12 Best Boudoir Photographers in San Antonio

Keeping your eyes peeled for the best San Antonio boudoir photographers? Then you’re in luck! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace work with photographers every day, helping them book the perfect creative space for their next project. Needless to say, we see a lot of killer photography! And we want to help you find the perfect boudoir photographer, whether this is your first shoot or your 30th!

Nothing says “I’m feeling myself” like booking a boudoir photoshoot. With a hair and makeup makeover, fun outfits, music, and sometimes champagne, the boudoir experience is like a mini party for one. When’s the last time you got to feel that glamorous? Now is the time to treat yourself. We rounded up a list of the best boudoir photographers in San Antonio to help make it even easier to give yourself a special day. 

1. Miss Mary Boudoir

Mary wants you to throw all the beauty standards you have been trying to conform to out the window. It’s her mission to empower women of all walks of life to feel beautiful. The neon signs in her studio also add a touch of glamour to this empowering boudoir photography experience in San Antonio.

In fact, Mary takes bold, steamy photos that bring out the badass in every client. (Check out her Instagram to see for yourself!) None of the women she photographs are professional models, but they all appear to be dripping with confidence in every photo. That can be you too! We think this historic neoclassical estate would make the perfect backdrop for a boudoir session dripping in luxury.

2. Savannah B Photography


If you’re ready to feel like the next Bettie Page, you’re in luck. Savannah is one of the only boudoir photographers in San Antonio who offers pin-up style shoots. Her work also has an edgy, playful vibe that we adore.

Savannah’s photos are often bold and colorful, but she’s just as skilled at classic boudoir with more neutral backgrounds. She’s 420 friendly and fearless when it comes to experimenting with different photoshoot themes. 

3. Sunflower Stills

If you’re looking for an average boudoir photographer in San Antonio, keep scrolling. Sunflower Stills owner Jenny is a quirky soul who rejects conformity. She also wants to see you bloom in all your unique glory in your boudoir shoot. In fact, her whimsical work is always inspired by nature. It’s the perfect fit for those who love the outdoors and naturally lit photos. 

Jenny also clearly strikes a true kinship with her clients. Just check out this one review as an example. “I absolutely adore Jenny & her style! I’ve always had this particular dream photoshoot and she made it come to life, flawlessly! I immediately felt comfortable & a beautiful connection with her! can’t express enough how much fun we had, and how easy it was to be a “model”. I highly recommend her! You will have a beautiful experience & have a keepsake for a lifetime! Book the photoshoot!!”

4. Kiwi Kouture

For unique boudoir photography in San Antonio, check out Kiwi Kouture. Photographer Dane takes timeless, elegant shoots that capture all your best angles. If you’re new to boudoir, he will also guide you through every step of the process. And along with his hair and makeup stylist, Courtney, you will feel incredible in no time. Explore their website for shoot ideas and other valuable resources.

Your boudoir session can take place in a local San Antonio studio or right in your home. This downtown apartment would make the perfect setting.

5. Diamonds and Pearls Boudoir

You won’t find a more inspiring boudoir photographer in San Antonio. Diamond and Pearls owner Crystal is a two-time cancer survivor. The surgeries that saved her life left her scarred and knocked down her confidence. However, after doing a boudoir shoot that helped her reclaim her self-esteem, Crystal left the wedding photography business to build her own boudoir portfolio.

In fact, giving others the empowering experience that allowed her to reclaim her own confidence is her greatest joy. Crystal’s versatile style ranges from dark and moody to soft and bright.

6. Olvera Boudoir

“Life is short. Get naked.” is the motto of this husband and wife-owned boudoir studio. Sam and Crystal are the power couple behind the biz. Crystal handles the details, and Sam is the posing master. Working together benefits their creative eye and of course, their clients in turn.

Most of their work is black and white because they believe that is the best way to spotlight your soul in photos. They book maternity and bridal boudoir sessions and love working with creative themes. This creative space in Uptown is perfect for your next session.

7. The Blühen Studio


“Blühen” means “bloom” in German. It’s a beautiful acknowledgment of how your sexy side will blossom through a transformative boudoir photoshoot. Natural light photographer Adrien not only does boudoir photography in San Antonio, she also shoots weddings through her other studio, Pine and Blossom. Her work has a soft and stunning catalog quality to it.

Although boudoir can be awkward at first, Adrien is confident that she will make all of her clients feel comfortable enough to leave the shoot as her newest BFFs.

8. Erin Valkner Photography

Erin Valkner wants to show you the beauty you might not always see in yourself through her magazine-style boudoir photography in San Antonio. You can have your session in her studio or on location (we recommend this loftstyle home!).

Erin works in black and white as well as color to highlight your body in different ways. She is also truly enthusiastic about the work that she does. She seeks to capture “expression and connection,” because to her, that’s what brings a beautiful light to every photo.

9. Blush

After spending much of her career shooting gorgeous mother and baby portraits, Brittany fell in love with photographing the mothers. She decided to offer boudoir photography in San Antonio to focus exclusively on celebrating female beauty. Her photos are shadowy and sensual.

She also shoots boudoir films to capture a 360 view of clients in all their sexy glory. So if you’ve ever wanted to be a movie star, here’s your chance! If you’re on the fence, just take a look at her Instagram to see examples of her work.

10. Unleashed Boudoir

Although she started as a wedding photographer like most boudoir photographers in San Antonio, Lauren Fryer believes boudoir is not just for brides. It’s an indulgent experience every woman deserves to give herself. Lauren loves boudoir for its body-positive, confidence-building power.

She has a versatile but always glamorous style. Occasionally, she works in black and white, but most of her photos are naturally lit in such a way that allows colorful lipstick and lingerie shades to pop. 

11. Mary Gongora Photography


Mary Gongora loves capturing strong women. She firmly believes boudoir is for everyone, so if you’ve been having second thoughts for any reason, let this be your sign to stick with your decision to book a session! Although the sultry shots she takes are unbelievably gorgeous, Mary feels boudoir is more about the experience as a whole than actual photos that result from it. Book her for unforgettable boudoir photography in San Antonio. 

12. Franco Saverio of Boudoir Poderosa


Get the tissues ready, because the story behind this boudoir studio is a tearjerker. Franco Saverio is a former combat photojournalist who started doing boudoir to help women with their self-esteem in honor of his mother, who was always put down by his emotionally abusive father.

Franco has done some of the most creative-themed-styled shoots of any boudoir photographer in San Antonio. From outdoors and high on rooftops to cars and even cemeteries, he has made the world his studio. But if you want to keep it low-key, Franco also shoots classic indoor boudoir.

Bonus: Vanity Boudoir

Oscar McNally of Vanity Boudoir is on a mission to show women just how gorgeous they are, one image at a time. He is a talented artist who also happens to have a way when it comes to empowering his subjects. Oscar’s team includes long-time professional hair and makeup artists to glam you up to perfection.

Plus, he himself can help you find the perfect outfits for your shoot. Overall, he is a talented photographer who creates playful, sultry shoots. Check out his portfolio to see if he’s your boudoir match!

San Antonio boudoir photographers + Peerspace = incredible

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Booking a boudoir photoshoot is a luxurious way to show yourself some much-deserved love. You won’t regret giving yourself the gift of an empowering experience. Invest in yourself and reach out to one of these wonderful photographers to get started. Also, if you need a venue or just want an alternative photoshoot location, check out Peerspace. In fact, we have countless stunning spaces in San Antonio ranging from professional studios to million-dollar mansions. For a unique destination shoot, try one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city.

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