The 7 Best Pet Photographers in Vancouver

Looking for the top pet photographers in Vancouver to capture your fur friends? At Peerspace, we get it! Like any profession, pet photography is a complicated art form, and it takes years of practice and skill to craft the purfect image.

It’s also clear that pet photographers really love their job — and who can blame them? Working all day long with some of the cutest animals out there sounds like a dream job. Of all the creatives on the scene right now, here are our favorite pet photographers in Vancouver!

1. High Paw Photography

“Wooded parks, sandy beaches, urban backdrops, and city views” all feature in Margeaux Nicholas’s magnificent pet photography. She specially caters to dogs and has a way of making each one in front of her lens feel comfortable. In fact, clients have also left rave reviews about Margeaux’s ability to work with skittish or untrusting pets! An ease with animals should always be a top priority when selecting a pet photographer.

Not only do Margeaux’s photographs capture the individual personalities of each animal, but the stunning visual quality of each picture truly speaks to her expertise in her craft. Whether you have a tiny, nervous Shih Tzu or a big, curious Doberman, High Paw Photography is the place to go for a superb portrait of your furry loved one.

2. Vancouver Pet Photography

It’s all in the name here at Vancouver Pet Photography, run by the mother of two dogs, Katherine Gonzalez. Katherine does more than just snap photos of animals; she also turns them into artwork. She adds props and costumes which are both hilarious and super cute, guaranteed to elicit a tender “awww!” from any visiting guest.

Katherine’s photography style is warm and inviting, and it’s easy to see how comfortable she makes the animals feel. From careful studio set-ups to on-the-fly outdoor shoots, Katherine is a master in her art. She’s an easy addition to our list of Vancouver’s best pet photographers.

3. Sit Stay Studios

At Sit Stay Studio, every critter is welcome, from horse to guinea pig to dog, even to rat! Ashleigh works hard to ensure that everyone leaves with a great photograph, even if your pet is a little unruly. “Do NOT worry if you think your dog isn’t ‘well mannered,’” she says on her website. “The pets shown most likely all behaved exactly the way your pet will on their session day!”

With patience and persistence, Ashleigh works to the pet’s personality, and the results speak for themselves. We especially love the cute backgrounds and fun-loving props that Ashleigh incorporates into her pictures. It all lends a certain special charm to the finished product.

4. Rambling Hound Photography

What sets Heather MacNeill’s photography apart from the rest is the majestic, stoic awareness that she elicits from the pets she photographs. Kitty cats become light-footed panthers; the family dog becomes the noble wolf. Heather brings her equipment to you, using the animal’s natural home setting as the backdrop to ensure a calm, trusting, happy time for all.

Heather’s customers have all left glowing reviews, but we’re especially struck by one owner whose beloved pet is no longer with us. Every day, they explain, they get to look at these “beautiful photos taken by Heather to keep his memory alive”. Pets come into our homes and into our hearts, and once they are gone, we treasure the reminders of our time together forever.

5. Wally and Roops Pet Photography

Together, Sarah and John are the driving force behind Wally and Roops Pet Photography, named for their adorable pooch companions. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous colors that pervade Sarah and John’s work. Deep, rich, and forceful, it’s almost more like looking at a painting than a picture.

There is a special emphasis put on outdoor settings, and it’s clear how much the animals involved love it. Big smiles, perky ears, and romping frolics are all hallmarks of Wally and Roops Pet Photography. And these features secure them a spot on the list of top pet photographers in Vancouver.

6. Off Leash Photography

Whether you have a “dog, cat, or parrot,“ says Angie Wojciechowska — owner of Off Leash Photography — then this is the place for you! Angie is an absolute master of capturing the little moments, a cocked head here or a tongue out there, and everything in between.

We especially love her artistic black and white portraits. These best capture that enduring spirit of trust and companionship which lives inside each of our pets. From puppies to elderly canines, Angie has a comprehensive portfolio of furry friends, including owner-and-pet duos, which clients can’t get enough of.

7. Cool Cat Photography

Make way for the kitties — Cool Cat Photography is all about the felines (although a few dogs creep in from time to time!). Cécile Gambin is a talented pet photographer based out of North Vancouver and is accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).

In fact, Cécile has a broad array of experiences under her belt. Along with photographing animals, she’s also a working photographer in action, documentary, and lifestyle! Cécile really paints with light in her in-studio pet sessions, capturing the essence of each pet as though she were working with humans and not animals.

Bonus: Cedar & Bark Photography

Deb Stevenson helms Cedar & Bark, a Vancouver pet photography studio that creates gorgeous lifestyle portraits of all your pet friends. And we mean all! While the vast majority of her portfolio contains photos of precious pooches, you’ll also find photos of cats, rabbits, and even snakes.

What sets Deb’s images apart from the pack is her use of props and sets. This allows her to not only take truly sweet and memorable photographs but photographs that capture your pet’s personality. She also lets owners get in on the fun, meaning you can take family-style portraits with your favorite furry and scaley family members if you like. No matter what you opt for, Cedar & Bark are sure to provide you with timeless keepsakes.

Pet photographers in Vancouver: conclusion

pet photographers in Vancouver
Source: Peerspace

From the wiggling nose to the tippy-tapping toes of their subjects, these talented pet photographers in Vancouver are the tail-wagging tops of their field.

Any pet owner will tell you that their animals are more than just pets — they’re family. Having professional portraits taken of our loveable furry family members is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. And from the proliferation of pet pics out there, we can see that the demand is high. After you book your favorite pet photographer, come back here to Peerspace and book a dream photoshoot location. Whether you prefer a stylish loft, a professional studio, or a wide-open outdoor space, Peerspace has hundreds of hidden gem rental spaces in Vancouver to bring any artistic endeavor to life.

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