21 Fun 21st Birthday Present Ideas

21st birthdays are meant to be extra special! As the final introduction into adulthood, they should be truly memorable. That means picking 21st birthday ideas that your friends won’t soon forget. 

Fortunately, we at Peerspace are happy to help! We are all about special events like birthdays and help thousands of people each year find venues to make memories in. While planning a memorable 21st birthday, think about browsing the other hundreds of event venues here for future special moments!

1. Hire a photographer for a 21st birthday photoshoot

Large Professional Studio
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One sure way to make a 21st birthday feel extra special is to hire a photographer to take portraits! Lifestyle photographers can capture all of you enjoying drinks at your favorite wine bar. Or you can book an hour in the studio for your friend; they can take fabulous 21st birthday portraits they will remember forever! Spaces like this central studio in Los Angeles provide ample natural light, backgrounds, and enough space for your entire crew to hang out during the shoot.

2. Book a trip to Las Vegas

las vegas strip aerial picture
Source: Pixabay

Trips should always be at the top of the list of 21st birthday present ideas! And there are few better places for a memorable getaway than Las Vegas. The city’s resort hotels, world-class entertainment, fine dining, and adventure experiences bring millions to the city each year! 

3. Go on a hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon rides offer an unbeatable view of the surrounding city or countryside. Many take place early in the morning so you can watch the pastel shades of sunlight slowly creep over the landscape. You can include add-ons as well, like champagne, brunch, or guided tours while you’re up in the air.

4. Plan a bar crawl

Swanky Speakeasy Bar & Lounge
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Treat your friend to drinks as you head to your favorite bars for the evening. Be sure to find a place with drink specials for birthday girls and boys! If you don’t know the best bars in town, you can always plan a bar crawl with a local company. Pub Crawl New York is one of the best; your booking with them includes all admission fees to pubs, faster entry, and free shots!

5. Get them a personalized Cameo birthday video

Does your friend have a favorite celebrity? Think about getting them a shoutout via Cameo! You will find TikTokkers, athletes, musicians, comedians, and more. Cameo lets you purchase a video wishing them happy birthday, making jokes, offering life advice…Anything you want!

6. Have a birthday spa day

Salon Photoshoot
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21st birthday present ideas don’t have to be high-energy outings! Relax with your bestie at a spa resort or hotel! Spas offer yoga classes, steam baths, whirlpools, massage, and wellness-oriented drinks and food. Take the day to relax and just be together in an artfully designed, quiet space.

No matter your venue, these creative 21st birthday party decoration ideas will help you create the perfect ambiance!

7. Book a private party mansion

Historic & Spacious Mansion (Linville Manor)
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Don’t party at home on a 21st birthday party! Take it up a notch with a luxury home rental for the evening. As the nation’s leading online marketplace for event venues, Peerspace has hundreds of luxury homes and mansions to explore! Unlike Airbnb, we offer hourly rentals for more flexible bookings. Have you seen this historic manor in Upper Marlboro, MD? Imagine a 21st birthday party where you have a vintage lounge, ballroom, library, dining hall, and 4 private acres to enjoy!

8. Have a dance party

Hammy Wammy Art Gallery
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Bring your friends together under one roof with music, drinks, and a DJ for a dance party! Dance parties should be held in clubs, galleries, restaurants, and other spaces with electric art, LED lights, and sound systems. One of our favorites is this art gallery in Uptown, Chicago, with murals, neon, and a stage for your next event!

9. Treat them to a birthday dinner experience

Dining out doesn’t have to be ordinary; there are all kinds of experience-oriented dinners that include more than just food. You can dine in the dark at a blackout restaurant, figure out a murder mystery over dinner, take a food tour together…There are so many ways to have fun during a 21st birthday meal! 

10. Take a helicopter ride

Lovers of adventurous 21st birthday present ideas should get their friends up in the air with a helicopter ride! Even lifelong natives of the region will be able to appreciate the views from hundreds of feet up. Helicopter rides include informative tours and comfortable seats looking down from oversized windows. Touristic cities like New York offer the best helicopter ride experiences!

