Meet Ángel, Space for Change Recipient

Ángel Añazco is a talented multidisciplinary artist and 2021 Space for Change recipient. We caught up with Ángel to see how Space for Change and Peerspace helped bring her photo series, On Display, to life. 

As described by Ángel, “the series is deeply rooted in exploring the intersection of pre-colonial South American Incan art and European art history, with a focus on reclaiming our identities as artists of trans experience and Indigenous South American descent.”

Upon receiving Peerspace credit through the Space for Change, Ángel was able to book a fantastic daylight studio in East Williamsburg that offered “the perfect canvas to create and capture the intimate beauty rituals and performance elements that are integral to the project.”

Ángel noted that “the natural light in the studio was a game-changer, allowing us to play with shadows and highlights, enhancing the visual storytelling aspect of our work.” Booking through Peerspace also allowed Ángel to “engage with our communities and wider audiences, encouraging them to question traditional practices and their roles within their own communities.”

Learn more about Space for Change and how to apply for space credit to bring your vision to life here.

Photo Credit

  • @machupicchuprincess 
  • @hellohollhouse