20 Creative Corporate Event Ideas That Feel Anything But Corporate

Corporate events can sometimes feel well, like work. It’s fair to say that many corporate events offer the same run-of-the-mill food and uninspired entertainment. However, you can break from the daily doldrums of corporate life with these creative corporate event party ideas.

Mix in some new ideas from food to entertainment to activities that will have your guests reliving the memories time and again. And let’s not forget about the location! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, you can use Peerspace to discover sensational venues that provide the perfect backdrop to your corporate event. But more on that ahead!

Use these creative corporate event ideas when organizing your next work event.

Customize your catering 

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Food is an easy way to punch up the fun in your next corporate social event.

Take note of the company culture and try to build that into the social event. Be mindful of the dietary needs of your guests and offer a variety of choices, some vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Try these food-related corporate event ideas:

  1. If the office is very health-oriented, set up an acai bowl station. You could also offer green juices that guests can drink while they mingle.
  2. Food trucks haven’t lost their appeal and they’re an easy way to cater an outdoor corporate social event. To make your event more interesting, book ones that serve unique fare like Korean BBQ bowls, frites, or chicken and waffle skewers.
  3. Let loose with the desserts. Hire a made-to-order donut booth where your guests can pop by for mini donuts of their choosing. If not donuts, maybe serve cotton candy, s’mores, or churros are sure to get everyone jazzed.
  4. If your event falls between meal times, you can still pep up the energy with healthy snacks. Have a make-your-own trail mix bar where guests can combine granola, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips. Customization is a great way to engage your guest, try it with pretzel bites or popcorn and a variety of toppings.
  5. If it’s cocktail hour, set up a drink station with one or two fun alcoholic drink menu items. Remember to also have an alcohol-free alternative for non-drinkers.

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Think beyond the DJ

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Having entertainment at corporate events doesn’t have to be a big sit-down performance. By having smaller entertainment selections, your guests can have a personal experience that’s more meaningful.

“I love to come up with hip, fresh stuff at my parties that most don’t see every day,” says Patti Darwin, a corporate event organizer with over 20 years of experience. “I just like to have fun little surprises that keep people entertained.”

In the past, she’s had anonymous performance artists The Bumbys, the bar napkin cartoonist Napkin Killa, lipstick readings, and even had Puddles, the well-known pity party clown sing at one of her events.

Keep these entertaining corporate event ideas in mind:

  1. Entertainment doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense either. Offer shoe shines, manicures, and guided meditation so your guests can feel pampered and relaxed.
  2. Get a little artsy with silhouette artists, giant coloring maps, speed portrait painters, and airbrushed temporary tattoos.
  3. Small group magicians, digital ventriloquists, hypnotists, and improv groups are also crowd-pleasers.
  4. Photo booths have become a standard at events. Step up your game with newer, creative ways to take photos. Find a photography company that offers 360 photo booths, 3-D selfies, VR experiences, slow-motion videos or GIFs for your guests to share on social media.
  5. If the venue allows for it, entertain your guests with aerialist bartenders, bouncing stilt walkers, or even a marching band.

Create healthy competition

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Competition is a great way to get your guests to put down their phones and really engage in a corporate social event. It not only fosters team building, but also connects employees who would otherwise not interact during work hours.

A few healthy competition corporate event ideas include:

  1. Break everyone out into groups and have a scavenger hunt around the city or even just around the venue.
  2. Set up a tournament when guests roll up their sleeves for an afternoon of board games. Play anything from the much-beloved Settlers of Catan to old-school options like Operation and Twister.
  3. Escape the room challenges are available in every major city now. Test the detective skills of your guests with a murder mystery parties as these are making a comeback.
  4. Foodies will surely be worked up in a lively cook-off competition, similar to Chopped. You can even rent a local kitchen space on Peerspace to have all the essentials on hand from the start.
  5. Really get the blood flowing with physical activities such as axe-throwing, archery lessons, laser tag, or a fitness boot camp class.

Make it budget-friendly

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If your budget is constrained, there is still plenty of ways to throw a unique and fun corporate event.

These tried-and-true inexpensive corporate event ideas will help you wow guests:

  1. Organize an off-site corporate event where guests volunteer at an animal rescue. Playing with dogs and cats is a free way to boost morale and it also helps the animal rescue by donating your time. It’s a win-win!
  2. Have a low-key movie night in the office. Create a movie bingo for the event, pop plenty of popcorn and settle in for an affordable and easy night. Don’t have the theater atmosphere in the office? Instead, rent a theater space on Peerspace with ease!
  3. Contact art students from the local university to model for a drink and draw. Place models and objects to sketch around the space. Serve wine and let people get creative. You can even have a few of the art students walk around and give pointers.
  4. Food can be entertaining! Try recreating childhood favorites like an ice cream sundae bar or decorating cookies or gingerbread houses around the holidays. These simple foods are an affordable way to involve your guests. They’ll be excited by the nostalgic aspect and participate.
  5. Reach out to local services for a free trial. A neighborhood yoga studio is incentivized to reach new potential clients and might be willing to run a trial class in the corporate office. Similarly, a nutritionist might offer a cooking workshop or a dance instructor a beginner lesson. Look for local services that might be popular with your guests.

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The perks of using creative corporate event ideas

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Invigorate your next corporate group event with fresh ideas. These 20 creative corporate group event ideas prove that corporate events don’t all have to be the same. Moreso, tight event budgets still allow for fun and stimulating corporate event party ideas.

Thinking outside the box when organizing a corporate social event is something your guests will appreciate and enjoy. In fact, by offering new forms of entertainment, food, and activities in the structure of a corporate event, your guests will be inspired. They may just feel more creative, innovative, and increase productivity in the workplace.

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