11. Have an arcade game night

Arts District Hidden Arcade
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Looking to have a slightly competitive 21st birthday party? Check out a video game arcade! Arcades have only gotten better over the decades as more time means more games to collect. You’ll find vintage classics like Mrs. Pac-Man, more modern games like Guitar Hero, and activities like laser tag or bowling to enjoy! Many arcades are also arcade bars with drinks and food menus to explore.

12. Sing your hearts out at a karaoke club

Retro Nightclub, Karaoke Room and Arcade
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Get up onstage and impress your friends at a karaoke club! You can make the booking a private one with a lounge room for your 21st birthday party. Karaoke lounges include plush seats, a personal machine, a microphone, and an area to enjoy snacks in between songs!

13. Visit a dog park bar

Most people don’t think about bringing pets along for a 21st birthday party but it’s easier than ever these days! Check out off-leash parks like the Dog Yard Bar in Seattle! Everyone’s dogs will have a fun time socializing while their humans enjoy trivia games, drinks, and food from the sidelines.

14. Host a movie night in a screening room

Boston's Finest Private Movie Theater Rental
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Movie theaters are fun for all but don’t always have something playing that you want to watch. Invite everyone to a private screening room instead, where you can play whatever you like. Screening rooms like this private theater in Boston let you bring snacks, drinks, or a proper meal for your personalized movie night experience. 

15. Head to a drive-in movie theater

birthday ideas during covid drive-in
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Drive-in theaters are a decidedly retro way to have fun with friends but are still around if you know where to look. Most play box office hits and have more impressive menus than your average movie theater. Burgers and fries from the comfort of your car while watching the latest flick is an unforgettable 21st birthday idea for your friend!

16. Get them concert tickets

Versatile Live Event Space
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Get out of the house and see a musical performance with concert tickets for your friends! Whether that’s an outdoor summer show, a seated performance in an orchestral hall, or a band playing in a basement bar, everyone loves a good birthday show!

Check out these unique 21st birthday ideas to ensure your party planning is on point!

17. Book a cooking class

Have you thought about creative 21st birthday ideas where everyone gets to make something together? Cooking classes explore the basics of meal prep, unique cuisines, holiday dinners, wine pairings, and more! Plus, you’ll get to have dinner from what you all make at the very end.

18. Go paddle boarding or canoeing

Winter Wonderland Party Ideas For Adults
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Head to the water and rent paddle boards or canoes for an afternoon of paddling. Depending on the size of your group, you may need more than one boat rental. But spending a day outdoors is a fun way to celebrate a 21st birthday.

19. Eat at a nice restaurant

SOHO Mixology Bar Restaurant & Event Space
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Restaurants are a classic way to celebrate a 21st birthday for a reason! Who doesn’t love food and friendship in a nice venue? If you already know your friends’ favorite restaurant, try booking a reservation for a private dining hall there. Or you can explore somewhere new they are sure to enjoy, such as a Michelin-star restaurant in your area!

20. Head outdoors and go glamping

Remote, secluded, modern, desert, geodesic dome
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Glamping is camping without the dirt or discomfort. Instead of a tent and sleeping bag, you’ll have a bed, a spacious interior for games and dancing, a kitchen for meals, and other comforts of home. Yet you’ll still be close to the outdoors for hiking, fishing, biking, and rock climbing. Glamping spots like this geodesic dome in Joshua Tree, CA, offer you the best of the outdoors and home!

21. Rent a limousine for the day

party limo 21st birthday ideas
Source: Pexels

Travel with class inside of a rental limousine for the day! Limos are spacious, affordable, and include wine coolers, tables, and a chauffeur so you can focus on your friends and the party over driving. 

21st birthday present ideas: conclusion

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas
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From glamping to helicopter rides, there’s no excuse for a boring 21st birthday party. Not with the ideas we’ve gathered for you! If you’re still looking for something a bit more memorable, think about browsing Peerspace’s collection of birthday venues near you. We’re sure to have the right venue for your dream birthday party!

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