What’s Like an Airbnb for Office Spaces? (2024)


Offices on Peerspace typically cost $30 – $120 per hour

Wondering if there’s an Airbnb for office spaces? Then you’re in for some good news! At Peerspace, we understand that where employees work can make a major difference in the quality and efficiency of their work. Even something as simple as lighting can be the difference between distracting headaches and a day of effortless concentration on the tasks at hand. And maybe an Airbnb for office spaces could resolve these pain points.

With this in mind, it’s clear that choosing the right office space is a major decision with significant practical consequences! But how to find a great selection? Keep reading to learn more about the practicality of choosing an Airbnb for office spaces. We’ll also share tips on how using Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, including office spaces, can help you find a suitable office space rental that ensures your team is happy, comfortable, and productive. Let’s get started!

Why should I rent office space?

airbnb for office spaces Location in Tampa
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So why rent office space in the first place? There are many reasons why booking office space may be ideal for you, whether you currently work at an office inside or outside your home.

If you currently work from home

Isn’t your living room sofa or dining table serving as fine office space at the moment? While many of us may like working from home, it’s not often a long-term solution.

You may just need a temporary office space to escape your own home office that is rife with distractions. Perhaps you and your coworkers typically work remotely but are now looking for coworking space to occasionally confer in person. Whether you plan on working solo or with your team, getting out of the house and meeting face to face can benefit your workflow.

If you currently work in an office

If you already work in an office, there are also many reasons why you may seek new office space. Maybe your lease is up and your current office space no longer suits your needs.

Maybe your a solopreneur who recently moved and are looking for a professional office space near your new home. If the idea of looking for and booking new office space is daunting, we have good news for you ahead!

For productions

Let’s not forget that aside from business people, creative productions also may need an office space rental. Location scouts may need to book office space for a film production they’re working on. The same goes for creative directors who are responsible for finding the setting for a commercial shoot.

No matter if you need office space for yourself, your coworkers, or a creative project, there are platforms out there to help you do so. Just maybe not the one you’re thinking of! Ahead, we’ll discuss in greater detail why you should consider Peerspace your Airbnb for office spaces.

Speaking of coworking, these are the top coworking space benefits that you and your colleagues need to know about.

Should I use Airbnb to book office spaces?

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If you’re someone who has enjoyed your overnight stays at Airbnbs in the past, then you might think to rent temporary office space using Airbnb. After all, the site lists thousands of comfortable and welcoming spaces of all kinds, right? 

We understand the impulse, but Airbnb isn’t quite the right fit for this sort of space. If you were looking for a place for lodging or some kind of vacation rental for your next trip, we’d agree that you should go with Airbnb. But when it comes to office spaces, it’s not really what Airbnb is built for.

An office space should offer amenities suited to work. It may seem simplistic, but even something as basic as having enough desk space is crucial to ensuring that the members of your team can get their work done in a new location.

That’s not to mention that some Airbnb hosts might be a bit confused if you let them know of your intention to use their rental as office space. Airbnbs are intended for guests to stay the night, and we expect that most workers don’t plan on spending the night at the office!

So you’d effectively be paying for an overnight stay and all the beds it requires without actually benefiting from it. Much better, then, to choose a space with hourly rental rates, so you’re not paying for unused time! Read on and we’ll explain what we mean. 

Instead, consider Peerspace your Airbnb for office space

Oval office set los angeles
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Now that you know that Airbnb for office spaces isn’t the ideal choice, you’re sure to be wondering: what do I do instead?

Try looking for hourly rental office space on Peerspace!

As we mentioned, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly event venues, production spaces, and meeting space rentals, with thousands of venues available to rent by the hour in hundreds of cities across the globe.

And we’re not just talking about any spaces. With Peerspace, you can book well-equipped coworking spaces, offices, conference rooms, lofts, studios, classrooms, and more. It’s also easy to find an office-type space that’s well-suited to the needs of yourself and your coworkers, which we’ll discuss in more detail ahead. 

Reasons to use Peerspace as the Airbnb for office spaces

philadelphia rental airbnb for office spaces
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We’ve got more than a few features to mention that make Peerspace a standout option for renting office space! Even though Peerspace has thousands of listings in its database, using the platform isn’t daunting. In fact, Peerspace makes browsing those listings a total breeze.

Just head to our homepage, specify that you’re looking for a workspace to rent, input your location, and choose the date when you’re looking. That’s if you happen to know it, that way only Peerspace listings that are available on those days populate!

Narrow down your results

After you’ve narrowed your search down this far, there are still likely to be more listings than you’re really able to sort through one by one. (For instance, if you use Peerspace to look for office spaces in the Los Angeles area alone, you’ll come up with more than 2,000 venue options — way too many to scroll through all of them.)

That’s why narrowing things down using Peerspace’s filters is the way to go. It’ll streamline everything to save you a ton of time and effort. Filter options include price, attendees, keywords, included outdoor/interior spaces, aesthetic style, space type, amenities, and even whether or not the workspace is available to book instantly (if you happen to be in a hurry). 

Input the filters and/or keywords to ensure you only browse listings that suit your needs in terms of budget, location, and features and you’ll end up saving yourself lots of time.

Helpful listings

After you narrow things down a bit, browsing individual listings should be a much more manageable task.

Peerspace also makes this part of the search easy and efficient by incorporating essentials like in-depth descriptions of the workspace. All venue listings include high-quality photos, honest and detailed reviews from those who’ve used the space before, and the ability to contact the host to ask them questions and make requests.

Oh, and let’s not forget clear, upfront pricing! When you use Peerspace, there are no hidden fees or membership charges to trip you up later. The price is listed clearly near the top of the listing page, including any applicable discounts.

