11 Romantic Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Preparing for your pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot, but not sure what theme and location would suit you and your soon-to-be spouse best? We’ve got 11 romantic pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for you to peruse, including links to some Peerspace venues that you can rent by the hour as the ideal location for your photoshoot.

1. Make a shot list with the photographer

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in San Antonio
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The photography experts over at Shotkit recommend putting together a shot list bin advance of your photoshoot. This “is a checklist that includes all the essential shots you need to make in a pre-wedding photoshoot, such as a close-up of the engagement ring.” Doing so will ensure that you don’t go through the entire photoshoot and forget to get that one shot that you were excitedly planning. Luckily, the internet provides lots of shot lists as a jumping-off point, which you can customize to your liking (here’s a helpful example from Green Wedding Shoes).

2. Woodland photoshoot

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas
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Embrace the beauty of nature with a woodland photoshoot, backed by trees and, if possible, some impressive wilderness vistas. In case you’d like to ensure that you have plenty of privacy for your photoshoot, you can rent a Peerspace that includes access to woodland on the property. For instance, this modern forest retreat in Austin, TX includes both a stunning, contemporary two-bed and 1.5-bath house as well as lush, gorgeous woods full of beautiful trees. From one reviewer who booked a video shoot at this location: “Lovely space! Worked great for our recipe shoot.”

There’s also this charming forest cottage in Shorewood, MN, where “each space has been thoughtfully appointed with assorted art, furniture, fixtures, and colors to give both pretty and minimal backdrops and moody opulent options.” In addition to these lovely and photogenic interiors (see the photos in the listing for more details!), the outdoor space is brightly lit and forested.

3. Rowboat photoshoot

Mermaid Photoshoot Ideas
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For this adorable pre-wedding photoshoot idea, rent a rowboat and have photos taken of you and your beau floating out on a pond or lake in your area. This one’s an absolute classic, and we can bet you’ll cherish the resulting photos for years to come.

Check out our creative intimate couple photoshoot ideas for more suggestions and venues!

4. Retro photoshoot

Mid-Century Modern Wedding
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Is there a past decade that you and your fiancé are obsessed with? For instance, perhaps you both can’t get enough of the music, fashion, film, and overall aesthetic of the 1960s. If so, incorporating a 60s theme is going to be an awesome pre-wedding photoshoot idea.

5. Minimalist loft photoshoot

Urban Photoshoot Ideas
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Find a loft with huge windows and great light and take advantage of these for your photoshoot. You won’t need much more than that for this pre-wedding photoshoot idea, besides the outfits of your choice. In terms of attire, we’d recommend either embracing the minimalist look and going really simple with your clothes, or else choosing extra-fancy, even maximalist attire to contrast with the setting.

There are thousands of lofts by the hour for rent via Peerspace, so there’s almost certainly one available in your area! For example, renters love this charismatic loft in a downtown Concord, NC mill building, which “gives a ‘moody’ vibe yet radiates vintage personality–16ft high ceilings of exposed wood, an exposed concrete wall aligned with large arched windows pouring in natural light, original rustic hardwood floors, and with some metal walls for privacy of storage/office space.”

6. Road trip photoshoot

Barbie Photoshoot Ideas
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You don’t have to go on a whole road trip for a road trip photoshoot, but you definitely can if this sounds appealing to you! Just head out on a local, relatively picturesque road and snap some photos by the side of the road (making sure you only do so in locations where it’s safe, of course).

7. Explore the city

Secret Spots in NYC
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Or maybe the two of you are big fans of the landscape of the city where you live. In that case, our top pre-wedding photoshoot idea would be to simply walk around your favorite neighborhood(s) and be photographed with an urban streetscape as your backdrop.

8. Casual at-home photoshoot

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Portland
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Looking to go really low-key and natural with your photoshoot, and avoid spending much money? Have your engagement/pre-wedding photos taken at home, in your “natural element.” Have yourselves photographed enjoying everyday activities like cooking, baking, or simply hanging out on the couch sipping mugs of coffee together. It’s hard to get cozier than that!

Our creative at-home photoshoot ideas provide plenty of inspiration for this suggestion!

9. Cozy garden picnic photoshoot

20th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
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Find a garden you can rent by the hour and plan a picnic for your photoshoot! The added benefit here is that you get to eat delicious picnic foods while you’re photographed. There’s this gorgeous Renaissance garden and medieval cottage in Austin, TX, with 1.5 acres of Renaissance-style gardens that are designed for use in professional photoshoots. On the property you’ll find “multiple marble statues set in lush gardens, a medieval gazebo, a Renaissance inspired Grotto, a Romanesque swimming pool, [and] koi ponds.” If you and your future spouse are the kind of couple that loves to attend Renaissance fairs together, you’ll may want to give this one a try.

And if you’re looking for a different vibe, these serene gardens in Scottsdale, AZ are the ideal location to spend a few hours savoring a picnic and snapping photos with your beloved. Serenity Gardens includes “1.74 acres of lush gardens with 2 giant koi ponds, bamboo, rose garden and over 40 statues on the grounds….plus 2 peacocks.” The hosts boast that “you will feel like you are in another world in this tropical paradise.” It’s no wonder that the 30+ reviews are so positive, with one renter commenting, “Karen was a gracious host and we were able to take fabulous engagement pictures in her magical backyard.”

10. Beach photoshoot

Encanto Party Ideas
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There’s a reason beaches are such a classic location for a romantic photoshoot! If you live anywhere near a beach – it could be coastal, or even a nearby lake. This is a safe bet as a setting for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

11. Proposal photoshoot

Peach And Green Wedding
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If you’re planning your proposal, you can surprise your spouse with not only an engagement ring but also a photographer present to capture their reaction. The topic of planning your proposal definitely warrants its own article (check out this one from Brides Magazine for guidance), but there’s no denying that you’ll treasure these photos.

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