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Industrial Film/Photo Studio

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon150

Film Studio project or music video, a talk show, have a production meeting, or do a photo shoot, this studio will fit all your content creation needs. If you want to be creative and have a custom set built, our set builders are here to help...
27 Sets In 1 Content Creation Studio **NEWLY RENOVATED** | Cassandra Smith Agency

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon2

Photo Studio

Welcome to Cassandra Smith Agency. The main entrance opens into a reception area with comfortable seating with plants and decorative items to create a calm and inspiring atmosphere. The space have 27 sets with 9 seperate rooms from the office setting, airplane room, barbie box...
Textured Stoned Wall

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon6

Photo / Video Studio

...casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the space. This abundant natural light enhances the ambiance, creating the perfect setting for photoshoots, meetings, or any occasion that demands a touch of radiance. Our PeerSpace isn't just about aesthetics; it's about functionality and convenience...
The Ultimate Venue For Dynamic And Fruitful Meetings

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon20

Office Meeting Room

...brainstorming session. Discover the ultimate venue for dynamic and fruitful meetings. Infused with a fusion of contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, our meeting space is meticulously designed to enhance your corporate or creative dialogues. Our conference area comes complete with Wi-Fi, TV...
PhotoStudio: 20+ Sets, Natural Light, Creative, 2500sq/ft Photo, Video, Events, Podcasts

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon100

Photo Studio is always chaning sets and creating new looks. Beautiful well light natural light Lobby for shooting and meetings, then 2500 Sq/Ft of playland for creative minds. From White/Black Walls, to color paper, Snow/Fog Machine to RAIN Room, Living room to Bedroom, Cloud set to...
Natural Light Cyclorama Space

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon15

Cyclorama Space

This is the ULTIMATE CREATIVE space features our 15' wide, 16' tall cyclorama wall. It offers the space you need for top tier productions. The max capacity is 15 people. Equipment includes: LED Lighting 2 C-Stands Multiple Modifiers Plus More...
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Creative Private Office

Gwinnett Village, Norcross, GA

Venue capacity icon4

Private Work Office

...Need a Creative Office Space? Tired of working in the basement and need a change of environment? This is the best office space to be! Or if you need to hold a private meeting with a client or two then you are at the right...

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Reviews for creative meeting spaces

Jacqueline H.
Industrial Sunlit Loft Downtown
Definitely a relaxing, quiet, calming space! I used it to have a meeting, but would definitely consider renting the space again for creative meetings or gatherings, for photoshoots or video filming. Whitney was very responsive and helpful...
Stephanie M.
Large Function Open Plan Space
hosted a meet up for decorative sticker lovers (adults not kids) and it was the perfect creative space for my event. It was bright, spacious, great sound system. I could bring in outside catering too. Friendly and helpful staff. Would book here again...
Veda S.
Charming Co-Working Space in Corner Design Studio in Andersonville, Chicago
great! The host had someone to meet me at the exact time I arrived and show me how to direct my co-workers into the space as they arrived. It was a great space for our workshop today which allowed us to be creative with various play therapies (using art...
Brittany C.
Podcast, Voiceover and Interview Creative Studio
sound treatment! It served my purpose nicely, which was to track my vocals for my upcoming EP. I was worried there would be a meeting in the neighboring conference room, but there wasn’t, and it was extremely quiet. I only came across one other person in the building, but...
Chundria B.
Board Room in South-Loop close to Downtown
day, Femi's attention to detail and friendly demeanor made the entire experience seamless. I highly recommend Femi's board room for any creative project or meeting. The space and Femi's hospitality significantly contributed to the success of our film. Thank you, Femi...
Lane O.
East Williamsburg Ground-Floor Daylight Loft & Photo Studio - All Equipment Included
Qasim's place is perfect for any shooting, fitting, or general creative meeting you want to have. The space is exactly as advertised, and has a multitude of useful lights and objects across the space. I conducted a fitting in Qasim's place, my guests were able to change comfortable...
Myrlande J.
Creative Multifunctional Hub
Multifunctional Hub was exceptional. Whether you are looking for a space to work independently, collaborate with colleagues, or host meetings, this office provides a superb environment. I highly recommend Creative Multifunctional Hub to anyone seeking a professional and inviting workspace...
Karla R.
Professional Spacious Conference Room
From the moment I stepped into this chic and modern office space, I knew I had found the perfect place to cultivate creativity and productivity. The sleek design, coupled with ample natural light, creates an ambiance that is both inspiring and energizing. The amenities are top-notch, from the state...