A local host can help the most

And last but not least, we need to mention Peerspace’s amazing network of local hosts who own and operate their spaces. They strive to ensure that your time in their offices is productive and comfortable. In fact, if you have any questions or requests, you can reach out to them for their support through the listing page and they’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Your host provides their space, yes, but they may also be able to help source extra services, too. Whether it’s renting furniture for your temporary workspace or ensuring that everyone eats delicious catered meals, ask your Peerspace host how they can help ensure your time in their office space rental is as productive and comfortable as possible.

Are you a solopreneur in need of temporary office space? Then check out our resource on how and where to rent a desk for a day!

Examples of Peerspace office spaces that you can rent today

colorful office and production space
Source: Peerspace

To give you a realistic sense of what Peerspace has to offer, we’ve curated a shortlist of some representative office spaces available for rent on Peerspace!

In Los Angeles

For those looking to work in the heart of Los Angeles, consider this stylish and well-equipped downtown office (pictured above). It is spacious enough for 25 guests although the conference table seats 10 comfortably. It also boasts high-speed internet, a printer, two editing bays, and a comfy lounge with a Pac-Man arcade game and a pinball machine.

It’s high ceilings and huge windows give it a sunny and airy vibe that ensure a comfortable work day. Plus, you’ll have access to some work must-haves like a scanner/printer/copy machine, edit bays, outdoor space, and wireless high-speed internet.

A Peerspace reviewer who booked this office for a team meeting shares: “This space is absolutely gorgeous and was the perfect size for our 10 person meeting. The long conference table seated 10 comfortably and there were still about 3 other chairs available in case they were needed. We had bfast and lunch in the front lounge area, so that helped with a little separation from work and rest. The arcade games are all functional and the team really loved having those in order to play a quick game during a break, reset and get back to planning. A coffee/espresso machine was made available by the hosts, as well as a water dispenser.”


Looking for office space in New York City? Then you might like this simple, bright creative workspace in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This unique, modern space can host a medium-sized group of 20 across three room, with several seating areas in each room for working and collaborating.

While here, put the WiFi, tables and chairs, Bluetooth sound system, and projector to use as needed. The host also has a BYO policy, so feel free to bring your own food or have your lunch hand-crafted by one of NYC’s finest catering companies.

“The space is stunning,” shares a Peerspace user who booked an off-site here. “Danielle was absolutely amazing and sought to make it a wonderful. Was the best time. Will absolutely book again.”

A London office space

Looking for well-equipped, stylish office digs in London, England? Then you need to see this lovely 6-8 person meeting room in Shoreditch. It’s housed within a larger coworking facility and provides you with a conference table with seating, a large screen, powerful WiFi, and windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Outside the meeting room itself, you can make use of the shared kitchen, printer, outdoor space, and board games. The host also provides complimentary tea, coffee, fruit, and cookies, helping to fuel your workday.

Check out what a repeat renter on Peerspace shared about this lovely office: “Perfect meeting room for a team workshop. It’s our go-to!”

We’ve got you covered, Chicago

Boardroom with Michigan Avenue Views!
Source: Peerspace

Chicagoans are sure to spend a pleasant and productive time at this boardroom with Michigan Ave views. It’s a classic office space with room for eight, a conference table that seats six, a projector and monitors for optional rental, and high-speed WiFi.

Because this is part of a large office space, the host also offers you access to breakout spaces, printing services, and even catering and beverage services.

A Peerspace user who booked this office shares: “This room is exactly as pictured. The view was incredible, and the overall office was nice and smelled great! The host was very descriptive, and we were able to have a great meeting. I would definitely book again!”

In Vancouver, BC

Peerspace has a strong presence in Canada, with hundreds of office spaces available for rent in cities from Vancouver to Toronto. For instance, check out this cool private office space in Central Vancouver. It provides seating for eight at its rectangular conference table. Plus, you have use of a kitchen, a rec room with a foosball table, and more classic office fixtures, like smart TVs and whiteboards. It’s definitely a creative space that will help you stay productive, too.

“SUPER easy booking and beautiful space,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “Perfect place to host our team meeting. Space was clean, accessible, and private. We’ll be back, for sure”

In Houston

In addition, if you’re seeking panoramic vistas while you work, this unique Houston conference room provides a chic and professional work setting. It has space for 30 guests, a kitchen, a conference room with a table that seats 10, a projector, high-speed WiFi, an LED screen, and tons of natural light.

This office space also provides you with an on-site staff member to assist you should any issues arrive. This gives it a professional aspect that we truly appreciate.

In the words of a Peerspace reviewer: “It was great!!! Becky was the host who received us and she was wonderful! She was kind, thoughtful, and really sweet. She was helpful getting us everything we needed and making sure the event ran smoothly!! We will def book again!

Style and convenience in Melbourne, VIC

This one goes out to all our friends Down Under (and anyone else traveling there for work purposes!). We love this Southern Cross Station office space in Melbourne, Victoria’s CBD thanks to its design and functionality. It boasts a large wood conference table that comfortably seats 10. It also has a large-screen TV and shared areas, like a kitchen, an outdoor patio, and breakout space.

A Peerspace user who booked a team meeting here had this to say in his review: “Everything was perfect, John was really helpful. Will definitely book again.”

We could keep going, but you get the gist! Peerspace has tons of versatile, comfy office spaces in cities across North America and beyond. You just need to find the perfect spot near you!

Peerspace is the Airbnb for office spaces

st louis airbnb for office spaces
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, Peerspace is like an Airbnb for office space since it offers an impressive number of high-quality possibilities to keep you on task. Along with its variety, Peerspace is the Airbnb for office space since it makes it easy to locate and book sensational venues that suit your needs to a T.

And with our venue’s local host deftly handling any request you have, it’s easy to personalize and enjoy every experience. Head to our platform to discover all of the amazing office space rentals near you!

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