now will better prepare you for your hosting journey on Peerspace. Trust us, your future self will be glad you did!