9 Team Offsite Ideas to Engage Employees & Boost Morale

When your company gets stuck in a routine, keeping everyone motivated and excited about their work can be challenging. So why not plan a wonderful offsite adventure for the crew? Spending some time out of the office gives everyone a chance to reset and return to their work with a new perspective. Offsite corporate events can be as simple as attending a class with your team or as elaborate as designing a custom scavenger hunt. Regardless of your team size, budget, or time constraints, you can make your team-building activities worthwhile with these team offsite ideas.

1. Break out of an escape room

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An afternoon at an escape room is a popular choice for a team-building event. You can find an escape room in just about any sizeable city these days, all boasting unique themes to keep things fresh. Cracking the codes and making your escape requires teamwork, so it is the perfect activity for a corporate group that needs to learn how to work well together for company projects.

2. Pick a new office for the day on Peerspace

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A simple change of scenery can do your employees a lot of good. Try renting out a spacious, unique venue near the office if you are looking to keep it simple. While there, play a few ice-breaking or team-building games like a Shark Tank-style entrepreneurship competition or an improvised play. Peerspace can help you find a loft, industrial warehouse, theater, cafe, or studio that fits your needs. You can even find a place with a kitchen if you plan on hosting lunch as part of the event. In addition, the Peerspace Concierge service can assist with hiring catering services, as well as A/V and furniture rentals.

3. Endure an obstacle course

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If you have a particularly athletic staff, try taking the team offsite to an outdoor obstacle course or trampoline park. Some university campuses even have obstacle courses you can book on their properties. Just be sure to advise everyone to wear proper attire and warn them of the risks involved with the activity before the day of the event.

4. Attend an improv or comedy workshop

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You might have thought you left improv behind for good in high school drama class, but improv actually helps you build skills that apply to many areas of life (not just public speaking). Improv can help everyone on your team get more comfortable sharing their ideas with each other, allowing them to practice letting go of their fear of failure because they have to be willing to mess up and look silly. The famous first rule of improv, “Yes, and…” is an excellent concept for employees to practice when working together.

Many comedy clubs offer classes and can tailor them for corporate groups. But if improv or comedy classes aren’t available in your area, create your own DIY workshop. First, rent a venue via Peerspace. Then, hire an improv teacher or research games and lead your own (The show Whose Line Is It Anyway? is an excellent source of inspiration).

Some classic games to look up are The Dating Game, Press Conference, Bus Stop, Complaint Department, the alphabet game, and the one-word story game. Fun fact: An Intel employee who took a comedy class as part of a work activity went on to become a successful stand-up comedian!

5. Go out and do some good

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Nothing brings a team together like volunteering. This meaningful team offsite activity idea is an especially perfect thing to do during the holiday season. Your local food pantries and second-hand stores will always be happy to host corporate groups, but if you are having trouble finding opportunities in your area, try searching for organizations in need of extra help on Volunteer Match.

You can also seek out your own ways to make a difference by hosting a fundraiser like a bake sale or a car wash for a local organization. Poll your employees to determine what causes matter most to them, and choose one or a few to support your efforts.

6. Take a class

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It’s never too late to learn something new. Your team may frequently attend workshops or conferences for continuing education units. But this time, give them a chance to learn something fun and non-work related. You can find classes for cake decorating, candle making, painting, ceramics, cooking, or just about any craft under the sun. Your team can bond over the learning experience, work together, and regain their creative spark in a class. There is nothing better or more practical than giving everyone on your team the gift of a new skill.

7. Go on a scavenger hunt 

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Various companies nowadays create bespoke scavenger hunts for different cities and types of events. Find one or download an online template to arrange a scavenger hunt for your team. This activity gets everyone out in the fresh air and requires a collaborative effort, so it is the perfect way to mix things up. It may even show you a new side of your city you never noticed before.

8. Go geocaching

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Similar to a scavenger hunt but easier to arrange, geocaching is an internet-based treasure hunt that occurs in cities worldwide. It is basically hide-and-seek with containers, or “caches,” which you locate using GPS. The app is completely free, and it can tell you how many geocaches are available for you to find in your city. To play, all you need are your phones, some pens, good walking shoes, snacks, water, and sunscreen.

9. Host a company relay race

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In some ways, relay races might involve more team effort than any other team offsite idea on this list. You might remember them from grade school when you had to play wheelbarrow or jump around in potato sacks, but you can give those old games an upgrade to fit your company culture.

Here is a list of different relay races to try. Once you have picked one that works for your team, find a local park, gather some inexpensive props, divide everyone into groups, and let the games begin!

Plugging away in the office, staring at the same four walls takes a toll on your team. So why not take them on an adventure once in a while? Switching things up on a workday can help reengage everyone and boost morale all across the board. The phrases “team-building event” and “corporate retreat” might make some employees groan, but these team offsite ideas can change their tune, as they are sure to be a hit!

And just about any of these ideas can be held in a Peerspace venue of your choice. What’s great about choosing a Peerspace offsite venue is that each space is private and offers an array of amenities, like kitchens, high-speed internet access, and props. You can book a venue for a couple of hours or a whole day, depending on what you and your team prefer. Plus, you can choose a venue that is solely indoors or outdoors or one with indoor and outdoor spaces. And when you’re ready to leave, you simply take what you came with and go. It’s convenient, safe, and sure to boost engagement!

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