The 6 Best Costume Rental Companies in Toronto (2024)


Event venues on Peerspace typically cost $80 — $220 per hour.

Hoping to discover the best costume rental companies in Toronto for your costume needs? As Canada’s biggest city and a major global metropolitan, it’s no surprise that there are tons of events happening in Toronto at all times. That means there are plenty of occasions on which you might need to wear a costume in Toronto, like Halloween! You may also need to purchase high-quality costumes if you’re working on a production for Toronto’s thriving stage and film scene. And let’s be honest: those can be pretty costly.

The affordable and equally good alternative is costume rental. That way, you get to step into a different identity for a little while and then return the costume after the event or production. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent costume rental companies in Toronto. Ahead, we’ve curated a list of our faves to ensure you find the best costume, whatever your needs.

How to book amazing Toronto venues for your events and productions

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Looking for a place to wear your costume? We recommend Peerspace, where you can discover and rent venues to bring your creative vision to life in Toronto and beyond. Whether you’re hosting an epic party, a professional performance, a photoshoot, or anything else, you can find a Peerspace that has the style and amenities you want that work with your budget and location preferences.

So what types of unique venues can you book in Toronto through Peerspace? Here are a few of our favorite options:

As you can see, we’re not just talking about any venues; we’re talking stunning art studios, bright loft spaces, artistic homes, and so many more! Since Peerspaces are hosted by locals who support your event, be it a production or an event, and are at hand if you need help planning any part of your event.

But enough about us! Now, let’s get to the list of the best costume rental companies in Toronto.

1. Get everything you need for your costume party at Woodbridge Costumes

Woodbridge Costumes is one of our favorite costume rental companies in Toronto, thanks to its variety. They specialize in period and disco costumes, including wigs, accessories, masks, makeup, hats, and more. All their merch is available for rent and even for purchase if you decide you just can’t part with your new favorite costume at the end of a rental period. We can’t even begin to list everything they have available, so check out their costume rental list to get a sense of what’s on offer.

A happy Woodbridge Costumes customer shares the following about their experience: “I would definitely recommend this place!! From service, the quality, and pricing, everything was great, and also had no issues placing my order, was very easy. The Costumes were better than I expected and reasonably priced. Was such a pleasant experience dealing with Woodbridge Costumes.”

2. Have a blast exploring the range of goods at Thunder Thighs Costumes

Thunder Thighs Costumes has an unbelievable array of costume options, whatever your needs. The store contains 7 million pieces that it has accumulated over its 40 years of operation. As they describe it: “From rare period pieces, to iconic character and set styles, to hard-to-find or unusual modern costumes–and pretty much anything else you need — Thunder Thighs has film-quality costumes for every production, large and small.” 

Since they tend to work with productions only, they do not carry packaged costumes for events. Before heading over there, be sure to schedule an appointment first.

According to one reviewer, who’s clearly a mega-fan of Thunder Thighs: “It’s amazing. Run, don’t walk … Come here, it’s pretty incredible.” Another enthusiastic reviewer noted: “This is a very fun spot. Their collection of vintage costumes is impossibly big, and they would have anything you could be looking for in [the] way of a uniform or period costume piece. Suits, pants, and shirts are listed by the decade they come from with plain and outrageous pieces from each period.” 

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3. Get amazing clothes and exceptional service at Reflections Vintage, Antiques and Theatrical Costumes

Reflections has a fantastic array of costumes, ranging from the 1920s and Steampunk to Christmas and 1970s-themed. Check out a list of all their categories of offerings, with numerous individual ensembles listed for your perusal. You can also browse the costumes that are currently available to rent, such as these for women, from all different eras. 

As a reviewer commented about this total gem: “I seriously cannot get enough of Reflections’ amazing clothing and costumes, but above all, the attention that this family-owned business gives to me and every friend (and boss!) I have brought over to the east end store.”

There’s an evident passion behind everything they do over at Reflections — the owner, Karyn, is always more than willing to take the time to give personalized advice and feedback about costumes and accessories. This kind of service can be invaluable, especially if you’re new to costume rentals.

4. Nab stunning period costumes for events and productions from Malabar Ltd.

Malabar Costume Rentals offers thousands of historical period costumes, going back to ancient civilizations up to as recently as the 1980s. In the thousands of years between, you’ll find biblical, medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Victorian, and many more costumes, all categorized by era, region, and type of costume. They even have mascot costume rentals if that’s more what you’re in the market for.

If you’re getting married in the Greater TO area, Malabar even offers costume wedding parties! It’s definitely one of the more unique ways of getting hitched.

If you’re interested, you can reach out to their Toronto Rental Department at [email protected], and they’ll send you a photo of any of their costumes. Clearly, there’s a reason that Malabar is one of our absolute favorite costume rental companies in Toronto!

5. Procure high-quality, transportive costumes from Theatrix Costume House

For more than half a century, Theatrix Costume House has provided theatrical-quality costumes for stage productions and film and television. But they also serve the public for more standard events, like Halloween and costume parties. This is the place to go if you’re looking for genuinely realistic, high-quality costumes. In fact, it’s one of the largest privately owned collections of such costumes in North America! 

Check out their online rental shop to see what they have available, which you can sort according to numerous categories to find the perfect outfit for your big event. And if, instead of a costume rental, you need something really personalized and specific, they even make top-notch custom designs. 

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6. Get incredibly intricate costumes for your production at Berman and Company Costume Rentals

Berman and Company is an unparalleled resource and one that Toronto residents are fortunate to have access to. Since they purchased the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s wardrobe in 2007, they now have over ONE MILLION costumes. From characters, historical military, period pieces, and contemporary costumes. But you won’t get too overwhelmed. They have everything cleverly sorted by era, style, and color, making it simple to find the outfit that’s right for you.

Their 23,000-square-foot showroom is a major supplier for the TV, film, fashion, and photography industries. Note that Berman and Company’s costumes are of such high quality that they’re primarily oriented toward professional productions and maybe not the office Halloween party.

7. Make your child’s next party one to remember with Right Choice Children’s Entertainment

Children’s parties have become elaborate events that adults plan over the course of months. And if you need costume rental companies in Toronto to cater to a kid’s gathering, then look no further than Right Choice Children’s Entertainment. This Toronto-based company provides kid’s parties with all types of fun services, like clown rentals, photo booths, bouncy houses, caricature artists, and, yes, costume rentals.

Parents can rent costumes to look like their kid’s favorite character from a movie or TV show, delighting their child and their guests. You can also rent group costumes so your child and their friends can play fancy dress up at a gathering. And because the staff is so committed to providing you with the right costume for your event, they work with you to find the perfect one in your budget.

Costume rental companies in Toronto: conclusion

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Now that you have the perfect spot to pick up your jaw-dropping costume rental, book an equally stunning Peerspace to celebrate your exceptional taste in style!

Book this central downtown loft studio in West Queen West for meetings and events. Or, how about this luxurious loft studio in Armdale for rehearsals? If you’re looking for a Halloween party-worthy space, then you need to see this downtown vintage event space with a stage! These are just a small example of the types of amazing spaces you can rent with ease through Peerspace.

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