What’s Like an Airbnb for Conference Rooms? (2024)

Are you in the market for an Airbnb for conference rooms? Perhaps you and your business associates need a dedicated space to strategize and align on common goals. Conference rooms also provide the ideal setting for delivering presentations that educate and engage attendees.

Additionally, they offer a private venue for offsite meetings, allowing management teams to discuss sensitive and confidential matters away from the usual office environment where conversations might be overheard. These spaces are designed to facilitate effective communication and collaboration, ensuring your meetings are productive and successful.

No matter the reason, we’re here to show you how to book a conference room that meets your needs. We’ll discuss how Peerspace is the Airbnb for conference rooms and the types of spaces you can find on our platform. Let’s get started.

Why is Peerspace the Airbnb for conference rooms?

A meeting space with a projection screen and chairs
Source: Peerspace

On Peerspace, you can find conference rooms to meet any need, from offsites to client meetings.

Let’s talk size. Our largest conference rooms could seat 300 people with a dais or a lectern for speakers and microphones so you can hear all of the participants. You can use this type of conference room venue for annual corporate shareholder meetings or a city council governmental meeting for city residents. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also find conference rooms that are better fitting for small groups of 10 or fewer people. These more intimate settings are great for fostering closer collaboration and more personalized interaction among attendees. Think workshops, focus groups, and brainstorming sessions.

Such environments often promote deeper discussions and greater participation from all members, which is crucial for brainstorming sessions, detailed project planning, or sensitive negotiations that benefit from a tighter, more focused group dynamic.

Plus, these smaller conference rooms can be more cost-effective, providing the essential features of larger spaces — like advanced technology for presentations and teleconferencing — without the unnecessary expense of a larger venue. Startups, small businesses, or any team that values a compact and efficient meeting space often book these types of conference rooms.

Whatever your meeting-related needs, Peerspace is like an Airbnb for conference rooms. It is a community marketplace that advertises every kind of conference room you can imagine, accommodating a couple of people to groups of 300.

Peerspace helps you search for spaces to find the perfect-sized room with every type of tech or amenity. And while Peerspace has been compared to Airbnb, it is much preferable to Airbnb in these instances. With Peerspace, you rent venues by the hour rather than for a fixed 24-hour period and a “checkout by 11 am!” interruption.

And since hosts set up their spaces to make them conference-worthy, they are happy to help with any questions or requests you may have. It’s the type of personalized service that’s hard to come by on other platforms.

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What types of conference rooms can I find on Peerspace?

A gathering space in Houston with ample seating and a stage
Source: Peerspace

Since Peerspace is the Airbnb for conference rooms, you can rest assured that we have thousands of conference spaces across North America and beyond. All venues are available by the hour and include conference necessities.

The essential purpose of a conference room is to provide a private and functional space where teams can convene and communicate effectively. At its core, a well-equipped conference room should feature a sizeable table with enough chairs to accommodate all attendees comfortably.

Given the interactive nature of most meetings, having a whiteboard and markers for brainstorming and visual explanations is incredibly useful. Additionally, technological capabilities like a computer monitor and reliable internet are crucial for accessing the internet and displaying electronic media during presentations or video conferences.

Fortunately, Peerspace offers a wide selection of conference rooms equipped with these essential features and more. Regardless of if you’re planning a strategy session, a training workshop, or a critical corporate meeting, you can easily find a space on Peerspace that enhances your meeting experience. This way, you can focus on the content of your meeting rather than the logistics of the space.

Next, we’ll share a few examples of Peerspaces that we think will be amazing for your next conference.

Peerspace venues are perfect for brainstorming and team building

The backyard of a home in Phoenix with desert plants and a swimming pool
Source: Peerspace

Not only is Peerspace like an Airbnb for conference rooms, but it’s also the largest online marketplace for production, meeting, and event spaces.

We have venues in hundreds of cities across the globe, giving you creative places to meet, create, and celebrate. Simply click the link above and enter your city. Filter results by conference room size and important keywords, such as kitchen, parking, close to the city, etc.

For example, let’s say you’re in Phoenix, Arizona. You’re hoping to rent a space for 30 staff members to conduct a brainstorming or team building. If so, there’s this meeting retreat: secluded desert oasis. It sits on 1.5 acres with sunset views, a pool, a hot tub, billiards, foosball, and an outdoor bar. Now maybe you won’t use the pool or the hot tub, but it creates a nice atmosphere.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for breakout sessions and/or private meetings. And it’s just $125 per hour to rent this incredible spot, and you pay only for the time you’re occupying it. There is no dead time as with an Airbnb. 

Meet with clients in a stylish offsite space in Greater London

Modern New York loft-style apartment conference seating and lounge
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace provides you access to conference rooms in cities across the globe. And our next example takes you to Bermondsey in Greater London, UK.

While it’s airy and super stylish, this venue is also well-equipped for conferences. It’s a New York-style open-plan loft apartment bathed in natural light, complete with one bedroom and two bathrooms. Its spacious layout and aspirational vibe make it an ideal location for offsites and team meetings.

Additionally, the loft serves as an excellent setting for conducting interviews or holding business meetings in a relaxed, non-corporate environment. The apartment offers an open-plan design that includes a kitchen, living room, and dining area, facilitating seamless interaction and movement. A separate bedroom with an ensuite bathroom provides privacy, while an additional guest bathroom adds convenience.

Overhead, drop pendant lights illuminate a large dining table that can extend to comfortably accommodate 10-12 guests. The modern kitchen comes equipped with a breakfast bar and stools, creating an informal dining space. It boasts high-quality amenities, including a fridge/freezer, Nespresso coffee machine, plate warming drawer, dishwasher, and a drinks cabinet, ensuring functionality and style.

A Peerspace review who booked this apartment shares: “Really loved this location and it looked exactly like the photos, if not better! Ben was super helpful and just made the process very easy for us. Would definitely want to use this space again!”

Why should I book a conference room on Peerspace?

A large theater space in Seattle is like an Airbnb For Conference Rooms
Source: Peerspace

Another example where Peerspace is like an Airbnb for conference rooms is the following scenario for a corporate shareholder meeting in Seattle, Washington.

You know that you have 300 shareholder RSVPs, so you’re going to need to book a large space with chairs set up in rows facing a dais where the corporate board members and C-suite staff will sit. Catering breakfast and lunch is very important to keep the shareholders happy as they sit through corporate presentations.

Entering all the pertinent info into the Peerspace search engine, it takes one minute to find this Egyptian-themed theater, centrally located at Pike/Pine.

It seats 570 and is a classic Egyptian-themed movie palace with a large screen. The place also has a lobby and two lounge spaces on either side of the auditorium. Plus, the host is happy to tailor these spaces to your needs and specifically mentions it’s ideal for speaker panels, corporate meetings, classes, and trainings.

The venue sounds fun and funky, and it even has high-end concessions. We’re sold!

Live large and luxurious in the West End of London

A luxury private meeting room in London is like an Airbnb For Conference Rooms
Source: Peerspace

Looking for an Airbnb for conference rooms in London that is both classic and exceptional? Then you need to see this large luxury private meeting room in Covent Garden.

It’s actually a private dining room, but thanks to its amenities and capacity, it’s also fantastic for mid-sized conferences. The host allows you to move the seating around to suit your needs. They also provide you with a projector, A/V equipment, flipcharts, a conference phone, and even optional catering.

A Peerspace user who booked a workshop here shared the following review: “This was a lovely room and location to host our company workshop. Everything was set-up as needed, and the staff (Philippa specifically) couldn’t do enough for us.”

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Political introductions are our specialty on Capitol Hill

A flex space in Washington, DC, is like an Airbnb For Conference Rooms
Source: Peerspace

Here’s another scenario where Peerspace is like an Airbnb for conference rooms. A nationally famous environmental non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. needs to hold a press conference to introduce its new director.

They anticipate lots of print journalists and photographers to show up, as well as TV media since the new director is a famous former US Senator. From past experience, the organization expects a minimum of 100 attendees. 

After a quick search on Peerspace, you find this versatile space in a renovated historic Capitol Hill row house. It has space for 125 people and boasts large screens, a podium, wireless mics, a courtyard, and a loading area.

While this is a sensational option for a conference room, its versatility also makes it popular for productions. In fact, here’s what a Peerspace user said after booking here: “This is a fantastic and versatile space that’s about as close as you can get to the US Capitol… We did a photography shoot here and there was beautiful natural light to work with and lots of room to spread out. Mimi could not have been more helpful and responsive.”

Host a meeting in a creative conference space in Charleston

A small office space in North Charleston, South Caroline, is like an Airbnb For Conference Rooms
Source: Peerspace

If you want an Airbnb for conference rooms because you’re planning a more casual meeting, then Peerspace has you covered there, too. For instance, check out this sweet little office space in North Charleston. Known as The Creative Realm, it boasts lots of natural light and has a modern and minimal design scheme.

There is space for 20 guests and it has a laid-back and unpretentious setting. It’s ideal if you’re conferring with colleagues outside of the office. Plus, the hosts provide coffee, tables and chairs, Wi-Fi, and a projector.

“I had an excellent experience at the Creative Realm Space,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “It is decorated beautifully and has plenty of room. I communicated with Lakisa, who set everything up for us and met us on-site on the day. The Creative Realm is an excellent place for coworking or meetings. Highly recommended!!”

Book an incredible conference room on Peerspace today

A luxury boardroom is like an Airbnb For Conference Rooms
Source: Peerspace

By now, we hope you know a conference room can be anything so long as it has what you need. When you use Peerspace, it can even be a Southwestern desert oasis on 1.5 acres, an Egyptian-themed former movie theater in Seattle, or a petite private meeting space in Charleston.

No matter your needs, use Peerspace to book the perfect conference room that meets your needs in terms of location, budget, and amenities. After all, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for meeting and event spaces.

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